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The legacy of William Bottomley lives on, but for how long?

The destruction of this Historic Inn would be a great loss to the hamlet of Hampton Bays. Much of its history has already been lost. The hamlet does not need a hugh monstrosity such as the author described.

Wake up Southampton Town! Don't lose this historic spot to greedy developers!" Mar 4, 09 3:42 PM

joe hampton, You obviously missed my point. No where did I say that we need to save a bar, nor did I say that we want to attract people with "no class". The entire point is that this should be developed in a good way. How building 75 condos is going to add to our area I am unclear. All because the Inn has been allowed to deteriorate does not mean it can not be preserved and incorporated into a new construction. Developing in a "good way" is exactly what we need. Ugly condos or a deteriorating building, is certainly NOT what we need. There are plenty of other buildings in our area that are being renovated into modern establishments. An example of this would be the Bulls Head project in Bridgheampton. Why can't this be done in our Hampton Bays?" Mar 8, 09 5:20 PM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Dogs do not belong at work. Ms. Seaman was a "puppy walker". The dogs wore a vest that identified them. These dogs are not pets, they are guidedogs in training. If Ms. Throne-Holst's dog was a true service dog, it would be identified as such. What she said is she may use the dog in this capacity. Her reason for bringing the dog to work is she doesn't want it to be at home while she works. There are thousands and thousands of people across the country who work long hours and have dogs and DON'T bring them to work!

I'd hazard a guess that Ms. Throne-Holst is not the only town employee with a small dog. Perhaps everyone should bring theirs to work, or is it just for elected positions? Give Ms. Kabot a break. There are rules and regulations, consider others before your animal.

Yes, this was a none story. It was as much of a waste as Ms. Pope worrying about changing the title from Councilman to Councilperson...who cares!!! There are much more important things.
" Mar 22, 09 8:44 PM

East Quogue teenager wants to save the Canoe Place Inn

I agree the Inn as it stands now does not add to our community. Who said that the building should be kept as a bar? It is short sighted to say, since the Inn is now a bar, it must always remain as such.

The Canoe Place Inn has a glorious history in our community and it is wrong to destroy it. It can preserved and restored to a Historic Inn that would compliment our area. There are other options besides condos, that would bring revenue to this town without crowding our schools and being a burden on our resources. We need to think out of the box here!" Mar 26, 09 11:38 AM

No, our hamlet does not need more condos. Condos are quick and easy for the developers. They build them, then get a property manager in to run them. They do not care about the impact on the surrounding area. There has got to be a middle ground where they can succeed and still be an asset to the town.

Besides, there are petitions by many of the motels in the area to turn into condos. This is only one plan. Our hamlet can not shoulder anymore of this type of building. Southampton Town needs to start thinking of alternate places to put all this building." Mar 28, 09 10:29 AM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

Each time there is a discussion on the Inn there is someone who says the place attracts undesirables, or we don't need another bar. This is absolutely true! But, the intent is not to have another bar, nor to leave the building in disrepair, but to restore it to a fine catering hall. Why does this not come through? Reading the article it is clear that the community does not want to preserve a bar room.

As for it being a fire trap, I would like to think that the town officials would prevent this building from operating if it were truly a "fire trap". Where are our ordinance inspectors? What about the Board of Health? Is the White House operating without proper permits? If not, then the place isn't as much of a fire trap as some seem to think. Of course, the developers love to tell us it is a fire hazard and a dump. Wouldn't they be responsible if this were true and they knowingly leased the building?

No one wants a bar. No one wants it to continue in disrepair. These facts do not prevent the building from being restored. There are plenty of examples of old buildings, in complete disrepair - worse than the Inn, that are restored and become well run restaurants or other business.

Let's not sell ourselves short. We have plenty of new buildings...why not think out of the box and preserve instead of destroy?" May 6, 09 7:03 PM

Westhampton Beach Historical Society celebrates 20-year anniversary

Congratulations Westhampton Historical! Keep up the good work. It is a joy to see what strides you have made in the last 20 years." May 6, 09 7:34 PM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

This Inn was built to last and it has done so in the face of neglect. There is no reason that developers could not use this building in their new construction. A fine example of an old building being made new is the Bulls Head inn project in Bridgehampton. This building could be a real asset to Hampton Bays and the Town of Southampton.

Please contact the Town and encourage them to work with the developers to preserve this structure!" May 8, 09 8:53 PM

I seem to be reading a different story than you. Who said the Town should purchase this? Where did you read that fable? For the record, I also haven't heard anyone ask to save a bar or "move" it.

I don't follow your reasoning. Yes, I well know what this Town looked like years ago. I agree there was much to preserve which was lost. So wouldn't that mean we should preserve what is left, or do we continue to be shortsighted and not Preserve anything. Just because it wasn't "fashionable to preserve" then, do we plow over anything left standing?

Yes, this is privately owned. The developer knew what the zoning was when they purchased the property and it quite clearly is NOT 60 condo units (nor the original 75 they asked for). They want the town to make concessions....they must also do the same. The construction of 60 Condos is NOT going to benefit Hampton Bays. No one is taking away anyone's rights. I would be more concerned about the impact of this monstrosity on our taxes when those condos house families with children in our school." May 9, 09 6:43 AM

Repeatedly we hear complaints of all that we've lost and rightfully so. Yet, when the opportunity arises to actually save one of our landmarks the critics can't see that history is repeating itself and they are allowing that to happen. We only get one chance to make the right decision - even if on the face of it, it does not look like the easy decision.

For Hampton Bays, this is one of their last chances at preserving something wonderful." May 9, 09 8:01 AM

If not now, when? " May 9, 09 8:36 AM

INS there is no property 'right' to a Planned Development District. It is a zoning possibility that only becomes 'real' if there is a negotiated agreement between the town and an applicant. AND there has to be a Public Benefit!!! It is understood that historic preservation is a community benefit. 60 condominium units a benefit to our community? Not so much.

Perhaps you should do a bit more reading. Again, no where did I see anyone asking them to "scrap the whole plan". The hope is that this building can be incorporated in to their building. There has never been a plea for

1) the Town to purchase this
2) the entire condo idea to be "scrapped"
3) for it to be moved

Timeshares - now there is an idea that seems to have fallen on hard times. I know plenty of people who can't give theirs away! What happens when the timeshares don't sell? Is this building going to just remain empty or is there going to be a request to change them into something else. Such as condos! Follow along now, then this structure would be a burden on the schools.

I am curious how you know who attended the Public Forum that is writing on this blog and who didn't. You seem to be sure that none of this has been discussed in the past, which is completely untrue.

There is no reason this building can not be preserved and used in the developers current plan. Why tear down a this structure and build a completely new one? Why not preserve what is there and allow everyone to get what they want...an historic building...some condos.

As for the canal & the inlet making the hamlet unique, few would argue that point. My question is, what do they have to do with buildings? Is someone suggesting they construct condos in the water now?" May 10, 09 11:21 AM

Is restoration more expensive when you take into consideration the large tax breaks that are given? In the end, would a historic building reap more profit because it would attract more people? These should be considerations. Anyone can building a new structure. There are few old structures remaining.

Yes, timeshares are few and far between. It is an idea that never really took off on the east end. There is a reason for that. Most of the people who vacation here want to do so while they can use the beaches. How many months does that encompass? Timeshares are popular in areas that have year round tourism, yet they are even fading away in those areas. The East End does not have year round tourism. Will the building be empty and unused for part of the year? Additionally, there is the problem of timeshares that do not sell turning into something else that will negatively impact our area. Look at the number of motels that are asking to be turned into Condos. I am sure years ago the notion that they would not remain as motels would be considered odd. Yet, this could be the reality.

I have no idea why people don't know where the Inn is. Are you suggesting that they couldn't learn? Not quite sure what the point is here. How many people knew where the Jedidiah Hawkins Inn was 5 years ago. Yet now, it is well known. How about Bulls Head or Foster-Meeker, these are names that weren't known by all but are certainly in the news now. If other communities see the sense in preserving their history, why doesn't it make sense for Hampton Bays?

The Inn is 88 years old hardly a new structure. The Inn site dates back to the 1700s when there were British forts on the site as well as a stage coach stop. Or is that somehow not historic either." May 10, 09 4:21 PM

East Quogue teenager wants to save the Canoe Place Inn

I never understood why people want to move to the "country" then quickly want to build more stuff - more stores, larger buildings etc. If you moved here because you like it, why change it to be more like where you left?" May 11, 09 9:38 AM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

4 story condominums - don't get much more attractive than that!" May 11, 09 3:07 PM

You bring up some good points eastender09, but all of those things can be accomplished without destroying the Inn. The Rechlers are building a "catering hall" that looks like the Inn. Intentionally designed to look like the Inn - in case you missed the sketch on this website. What difference does it make to them if their money is spent on building a new Inn or restoring an old Inn? and making a positive mark on our hamlet. The tax benefits from Preservation go a long way to closing any difference between the two projects. Why would a new building "create a higher tax ratable"? There will be condos on this property. There will be a "catering hall". Why does it have to be a brand new 'catering hall"? Since we "hold the cards" why not have something that would be unique to our hamlet. If this were Easthampton or even Southampton Village, we would mostly not be having this conversation. Why is preservation the way to go in villages like Sag Harbor or Quogue but thought ridiculous for Hampton Bays?

As for the building not being the same as yesteryear, there are plenty of examples of preservation where the buildings were in worse repair than the Inn.

As for the rest of what you said, not sure what that has to do with the preservation of a historic building." May 12, 09 9:38 PM

"They may be building a catering hall but it will also be a 60 unit residential project. The diference is they may chose not to do it!"

Exactly! They are choosing not to do it! In order to get the concessions from the town to build exactly what they want they need to show a benefit to the community. Preserving the Inn would be a benefit to the community.

Yes, I realize that there is a difference in costs. But as I have stated, the tax benefits are plentiful to preserve rather than destroy. All because building new would be the quick fix instead of restoring, which would take a bit more thought, doesn't mean that when all is said and done preserving wouldn't reap the most benefits. The easy way isn't necessarily the best way.

I realize we aren't Southampton or Easthampton but surely Hampton Bays is able to have something of value! Pretty pathetic to think that this town somehow isn't worthy of what the other towns have.

" May 13, 09 6:35 AM

Helen M. Weber

Mrs. Weber was a lovely woman who shall be greatly missed." May 14, 09 8:36 PM

Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

Congratulations to the Poulakis Family! They have a fabulous establishment and are some of the most wonderful people you'd ever want to meet! Thank you for all your contributions to our Hamlet." May 28, 09 7:15 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the family and friends of the Mr. Butts.

I have to agree that the Diner is implicit in this situation. While I understand that a Diner is a 24 hour business, their "club" in the back of the dinner is nothing but trouble. To state that they haven't had a poker game in over a year does not change the fact that they did break the law by having illegal gambling; they are acting as a club even though they are not supposed to and, while I don't care who is doing the dancing, there is more than dancing going on in the back room. There have been repeated problems with this "club" and the Owners are responsible and yes they were quick to play the race card. They are also quick to blame the problem on another club because they are concerned about their reputation. A bit too late for that.

Again, this is a terrible tragedy and I hope that justice is swift.
" May 28, 09 10:00 AM

Eric Cohen

Mr. Cohen shall be sorely missed by his students, fellow faculty members and parents. Heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends on their tragic loss. " Jun 16, 09 8:50 PM

Katherine Helen Daley

Dear Katie you shall be terribly missed. Deepest sympathy to your loving family." Jun 21, 09 1:02 PM

Tribal members want greater protection for sacred sites

Where is this? Just curious." Jun 26, 09 11:47 AM

New Southampton Village Post Office to open July 13

Unfortunately the mindset seems to be that this type of architecture is "historical"." Jun 26, 09 11:49 AM

Hampton Bays moratorium likely to be extended

Good 'old Munn County State park!

This is great news - the moratorium should be extending if they aren't ready to move forward. Over development in Hampton Bays has been an issue that has been paid lipservice for too many years. Let's actually make so tough decisions and stick to them this time!" Jun 26, 09 11:51 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall

Is Linda serious about what? From what I read Ann is doing most of the talking in this article - is she serious?

If we put the shelter in private hands, do we get to be rid of the ongoing ramblings letters to the editor from that Lynch woman?" Jun 26, 09 11:57 AM

Hurricane book warns of dangers to Long Island

I am not really sure that this is news. Sounds like it is frightening more than educating. Yes, hurricanes happen and have happened and will continue to happen. What exactly is the option other than moving? Do not see any actual advice here." Jun 26, 09 12:00 PM

Southampton Town hires new auditing firm

Can I vote for you simply for a change?

I agree, same people, same problems." Jun 26, 09 12:02 PM

Westhampton Beach home could soon be recognized as historical landmark

Good job Westhampton Historical! Your hard work is paying off. I applaud you for working to save this treasure." Jul 7, 09 3:27 PM

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