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Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

no you didn't just say "then don't go there"
if you are kidding than that is very funny.
" Mar 30, 15 11:01 PM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

well as far as we knew it was like that at all the other schools nearby ..maybe not th catholic shools har, but it was no big deal from our kid perspective. they were just lucky. the jewish kids got the days off when schools were closed for whatever reasons. not like they 'owed' anyone the days. and school was completely on board not a problem. then they would come in and 'complain' that they had to do all this religious stuff and we stared at them in jealous disbelief. " Mar 30, 15 11:08 PM

hope that you are quoting the great Tom Lehrer .. "National Brotherhood Week".. approx. 1965. his humor as relevant, funny and edgey today as it was an eon ago" Mar 31, 15 9:27 PM

Town Officials Celebrate Earth Day, Start Of Plastic Bag Ban

I am intrigued with your solution because after reading so many comments in favor of the proposed & approved and "needed" Tuckahoe mega mini mall King Kullen facility.
..I was getting the feeling that everyone considers riverhead is a world away and far far far too inconvenient to get to; and abhorred place in most peoples' opinions just to start with.
I personally love the functionality of riverhead. love its proximity and love the drive. love that the openness feel along the un-developed areas of flanders. it has never gotten tiresome. in fact I love driving all over the entire east end so having an excuse to get elsewhere is fine with me.
not sure that ill be doing it just to use plastic bags.. but I did identify and respect your sentiments that it is a wonderful option.

and all the more reason that I am very happy to keep the congested business areas busy & congested ..and keep the limited countryside quiet undeveloped areas quiet and undeveloped !


" Apr 23, 15 2:18 PM

Springs Fire Department Cellular Tower Seen As 'Surprise Attack'

"improving emergency communications" made me laugh .. however when I stopped laughing I started crying
add'l ideas:
>better cell coverage leads to more revenue from "driving & texting" tickets
>5 of these towers at the Westhampton airport will drive tower rental prices down and they better not rely on that 70 grand for very long.
>is the firehouse one of the 9 in the fall zone ..
> imagine the tower actually falling on the firehouse, omg that 70 grand rent roll sure is enpensive" May 4, 15 3:31 PM

PSEG, East Hampton Village Discuss Burying Utility Lines

all your posts are exactly the same?
cant you come up with anything new ??" May 9, 15 10:51 AM

PSEG Will Seek More Power For South Fork, Long Island

yeah we need that wind farm and all its residual fluids and maintenance and detritus so we all can charge our ipads and keeps the pool heated and giant houses icey cool
that wind farm is pure manufactured wolf in the sheepskin of green hahahaha energy.
" Jun 16, 15 10:54 PM

you ignorant idiot .. we NEED green energy no matter how its made. and quick! do you know how many mega mini malls and new stop lights and traffic circles and condo projects and senior living centers and giant orthodox church arenas and huge home depot art museums and condo projects and massive Farrell developments are on the way .." Jun 16, 15 11:24 PM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

ive heard that the State of NY is considering using EMINENT DOMAIN to take over a chunk of land on the perimeter of Shinnecock Golf.
they have plenty of land and its
pretty much empty all the time. they don't need the mini 9 hole course, they don't need that town road they are successfully stealing (goes from Tuckahoe along the 10th hole down to that day care center on St Andrews Rd) and they don't need all that parking and caddy dwelling to the west!!
I think it makes sense to investigate a giant turn loop series of bridges thru the golf course so visitors can be safer & don't have to be inconvenienced" Jul 24, 15 1:16 PM

the area is as crowded as people make it.
" Jul 25, 15 7:25 PM

and of course as we debate -- WE ALL HOPE THIS WOMAN IS OK, RECOVERS and can rest comfortably and get well soon !!" Jul 26, 15 7:07 PM

Matt Lauer Argues That Neighbors Spook His Horses

ahh it used to be empty farmland and now the new money is fighting over parties and horsies and soon enough there will be nasty accidents on that dangerous Deerfield straightaway and 2 welcome to the hamptons party fools are going to (unfortunately) head smack on to each other in their ive got one you've got one too Maserati ghibli ... predictable as it gets.
sad indeed." Aug 5, 15 10:28 PM

(he should horsey ride before noon when the party neighbors aren't even awake yet. what does she ride 24/7 ??)" Aug 5, 15 10:30 PM

no horsey riding during party time" Aug 11, 15 10:46 PM

Southampton Town Board Still Awaiting Traffic Study For Tuckahoe Supermarket Plan

haha you scare me! " Oct 18, 15 10:30 PM

--this reply is in response to the above "if you don tlike it don't go".
..like an ostrich, put your head in the sand and preend this mega mini mall doesn't exist
that's NO way to live" Oct 18, 15 10:32 PM

Southampton Village To Apply For Grant For Heliport Improvements

needs a long term parking facility also please" Oct 28, 15 10:42 PM

Developer Holds Final Meeting On Proposed East Quogue Golf Complex; Pine Barrens Commission Reverses Course

118 homes—95 single-family homes, 13 clubhouse cabins and 10 clubhouse condominiums—as well as an 18-hole golf course centered on 168 acres

how is this possible?
Shinnecock is 259 acres with no condos.. well sleeping quarters but no condos.
Sebonack is 300 acres with just a few motels.

the issue isn't just what will a golf course do to the surrounding waters .. what will and extra 3000 flushes a weekend do !!!" Oct 28, 15 11:00 PM

Southampton Village To Apply For Grant For Heliport Improvements

we could use a king kullen down near the helipad" Oct 29, 15 8:09 PM

Developer Holds Final Meeting On Proposed East Quogue Golf Complex; Pine Barrens Commission Reverses Course

yeah because if these developers don't get to do their project no one ele will ever want to do anything with this land.
if we let developer take all the available land now, its not fair to the developers of 2025 . save some open land for the next several generations of developers" Oct 30, 15 8:38 PM

Developer Holds Final Meeting On Proposed East Quogue Golf Complex; Pine Barrens Commission Reverses Course

the pine barren needs a massve shopping mall and mega cineplex " Nov 14, 15 9:17 PM

and an office complex with heliport" Nov 14, 15 9:17 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Will Be A Tough Sell For New Town Board

10 years from now .. wow those drones deliver my tp really quickly; I miss those beautiful drives to Hampton bays and even to riverhead because its really not very far and sure is beautiful.
15y .. oh man I sure am glad that every single square inch of land isn't condos and mega mini malls" Dec 17, 15 8:36 AM

Southampton Town Declares Hills Environmental Impact Study Incomplete

Lets pay 250 bucks to play a 5.5 hour round of gimmick golf jammed into 170 acres .. yeah enjoy the vista of cluster homes and hipsters parking their rovers. .. ha ha goodbyhing u have a rover to be insulated from the elements ...how far do we have to drive to find the nearest starbucks" Feb 6, 16 11:57 AM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

they have already taken back the road shown in gray that runs parallel to cr39 on the north side - runs from Tuckahoe to St Andrews .. they fenced it off a few years ago quite sneakily in the middle of winter and partly waiting for the road to decay
can you imagine if they get the govt to fund the cost of this road swtich!" Apr 24, 16 10:16 AM

however,if you are a full time resident in a condo development, you have to pay a permanent local congestion fee" Apr 24, 16 10:22 AM

what would the town government get it return ?
it would be irresponsible and civil corruption for the town government members to give away value for nothing in return.
and they should receive substantial for that road ..
directing traffic thru shrubland road takes ttraffic right past the golf course nonetheless (a heavy congestion on both sides!) and also past the ex-mayors house .. not sure he wants that" May 8, 16 8:27 PM

"judicious plantings" .. at least one of the last things Shinnecock GC wants is a tree let alone any trees.
they have pretty much cut down ever tree on the property .. they want the wind to play its part because that's a key element of the course design.
at least they create their own catch 22 and cant have it all" May 8, 16 8:31 PM

Tuckahoe Road is a Major asset of the town.. how can ToSH just give it away?
what are they getting in return?
they already let that smaller road be acquired by the golf course -- who is getting the membership to pull it off ?? someone is because some members have told me ..just haven't figured it out yet" May 23, 16 10:04 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

They have already taken the road that connected Tuckahoe to st Andrews.. put 2 barriers up, a sign and just letting fall into neglected disrepair.. then it will be cobdemned, weeds and something filed in yiwn for the 'unused' easement" Jun 18, 16 2:05 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

FishCow sounds like a great idea. Im serious." Jun 18, 16 3:05 PM

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