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Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

During these economic downturns, the town board's primary focus is on cuting costs. With CPF funds and revenues dwindling any sensible cut in the budget no matter how small must be acted upon.

Five people make decisions on the town board, why can't five people make decisions on these other boards.

Nuzzi appears to understand the economic environment and the hardship many residents are suffering.

Chis is doing the job he was elected to Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Dec 28, 08 11:18 AM

Town euthanizes Tank and Dolce

Better to be euthanized than to live in captivity. But it must be understood that the Cookes were NOT attacked. They ran away form the dogs screaming ,the dogs followed she fell and scrapped herself on the ground. ANY DOG WILL CHASE WHEN PEOPLE RUN. DOGS WERE PUT TO DEATH SO LAWYERS CAN FILE LAW SUITS.
The Cooke's attorney arrived at the hospital with the ambulance. Several ebtities received lawsuits from the Cookes, whio are looking for the deepest pockets.
" Jan 8, 09 12:32 PM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for


Because of the volatile nature of mortgage taxes, Southampton Town budgets conservatively by underestimating the amount of mortgage tax revenues it expects to collect in any given year, according to Southampton Town Management Services Administrator Richard Blowes. For instance, in 2007, Southampton took in $12.5 million in mortgage taxes, Mr. Blowes said, but budgeted for only $8.25 million.

“We’ve also been strict on spending outside the operating budget,” he said.

Mr. Blowes said the town’s comptroller, Steven Brautigam, will soon be releasing the town’s own six-month revenue report. “We’re going to also start looking at monthly budgets to help us better monitor the town’s financial health,” he said.


" Jan 25, 09 2:12 PM

Police arrest party bus driver

What about the enabling parent or parents who helped arrange and/or pay for the bus. If anything, this driver is a victim of a society who passes blame." Apr 4, 09 8:28 AM

Councilwoman closer to deciding on supervisor

Thiele endorsing Throne-holst? H'mmm --Sour Grapes over the beating his good bud Heany took last election? Funny how polotics work!!! " Apr 8, 09 5:17 PM

Stop & Shop will open its doors Friday in Hampton Bays

Too bad the super walmart in riverhead was turned down. You can save over 30% on all your groceries even if you are shopping at the combo of waldbaums and best yet. We us king kullen like a 7 eleven, for convenience only." Apr 16, 09 6:57 AM

Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

How come a hate crime was not investigated against the knife yielding Nugra?
King has been out there for years without incident. " Apr 23, 09 7:29 AM

Police make arrest in fatal accident on Sunrise Highway in Westhampton

Life in prison may be considered torture under the "Obummer Administration" . Maybe the Courts can talk nicely to him and ask him not to take drugs anymore." Apr 30, 09 8:26 PM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Another "PHONY" -Thiele is looking to keep his elected job and it seems that momentum is on the side of this issue." May 6, 09 6:34 PM

Southampton Town restructures its finance department, hires new comptroller

Peter principal. At all levels." May 23, 09 7:07 PM

California looking to local scientists for help restoring eelgrass to San Francisco Bay

As long as outboard motor clamming is allowed, it will be a waste of time to reseed." Jun 6, 09 4:58 PM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

We all know that every candidate is far from qualified to hold office and make knowledgable decisions!!!! So we don't vote for who we want, we vote against the worst of the worst. In this case Linda Kabot is not the worst. Please do not let Throne-Holst get in. Kabot is the least harmful at this stage." Jul 22, 09 2:39 PM

peoplefirst, It must be understood that at times like this cost cutting and tightening the belt is primary. Ana Spend-Holst has shown no leadership in this department. " Jul 22, 09 5:44 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

These people are all Obummer supporters who cannot get over what a terrible president he is. Anybody who knows how medicare works knows that only the programs which medicare delegates to private insurance companies are efficient. The problem with government run programs is that they are controlled by idiots like the MoveOn group who support it.
KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTH CARE!!!!!!!!!!!" Sep 6, 09 9:05 AM

peoplefirst, I said nothing about socialism, My point is, that if government controls healthcare, this administration will have people like Van Jones running it. Lets face it, like East Hampton Town, fiscal responsibility is not what government agencies are good at." Sep 6, 09 9:44 PM

Refusal of breath test could make prosecution more difficult

You only refuse when you know you will not pass. Most people who have friends or relatives who are attorneys are are told not to take the breath test, you lose your license for 1 year and more difficult to prove DUI.
Linda has shown poor judgement and we all have to rethink our suport for her. Deception on a personal level over flows to the profressional level." Sep 21, 09 7:04 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

If the tapes proves she was not tipsy than her very very very expensive attorney would release them. PLEASE PEOPLE, she had my vote up until this
incident. She cannot own up to her personal mistakes how can she do it professionally." Sep 23, 09 4:01 PM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

Maybe police and firefighters would be tresspassing if they had an emergency." Sep 23, 09 4:14 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

kabot is not a drunk but she could have been drunk. A person she is paying big dollars to(her atty) says she was not drunk, what a suprise!!!!. The police officer who arrested her was doing his civic duty without anything to gain but
knowing he may have prevented a worse situation. I don't believe people are attacking Linda for drinking. It is her childish behavior by deniying her condition and blaming others. A conspiracy theory is totally absurd. The thought of her even bringing a conspiracy up disqualifies her. Who cares if she is convicted or not, her behavior is not that of someone who should be in a responsible political position." Sep 24, 09 9:09 PM

There is a reason she hired a high profile atty.(If the glove doesn't fit acquit) If the tape was so convincing any atty could handle it. Anything she said in the interview was advised by her new atty. As the police are trained to spot drunk drivers the atty is trained to get an acquital and handle public relations.

" Sep 25, 09 6:42 AM

Did i not say, "Who cares if she is guilty or not." To bring up a conspiracy plot is the amusing part of this. For a town supervison to even mention a police plot is reason enough to can her. " Sep 25, 09 2:43 PM

Is is just fate that Linda was not accepted as an INTEGRITY party candidate or is it because noboby could find her INTEGRITY. Linda may have more qualifications than ATH, but the town needs people who they believe have INTEGRITY. For Linda, Acorn is looking for replacements." Sep 26, 09 7:25 PM

I think everyone is missing the point, maybe she is not guilty or maybe she is. IInitially she did the blame game instead of sucking it up to a mistake. The police were targeting her, PLEASE!!!! We all do something we are not proud of in life. The people who own up to their mistakes instead of passing the buck, is who we need. I was for Linda but have changed. I thought that Anna's energy plan this year was very dumb, But you know what? She didn't waiver on it as Linda and Nancy did. I know you think that an incumbent may be better, but they also may be better at covering up things they do not want exposed. I am republican, I am conservsative. But I think with this terrible administration we now have in DC, we should be able to vote accross party lines (to send our political leaders a message) for the people we feel are honest." Sep 26, 09 8:14 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

What Keahon is really saying is " After I received my retainer i can now state that she was not drunk"." Sep 29, 09 8:23 AM

The letter propably was sent in by one of the questionable signatures from the Integrity Party!!!!!" Sep 30, 09 2:07 PM

Quogue mayor resigns days after pleading guilty to felony fraud charge

Mr. Motz is a criminal and deserves what he gets. Quogue will be better off without him. His term as mayor of Quogue was self serving. People like this have no regard for others. The citizens of Quogue gave him a standing O, he should have been pelted with rotton tomatoes" Oct 17, 09 9:35 AM

YEA, So how many of you who gave him a standing O would let him invest your money???" Oct 17, 09 11:14 AM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

A scandal will emerge!!!" Oct 28, 09 8:53 PM

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