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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

Why would Southampton Town bailout NY State? That makes no sense. " Apr 23, 10 3:44 PM

Hampton Bays school budget includes 18.5 percent tax hike

I dont care who is responsible for this increase I AM VOTING NO!!!!!!! " Apr 23, 10 3:55 PM

Just call them the comeback kids

I played for Musemechi in high school. To any doubters out there, this whole situation was probably instigated by him! He is a hot head and will throw his weight around to feel important. Poor kids most likely did nothing wrong." Apr 27, 10 5:26 PM

Fishermen plan civil disobedience

They are going to be sorry when there is nobody left in the industry and they are paying $95 a pound at the market and $175 at a restaurant for fish" Apr 29, 10 4:44 PM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

Alls Arizona is doing is taking a federal law and making it a state law so the state can enforce what the federal govt has neglected for decades. Its as simple as that!" May 5, 10 6:05 PM

Mayor Teller: Another Westhampton Beach police officer faces disciplinary charges

Overpaid bunch of babies! They are making themselves look like idiots!" May 7, 10 4:01 PM

County replaces Westhampton sex offender trailer despite town court challenge

lock these animals up in a cage somewhere remote and throw away the key!" May 7, 10 4:24 PM

Westhampton Beach Village tables disciplinary hearings again; former police officer blasts mayor, police chief

This would make great reality TV!!!!" May 8, 10 11:12 AM

Haha thats true G!!! Motz is looking good right now! haha" May 9, 10 2:13 PM

Charles Golding, 39, of Westhampton Beach succumbs to liver disease

Had a lot of good times with Charlie! Summer will not be the same without him!!" May 11, 10 4:23 PM

Dunkin' Donuts planned for County Road 39

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee! Im so pumped!" May 26, 10 7:12 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

This is the tip of the iceberg! Keep at it!" Jun 3, 10 7:49 PM

Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend

Dont bring in other clubs to this discussion. Unless you see it first hand dont make comments like "all these places are drug havens." How would you know? I have worked in some bar/clubs in the area and ive met good people and made great friends. They create good jobs for college kids and others in the area and i wouldnt trade the memories for a thing! Loosen up and dont let 22 people ruin you summer!" Jun 4, 10 4:19 PM

And as far as you tax dollars, SHT does a better job spending more money in other useless places then it does here. If you want to turn the hamptons into a smug bitter museum like town then yeah go ahead and shut these places down" Jun 4, 10 4:23 PM

Hey Jimbo I know the owners and some of the staff at neptunes and you couldnt be more wrong. They are not drunk and stoned all day and they do confiscate tons of drugs and turn those people away. Stop assuming!" Jun 5, 10 2:34 PM

Man injured in fireworks explosion in Westhampton

Would have like to see that go off!" Jun 6, 10 4:38 PM

Lindsay Lohan's father in talks to open club in Westhampton Beach

WHBinMan you said it!!!!Boring people in a now boring hamptons!! But for Michael Lohans sake I hope it fails...he is a bad person who trys to make money off his daughters fame at any cost...pathetic!
" Jun 9, 10 4:55 PM

Developer pitches casino in Calverton industrial park

if it cuts my taxes drastically then im all for it...its far enough away from SHT to not have an affect on us." Jun 12, 10 2:49 PM

Work at Hampton Bays corner inches toward completion

and to make it worse they didnt even do a good job with the paving...potholes will be back in a few months. And the state will not hold the contractors responsible for the terrible job they did another waste of our tax dollars!!!!!" Jun 14, 10 5:21 PM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

This town is going down and ATH is the pilot!!!!!" Jun 16, 10 5:27 PM

Four rescued after seaplane accident in Little Peconic Bay

i heard 4 people were on board does anyone know if they are OK?
" Jun 17, 10 3:19 PM

It took 15 ignorant and stupid comments untill Mrs. Sea posted the good story out of this whole thing, the four boys and nobody was hurt. Bravo young men!!!1" Jun 17, 10 8:48 PM

Homeless sex offenders sue over trailer conditions

They should be sent to Siberia to live in a tent!!!! As far as i am concerned they are getting treated wat to good and all humanly rights should be stripped from them." Jul 3, 10 6:54 PM

Contractor, marina owner cited by DEC for dredging

DEC just needs to piss off!!!! Who watchs them???" Jul 11, 10 2:43 PM

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