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Westhampton Beach considers new parking lot

The parling lot is a terrific idea,but wouldn't it benefit all if the merchants themselves did not park on Main St. and allow shoppers to park. I've noticed quite often that one merchant in particular parks not one but two of her vehicles on Main St. frequently and periodically moves them to avoid the two hour limit. We're always trying to come up with ways to bring more shoppers into town. Wouldn't it be nice if they had a place to park?!" Nov 28, 08 4:17 PM

As trade parade slows, coffee doesn't flow

i thought the article was about coffee..." Apr 22, 09 5:34 PM

Outdoor show raises ire of Westhampton Beach Village Board

The only person making money is Simon ! As a business owner I find that while having music on Main St. is a lovely idea, it does NOT bring additional business to the stores on Main Street. It can be very loud, and the crowd does carry over to the sidewalk, making it nearly impossible to pass through. The crowd comes to hear the music, not shop. Don't we already have music every thursday night on the village green? Where you are welcome to bring a chair and enjoy the music. " Sep 7, 09 11:50 AM