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Ambulance officials tell Health Department of concerns about Hamptons Rehab Center

Intheknow911, it would be interesting to know what has prompted your vitriol. I suggest that you explore finding a more productive way to spend your time than making cowardly anonymous attacks against a person who gives so much to the community." Feb 6, 09 10:36 AM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Good Heavens! If little Frankie is in training as a therapy dog, why shouldn't he be allowed into Town Hall as any other service dog?" Mar 6, 09 9:20 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

A farmers' market in Southampton is an absolutely wonderful idea! Not only will it be able to pull much of our local produce (and maybe even baked goods and local seafood?) together in one happy place, but it might just heighten our sense of community! Hooray and many thanks to Bonnie Cannon and whoever else has worked on this proposal!" Mar 18, 09 7:14 PM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

Marriage is an expression of a couple's love and devotion for each other. It creates family. It doesn't matter who the couple is, this commitment should be honored. Religions may dictate to their members who they will allow to marry, but they should not dictate to all of us. Remember separation of church and state? All loving couples - straight, gay, interfaith, interracial - deserve the legal right to create their families. I happen to be straight, but believe that we all have the same right to happiness." May 18, 09 9:35 AM

Southampton Town Trustees win suit brought by Brookhaven fishermen

Snarko, would you walk into your neighbor's kitchen and take the food out of his refrigerator? Please just go home. And stay there." Sep 1, 09 9:43 PM

More residents oppose the Water Mill cell phone tower

Water Mill is nice, but no more special than any other place in Southampton. All of our hamlets have charm. We all use cell phones, and we all should share the burdens, including towers." Sep 3, 09 7:21 AM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

Mr. Shaw, would you please consider a separate site for some of these gasbags who seem to go on ad nauseum simply to take swipes at each other and to see themselves online? Maybe a three-comment limit per article, then off to the web vomitorium? That might give the rest of us a chance to read what reasonable people have to say without wading through so much garbage." Sep 11, 09 7:39 PM

Southampton Village officials move forward in making walkways safer for students

That's it - create in children the habit of looking only one way before crossing streets! Then give those children and old folks a countdown timer to make them move faster, regardless of changing conditions around them. Unless that thing has eyes, ears, common sense and a voice, it can't possibly do the job as well as the real live crossing guards who are doing just fine without the interference of timers. Spending $421,000 to create a dangerous situation is just plain nonsense and could be, God forbid, an accident waiting to happen." Sep 16, 09 7:58 PM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

Shame on Pheasant Pond. Shame." Sep 23, 09 1:47 PM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

What sort of humans are these Bridge members that they place so much more value on a killer than on the victim and his family? Why are they not named? Is it because decent people might turn their backs on them?" Oct 1, 09 8:34 AM

Dune Road neighbor arrested for trespassing; claims he was protecting feral cats

I applaud Mr. Young as a real hero for following his conscience. Those terrible Jacobis and their trapper should be the ones arrested...for deliberate cruelty to poor little animals. Maybe one of them should stick an arm in a kill trap so they'll know of the pain and fear a trapped animal feels. Imagine that poor little kitten with its back end crushed. I could cry." Oct 8, 09 9:06 PM

Excellent idea, Ms. Public. Maybe if several of us write those same agencies, we'll actually get some attention. If they violated the law, the Jacobis and the trapper should feel the hand of Justice." Oct 9, 09 2:26 PM

Charges dropped against man who sprung traps on neighbor's property

Hooray for Mr. Young for his good heart. And Hooray for Judge Wilson for her decency.
Has anything been put in place to stop those wretched Jacobis from setting traps again?" Oct 16, 09 2:00 PM

Southampton Town had difficulty with head count of workers

I hope you made a complaint to someone in Town Hall. If you are correct, that man should be among the first to go." Oct 19, 09 11:13 PM

Peconic Public Broadcasting gets Board of Regents Approval

Congratulations! We are all winners now." Oct 20, 09 8:45 PM

Throne-Holst outraised Kabot in election campaign, though supervisor outspent her challenger

Anna flapped that 13-point plan in the air at a debate, but did not read from it or offer copies to the public. Maybe she didn't want to give us to much time before Election Day to realize that it was empty." Nov 1, 09 1:19 PM

...too much time..." Nov 1, 09 1:21 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

"All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others." "Animal Farm" could happen in Southampton. If we don't watch carefully, Anna will give it all to the STPD." Nov 4, 09 7:46 AM

Southampton Town Board candidate Jim Malone (C,R,I)

Congratulations! The best candidate for any of the open positions has won." Nov 4, 09 7:56 AM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

Even better, we got Malone, who promised to actually do something. Congratulations to him!" Nov 4, 09 7:58 AM

George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm." Check your library. Very interesting reading." Nov 4, 09 9:25 AM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

Maybe Linda was right, after all, not to blow that test. This sure does seem to prove that at least some officers are not above lying and taking other actions to make someone else look bad. Sorry this wasn't made public before the election!" Nov 4, 09 5:30 PM

Bishop's burn pit legislation signed into law

Did you even read the article before you started to spew? Keeping troops alive and healthy IS a big deal!" Nov 10, 09 1:05 PM

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