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Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

I wish I knew he was in around, I would have liked to have asked him a few questions. Sad thing is I live just around the corner, I could have walked to where he was speaking. I am just so very disappointed with how things are when your congressman actually works harder to avoid people than doing the work he is supposed to do. I mean really, does he expect to just avoid people who may disagree with him and not face their questions?" Apr 7, 10 5:32 PM

I actually think this is good. Better people express themselves like this rather than in worse ways. Just my two cents::
1. The Feds can provide some reasonable guidelines for insurance companies to end any abuse so long as they do not become so themselves.
2. There are some legit concerns about government over reach and it would not be fair to try and brush that aside.
3. Some folks are really concerned about how this is going to be paid for and why isn't Congress thighting their belts like most Americans.
4. People out there do need real help but how can any one expect a big agency to do it when the Feds can't run the ones they have now. Seems to me you should really fix what you have before piling on more. Am I wrong?" Apr 13, 10 10:32 PM

Congressional candidate Cox joins anti-abortion activists in protest at Bishop's office

Sure was okay for Hillary. Oh I forgot, she was a scum sucking liberal so that is okay, carpetbag away." Aug 29, 10 5:19 PM

Amazing, we try harder to save the whales and murder unborn babies. My, how brave the left is." Aug 29, 10 5:20 PM

Obama's father and grandfather were marxists, enough said." Aug 29, 10 5:21 PM

It is killing a baby, say it anyway you want it is killing a baby. It is dupes like you who use leftist logic that brought us the 'final solution' that saw the murder of millions of Jews. It is leftist ideology that saw the birth of the eugenics movement, it is leftist logic that tells us you know what, it is okay to kill the helpless and the weak.

I saw an estimate that 50 million babies have been murdered by your 'legal medical procedure' since Roe vs Wade. 50,000,000 in the US alone; but the left will fight to the end to protect murderers, cop killers and drug dealers; you are every thing that is wrong with this country." Sep 1, 10 5:01 PM

Kennedy? Just another over blown myth, like that Obama, all talk." Sep 1, 10 5:08 PM

Shinnecocks get final word, become 565th recognized tribe

Hopefully the tribe can now move forward with something constructive and posotive for their members and the region." Oct 2, 10 8:42 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

That right people, Turkey Bridge wants you to go door to door and find some one who was not helped by Dim Bishop. Great arguement, I am just all a tingle with the prospect of your proposition. It makes about as much sense as to continue voting blindly for a left wing political hack like Dim Bishop. " Oct 22, 10 8:10 AM

No, the 'lock box' was opened in the 60's by liberal Johnson to pay for the Vietnam war and his Great Society, more liberal failures. Since that time, no president, republican or democrat, has been able to put the lock back in place. Also, when originally implemented social security had 40 people paying into it for every 1 person collecting. We are now at the point that for every 1 person collecting only 3 people are putting into the system, unsustainable just like the rest of the out of control spending we see." Oct 22, 10 8:16 AM

Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

Who cares, Dim Tim is just another career politician now, stuffing his face at the public troth, just like all the other ones, left and right. Go play with your kids or grandchildren, it is too early for any of you to start in on this, enjoy your life for a bit. Take a walk, turn off FOX, turn off MSNBC, go live for a bit; you can all pickup hating and bashing each other later. " Jun 1, 11 3:40 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

Term limits and a balanced budget amendment would go a long way to addressing many of our nation's problems. " Jul 21, 11 11:32 AM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

If Bishop got the nod from the Independence party the usual lefty shills would tell you how wonderful that would be, what a great thing. Altschuler gets the nod and the Independence party is a joke, a hoax and what ever idiotic nonsense Tiny Hat Size and the other toolbags can think of.

Dim Tim is a fop, a failure, a joke much like our president. We can't afford to keep dull witted liberals like that in office anymore, we need real change now, not the empty rhetoric of failure we can expect from the likes of Bishop and Obama.

I am tired of all the latent racism that underlies the outsourcer comments, you leftys can keep your hate and bigotry to yourselves and let the rest of us save the country. " Mar 22, 12 8:51 AM

Progresslow, you and the other lefty loons would endorse a piece of dung if it had a D next to it's name. Childish name calling, ha, that is all the left has, that and your empty ideology. Also I am not trying to insult you, I am insulting you as much as Tim Bishop is an insult to hard working people across this island, as much as Barack Obama is an insult to this nation.

We know who the real haters, racists and bigots are; liberals, progressives, nazis, communists, democrats, socialist, marxists, take your pick, it is all evil by a different name. History is littered with the wreckage created by the left and the road to hell paved with the millions they have killed.

Hell every liberals favorite murder machine, abortion, has seen over 50 million babies slaughtered since roe/wade in 1973. I guess a holocaust is an okay thing if it is your holocaust, yay, something to cheer about. Go democrats, go liberalism, go death. There that serious enough for you or do you think sanctioned murder is okay? " Mar 22, 12 12:33 PM

Hey Phil, thanks for my morning laugh. Usually I read the comics but the nonsense you dribbled out is much better. " Mar 23, 12 7:25 AM

Bishop Campaign Touts Early Lead In Polls Over Altschuler

Randy! Good for you. Did you ever consider you were outsourced because you did not do a good job? " Apr 4, 12 12:51 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

The law is the law and should apply equally to everyone; I am tired of the elite who for what ever reason think they are exempt, time for the legs to take a walk. " Apr 19, 12 7:53 AM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Clerk Rejects Ronjo Petition

Never forget that these Democrat fools stood by like mutes while Bill "I am a crook" McGintie drove EHT into the ground. These same stalwarts of good government where no where to be found as the debt and mismanagement spiraled out of control. " Apr 23, 12 2:25 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

Aww, poor little thing, got his widdle feathers all ruffled up. " May 9, 12 3:15 PM

New York State Assembly Approves Law To Help Immigrant Students Get College Scholarships

Complete and utter crap. " May 10, 12 12:36 PM

Thiele is a moron, time for some new blood in Albany. " May 10, 12 1:39 PM

Ah yes, every time some doesn't agree with you Phil they simply must be bigots, racists and what not. Lazy. " May 11, 12 6:35 AM

National Parties Take Interest In Bishop and Altschuler

It will be nice to see Congressman Altschuler on the Capitol steps when Mitt Romney takes the oath of office next January. " May 24, 12 1:32 PM

So you think it was okay for Tim Bishop to defund Medicare to the tune of $500 billion dollars? Yes, a great move on behalf of seniors. " May 24, 12 3:24 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Divided Over Immigration Issue

All hail the Panderer-in-chief, first the gays and now the illegals, whose next? Tune in next week. " Jun 22, 12 9:30 AM

Altschuler Sweeps Primary Election, Will Face Bishop in November

One down one to go and we can send the Honorable Mr. Bishop off to a well deserved retirement after his many years of public service. " Jun 27, 12 10:42 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

This a rather unfortunate turn of events, a sad and disappointing day that will mark a pivotal point in our nations history and not one for the better. " Jun 29, 12 8:36 AM

Like medicaid: going bankrupt.
Like Social Security: going bankrupt.
Obamacare: $650 billion in new taxes, yay!

Phil: thank you for your view, it is nice to know that you think the time I put into charities and my gifts are as worthless as the taxes I pay and are contributions to society. " Jun 29, 12 11:50 AM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Something stinks in Southampton and it smells like rotten bacon. " Jul 16, 12 3:09 PM

State Supreme Court Upholds East Hampton Town Airport Master Plan

How much money have these worthless lawsuits cost the town of EH...what, over 20 years now?" Jul 20, 12 9:10 AM

Campaign Diary: Bishop Outraises Altschuler In Third Quarter

Bishop could raise a billion dollars I don't care; he needs to go." Jul 20, 12 9:12 AM

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