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Crowd storms out of meeting at synagogue

I just think that if the Jewish are allowed to erect an eruv on public property year-round then the Christians should be allowed to erect Crosses and Mangers on PUBLIC PROPERTY year-round. And the Chinese to erect symbols (again on public property) during their Chinese new year, and so on and so on. Fair is fair. Whats wrong with that??
" Aug 25, 08 1:30 PM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

If anyone has any ideas like starting a petition or writing letters to the mayor in SUPPORT of keeping the music please count me in! It seems people will complain about ANYTHING! These young members of the band are not out there doing drugs or destroying your property or stealing from your homes, they are out there being creative, making the world a better place and using their energy for something that is positive. What is wrong with those of you that want them banned from the street??? Surely you are the people in this world who complain about EVERYTHING. If the bands must go then I think the Concerts on the Green must also go. What is the difference? Those OLD FOGIE concerts can be heard all the way at the other end of Main Street. You dont think that old fogie music is offensive to some people?? Of course it is, but it is music nonetheless that brings joy to this town. Im asking anyone who reads these comments to please ban together and write the Mayor or start a petition (stand in the middle of town with it!) or any other ideas! Count me in.
Please email me at shoptiludropgirl@netzero.net and maybe we can make a difference!!!" Nov 12, 08 7:48 AM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Oh for god's sake. Youve got to be kidding me. Read my comments in the other forum about music in the street. Surely Ms. Galasso is one of those people. The world is in economic turmoil with 2 wars going on. Yea- complain about SILLY STRING." Nov 12, 08 7:52 AM

I think we should all go silly string her entire store tonight. Whos coming??" Nov 12, 08 10:00 AM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

Between this and the complaint about silly string in the other forum, maybe we should just ban CHILDREN from Main Street altogether. I bet that would make a lot of people happy. Ban the children.
" Nov 12, 08 10:02 AM

An outpouring of support for Obama

I sure as heck hope Obama can live up to all that he promises to be and all that his supporters proclaim him to be. Otherwise America is in for a titanic dissapointment." Nov 12, 08 1:04 PM

Not exactly. Because our expectations of Bush were not so high. He may have made many people unhappy or even angry but alot of people were already waiting for him to mess up and then when he did that added fuel to the fire.
However people (especially african americans) are ALREADY putting Obama on a pedestal and he hasnt even done anything yet! I feel sorry for him because the only place he has to go is down. I didnt vote for him but I hope he earns my support in 2012. I really do." Nov 14, 08 9:52 AM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

If it wasnt the silly string then it would have been something else those kids would have bothered you for. They more than likely would have been running around no matter what.
I am 42 yrs old now but I can tell you that the only reason I used to go to the St Patricks parade, halloween parade, whatever on Main st. was to hang out with my friends at that age. I can understand the reasons for the signs that say no rollerblading & no skateboarding on the street because people can get hurt and it gets in the way of the traffic but silly string??? No way.
I sure hope the Town Hall is not going to waste a public meeting on silly string!!" Nov 15, 08 1:05 PM


Good Riddens to Dan Russo! Start packing Dan!" Nov 17, 08 12:50 PM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

Buy your little princess a can of silly string and see if she doesnt have quite some fun with it herself........" Nov 17, 08 12:53 PM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

I have never ever found any of the musicians you mentioned disrespectful. Not their music, not their attire and not their demeanor. The time restrictions as you mentioned coincide with the patron traffic on the street. The dinner traffic starts about dinner time and the shopping traffic goes until 11pm or midnight.
That is when the people are out. Why put the bands out when there is no one there? And it is my opinion that more people than not enjoy the music otherwise why would these young people end up with so many dollar bills in their guitar cases marked "college fund" that they usually put out while they are playing. And I totally disagree it has nothing to do with the children.
As adults we should encourage young people to be creative like that and to spend their free time doing positive things such as that.
The Mayor is considering banning ALL the street music because of A FEW complainers. I think in this case majority rules.... or at least it should." Nov 17, 08 1:01 PM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

"petty" as you spoke of is what prompted this discussion in the first place. Banning silly string- thats petty. But I do have an idea. Maybe the street officers
should limit playing with silly string to the Gazebo area on the green. Theres lot
of open area there and lots of trees to hide behind. But no doubt there would be people who would complain about that also.
What I dont understand is why grown ups just cant let kids be kids. Honestly I dont even think the article was worth the paper it was printed on.

" Nov 18, 08 3:04 PM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

I am a Republican and even I did not vote for Dan Russo. (Does that make me a maverick?? ha ha......)" Nov 18, 08 3:10 PM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

Hey Elyse. Can I tell you something respectfully please? Im only mentioning it because I see your Internet Ad here about your ice cream place and it says "Wii Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band." Everytime I take my kids and my kids friends into your ice cream shop, your son is always hogging up the games.
Even when my kids have tried to play, your son rips it out of their hands. Im just saying.................." Nov 20, 08 6:48 PM

Hey. Well although its not true that your son gives the patrons equal playing time, I will take you up on your cup of free ice cream! Thanks for the offer. And keep the bands outside your store!" Nov 21, 08 8:01 AM

Sorry I meant KEEP THE BANDS. Doesnt matter to me if they are inside or outside of the stores." Nov 21, 08 3:30 PM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

I have already sent my letter to the Mayor opposing the ban. I will most certainly attend any town meetings to express my desire to keep the bans. I know Erin Finley and she just has a grudge against Shock ice cream's owner and thats why she is speaking out against the music. Its NOT business, its personal." Nov 23, 08 7:41 AM

TYPO I meant to typw "I will express my desire to keep the BANDS."" Nov 23, 08 7:42 AM


I am a Republican and I didnt vote for Russo." Nov 23, 08 7:43 AM

Westhampton Beach might ban amplified outdoor music by next summer

well then lets make sure we all show up at the next town board meeting and express how we feel. If the only people that show up are the opposers to street music then we are sure to lose.
" Nov 23, 08 5:44 PM

I DID send my letter to the Mayor. And I WILL show up at the next Town Meeting (how do we find out when the meeting are held?? Please someone tell me.) Yes I too say lets boycott Taylor Made Cuisine. If I ever hear anyone say "what happend to the music on Main St?" I will be sure to point out (literally)that part of the blame goes you know where. I think they should hold the meeting in summer and invite the tourists. Im sure the tourists would like to have a say in this and their voices would hold alot of weight I bet since they are the ones who spend all the money on Main St. I will post my email addy again in hopes someone would like to help me start a petition or has any better ideas. LETS GET SOMETHING STARTED. I have just as big ( & annoying) mouth as Erin's Taylor made cuisine!!
shoptiludropgirl@netzero.com" Nov 24, 08 9:26 AM

I went to the WHB town website but am having trouble understanding the schedule. (there's lots of schedules of lots of different things.) When are the PUBLIC meetings? " Nov 25, 08 8:07 AM

Hey thanks....." Nov 25, 08 5:49 PM

Amen!" Nov 26, 08 7:54 PM

Remsenburg Speonk taxpayers reject $14.9 million project

And the people (including myself) have spoken............" Dec 14, 08 1:21 PM

Town euthanizes Tank and Dolce

Arent we ALL missing the bottom line here that the dogs should have been on a leash or in their own yard- PERIOD. It is not the dogs' fault that they were loose. And its too bad the dogs & the victim had to be punished for the dog owners' irresponsibility.
It always boggles my mind that dog owners think its perfectly okay for their dogs to run free in public- on the beach or anywhere else. Thats just my opinion." Jan 9, 09 8:28 AM

kpjc: does it really matter whether the dogs attacked for no reason or whether she was "running from them" which caused them to attack? You are insinuating that in some weird way she provoked them? You nor I have no way of knowing whether the dogs would have attacked regardless. And my point still remains that if owners would be responsible with the containment or leashing of their dogs Ms. Cooke would be okay and the dogs would still be alive with their owners. I also disagree with "hamptonniteforlife" comment: "Im glad the dogs were put down." Thats really an extreme thing to say. My inlaws have a guard dog shepard who will eat just about anybody who approaches the house- the difference is they take the precautions, they handle it. The dog is enclosed in SECURE HIGH LOCKED fence with signs posted all over the place. When someone comes to the door the dog gets LOCKED in a bedroom or taken to the outdoor cage before they answer it.
When taken to the vet they also take the right precautions. Im not saying accidents cant happen. What Im saying is its NOT the dogs fault. Thats why we are the humans." Jan 10, 09 7:54 AM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

Well my comment is not spoken out of ignorance & hatred. I am just tired of the immigrants (illegal or not) sending our American money abroad! And thats the ONLY reason they are here!!! This is one of the many reasons are ecomony is in the shape it is in. We need to circulate our money here in the U.S.! Here we are getting poorer and there they are getting richer. Its just like issue with gasoline. The foreign countries are getting rich off of us while we are drowning. Like someone stated above, maybe there wil be more work for an American now- who will spend it here. I dont feel bad that they are going HOME. Matter of fact, this is a silver lining!" Feb 13, 09 2:29 PM

Panera Bread to open in Hampton Bays

Love Panera Bread!" Feb 13, 09 2:30 PM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

For the most part I would say the prisoners being brought before the Southampton Justice Court are there for DWI's, domestic incidents, driving w/o a license,etc. Read the "Police News" section of the Southampton Press. This week's in particular. Mostly all of them are driving with suspended license or reg.
Im not saying there is NEVER anything worse (we remember the bouncer who was murdered at Publick House last year) but lets not group them all with child molesters as in "we dont want the transport of children near the Southampton schools." For goodness sake." Feb 21, 09 10:35 PM

TYPO! Sorry I meant to quote in my post above "we dont want the transport of PRISONERS (didnt mean to type "children") near the southampton schools."
My point I was trying to make was that most "prisoners" that appear before the court (according to the police section of the paper) are not necessarily going to snatch your children as they walk (guarded) past the school.
Sorry I screwed that up." Feb 22, 09 11:10 AM

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