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Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

Hey! So every “local surfer” that complained about FlyingPoint doing their surf camp are bitter and washed up former surfers who rarely go in the water anymore(kooks). Why don’t you come down and surf when we get real waves in the fall and winter? They’re jealous of kids having a good time and building a safe and caring relationship with our oceans while they sit in their trucks on the beach. You guys are taking money out of local surfers pockets by getting the camp shut down, everyone that works there are diligent hard working people. Many of whom use their hard earned summer money to travel and surf around the world which most people only can dream of doing, Shane made that possible for them. So thank you Jimmy, Frannie, Mike and whoever else hope you boys are happy. Good luck getting waves this summer ���� " Jun 6, 19 12:32 PM