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Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

Let kids surf! who really cares? how is it effecting anyone commenting on here!? Flying point isn't the only show in town. If you didn't know this, you obviously aren't at any of the surfing beaches anyway! Secondly, Lets be really skeptical of the local government clearly over-reaching on their jurisdiction!!! Whats next making gas-powered leaf blowers illegal?! oh wait, they did that too... Next, no ball throwing in the park?! Oh wait they did that too... What else would be next? a moratorium on new restaurants?! that's been done too.. Lets be honest,the village is lost and has no intention of fixing a lot of the meaningful problems it has. Kids are over-dosing within the village, drugs are being sold miles from the very beach they are protecting and there are the most vacant storefronts in recent memory. All this and they worry about Kurt and Shane making a living on a business that has been around for almost 20 years!? Kurt Rist a local surfing prodigy! Shane is a surfer and business man! those are the main guys and there are still a handful of other guys doing surf camps/lessons with out insurance or workers comp! This is the bottom-line the village is aware of a business model that has proven to be successful. Now the people who obviously have personal issues with surf camps should understand, the mayor just said they want their own surf camp and where do you think they will operate it? Were the waves are! Who do you think will work the camp? the same old local surfers ( who some are goons). This is like the war on drugs... take down el-chapo and usher in the next monster" Jun 6, 19 10:14 AM