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Shinnecock Nation Leaders Say Signs On Sunrise Are Essential To Tribe's Economic Well-Being

Wow talk about a one sided "puff" piece! What I read is nothing but hate, anger, and envy. Makes the Shinnecock Nation seem very small and short sighted. It's only about the money.

As stated by Ms. Troge she "maintains that the easement for the highway—and only for the pavement carrying vehicles, not a wider right-of-way”—was an “illegal taking” in 1959." This is an illogical argument. If the easement was an "illegal taking" so was the land used for the pavement. Beware, today it's the easement and tomorrow it will be the pavement, i.e. tolls.

The state better not give an inch and get this thing tied up in the courts quickly. The Nation have made it official, they are BAD neighbors. NOT one more dollar from the CPF to satisfy their needs or desires!

" May 11, 19 12:25 PM

The problem is when the Lion wanders off the nature preserve and starts interfering with the local villagers. Unfortunately, it never ends well for the Lion." May 12, 19 1:58 PM

Luckily that is why the villagers get to define the boundaries of the preserve. BTW you need to watch more Nat Geo, Lions don't hibernate. Bears hibernate. Lions just lay around all day. It's the lionesses that do all the hunting/work." May 12, 19 2:53 PM

UPDATE: Tribal Council Chairman Will Not Attend Civic Association Meeting Monday Night Due To Community Protest

Nobody is "persecuting" the Indians. The town just spend ~500K from its CPF fund to preserve a piece of land where "Indian remains" were discovered. The Nation asks for some help and the town says "ok". The town asks the Nation to not do this and the Nation says "tough luck". There was no negativity until one day the community wakes up and finds out they are going to be subjected to these billboard monstrosities.

You seem to have a problem with BK's new roof. If you think it's a violation call Southampton Ordinance Control! Comparing it to these billboards is apples vs. giraffes." May 16, 19 9:51 AM

What happened to all the Snarky Pro-Nation posters.


Native Americans 1, White Settlers 0.
Twin Nails In The Coffin Of Southampton
Much like The Mueller Probe, it's all over, case closed.
They will be permanent and will be there forever. Nothing more here to see, drive on.
You can't blame Lance Gumbs for wanting to poke his thumb in the eye of the current Southampton Town Board.


This is clearly within their rights.

harbor man

Such an uproar about the Shinnecock Indians outsmarting the white man


The hibernating lions have awoken.


" May 17, 19 8:11 PM

Just because you say it doesn't mean it's going to happen!" May 18, 19 11:53 AM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

Have been threatened MANY times by Tribal members off of Westwoods beach.Even had a rock thrown at me once. This is why the legal status (sovereign land or just land owned by the tribe) of Westwoods has to be resolved once and for all. " May 19, 19 11:27 AM

When Tribal Security comes to defend the "few bad eggs" to the USCG, guess what It's NOT a "few bad eggs". It IS Tribal policy, so the Tribe gets blamed because the Tribe is supporting their actions. I went back MANY times because you have to STAND UP to THUGS! " May 19, 19 4:23 PM

It is 100% ALL about the size and 0% about the ownership!!

Yes there are a lot signs along the highways in NYS. Other than the small Highway cleanup by XYZ Compay signs and the signs showing what gas stations, lodging, and eateries are available at an exit, they are ALL informational signs used to help the PUBLIC navigate the highway system. The money collected from the small advertising signs is used to cleanup the highway. There are no other advertising signs on NYS highways. Even Cuomo got slapped down by the Feds for installing the "I Love NY" signs. There are no electronic Billboards, no less 61' double sided billboards on both side of the highway. If the nation wanted to put up some normal sized informational signs with the tribe seal and nation business info/logs on it, I'm sure no one would have a problem, but this is ALL about the Benjamins and the H*LL with your neighbors.

Also going straight to racism and victim-hood all the time is wearing pretty thin. " May 22, 19 5:26 PM

As along as it complied will all NYS/DEC safety regs I would have no problem with a gas station over this visual pollution! project, but according to reports on 27East it will be BOTH. The shinnecocks will use the money from the signs to fund the gas station and more litigation against their neighbors! More examples of being GOOD neighbors.

BOYCOTT ALL Shinnecock businesses and any advertisers on the signs!!!!" May 22, 19 6:25 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

I'm sure that all the people that are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic tonight "being imposed on for 10 seconds" are just thinking "Happy Thoughts" about the Shinnecocks tonight.

When you are sitting in traffic make sure you call and complain to your elected officials...
Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr." May 23, 19 8:20 PM

I'm sure that all the people that are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic tonight "being imposed on for 10 seconds" are just thinking "Happy Thoughts" about the Shinnecocks tonight.

When you are sitting in traffic make sure you call and complain to your elected officials...
Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr." May 23, 19 8:20 PM

Saw that animalleague.org was advertising, aka north shore animal league. Called them up to make sure they knew about the sign controversy. Told them I wouldn't support any business that advertises on these signs. BOYCOTT all advertisers! " May 24, 19 10:43 PM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

70 business that won't be in business once they start advertising. Probably at least 80% are Shinnecock member owned. BOYCOTT all advertisers. " May 28, 19 6:20 PM

I hate most of the recent condo projects as much as the Billboards. I don't know how the new Army Barrack Condos on CR 39 got approved, but they are Butt Arss UGLY. The lose of Tide Runners and other canal businesses didn't make the Hamptons a better place. It started long ago with the closure of BK's ( the restaurant not the fast food joint) and Hanson House. For what, fancy restaurants that are open 3 months a year that no local would ever set a foot in. This is "Progress". I don't like it but unfortunately I have to live with it. All of these establishments/entities had to jump though numerous legal and regulatory hoops to get their projects fulfilled. The current Shinnecock leadership is all about "Get rich quick schemes" based on their beliefs that they don't have obey any laws because "They" are a sovereign nation. This is in question with the land that the Billboards are on. So we will have to wait and see what the courts say. " May 28, 19 8:32 PM

LIRR President Apologizes To Customers For Holiday Weekend Service Disruptions To The Hamptons

No they have it wrong! It was a MAKE WORK train! Think about it... 100 workers working all of Memorial Day weekend. Has to be AT LEAST triple overtime.Great opportunity for all those retirement year workers to max out their salaries. Will anyone be disciplined an/or fired over this,,,Of course not because there is no accountability. When two trains on two separate tracks can't pass each other without derailing, it's time for the LIRR to hang up their conductor's hat This is like train 101. Time to send them back Lionel school! " May 29, 19 6:45 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Plans To Build Two Gas Stations On Tribal Land

Fracking of course! Time to tap those vast Long Island shale reserves. ��" Oct 30, 19 5:37 PM