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4 Comments by Christian Moscicki

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

I grew up in Southampton (North Sea) and recently moved to East Quogue with my family (we have a 2 year old). This comment is fear-mongering at it's finest - the VAST majority of people I speak with in East Quogue are a) strongly in favor of this effort OR b) indifferent (because they are uneducated on the topic as of yet) - there is a SMALL but vocal group (4 or 5) of "old timers" I hear at the meetings who might be on Jay's payroll, and I expect you are one, but this comment is inaccurate - I personally have no doubt this group could get to 40% of sigs if the BS stopped..this makes no sense and small town politics from JS at its worst, trying to make himself more important and powerful than he is. 748 total minus 34 dead = 714 (still well over the 595 required) - the people doing this are firemen, mothers and other local people who are working on it to the best of their abilities without any resources from the government on death records, etc., to try and make this community better for all of us - they are getting hamstrung at every turn. " Jun 11, 19 9:08 AM

There would be a minimal tax impact (For someone with a $500,000 assessed value, that means $50/year additional tax for the Village to operate.)

Go to the East Quogue playground and check out the gazebo - then go to Southampton and check out Agawam...we don't need anything crazy but is it too much not to have nails sticking out where our kids play? " Jun 11, 19 9:11 AM

Public Meeting For East Quogue Village Incorporation Sees High Turnout As Vote Approaches

This comment typifies the incredulous nature of those opposed - host your own event and you can talk about ANYTHING you want - those residents who are opposed seem to prefer "crashing" the EQVEC events and distracting voters from the salient topics/ideas. This was not a debate, though I would be happy to engage any of those opposed in that format if preferred. " Sep 30, 19 2:23 PM

What a ridiculous series of statements - I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at your ignorance.

Would you prefer the vote was held during the nice warm months, maybe before the petition was even passed!? That would have made sense...

The vote will be held at the Elementary School - is that part of the "grand conspiracy" too - how does that play out with your "tell"?
I know, The school must be working for Discovery!!??

Who goes away for the winter in mid-October? Sounds like that person is very local...

Most in favor of the village, myself included, WISH absentee ballots could be counted - armed forces members are fighting for democracy and against foreign rule, which is exactly what we have in East Quogue.

Lastly, smallpox was eradicated in 1980 - and there is a vaccine...so those blankets would be ineffective or kill those handing them out as well. " Oct 3, 19 1:26 PM