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Southampton Town Board Approves Long Beach Road Underground Power Line District

so, some people are looking to raise their property values,and profit,and some are looking to live out the rest of their lives as they have planned,most likely, for many years. why do they have to mention that one person owns two houses he rents,[and makes money from, bless his heart],oh,and btw, he is mayor of north haven,with a big waterfront house. and mister hennessy just wants to live his life.
this whole situation does nothing but put money into the pockets of a few,that will make money on the backs of others that are not looking for increased profits !!
let the people that want it,pay for it 100%. and a safety issue...!!COMPLETE BS !! many,many, worse safety issues with power lines within a mile of that amazing water view area. i feel sorry for the ospreys that have to look at the trees the home owners along that stretch have butchered to get what they wanted. now you want to talk about an eyesore, go have a look at them ! warning, u might cry ! locals are being eliminated,slow,but sure." Mar 28, 19 9:10 PM

p.s. - thank you to those that opposed it. and tommy john, i am surprised u voted yes. " Mar 28, 19 9:14 PM

Southampton Village Begins To Prepare For Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Move

no offense but... i think there is a real need to help out the local people with housing and well being before anything is given away to anybody from out of the town. but, sad to say, i dont think any affordable housing would get approval in that neighborhood. hopefully something good will become of the complex." Jun 1, 19 11:48 AM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

some business owners are good business people,some are not.... thats why there is an expiration date on the permits. play by the rules you agreed to,and maybe there would not be all this debate, or the local kids out of work !" Jun 6, 19 4:44 PM