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Bridgehampton School Board Hires Former Superintendent As Consultant

Parents and residents must be very diligent when it concerns these local school boards. Sometimes there motives are innocent, but the result is often that monies that should be spent on education our kids are diverted to "less worthy" allocations.

" Feb 10, 11 2:24 PM

East End Residents Affected By Uprising In Egypt

To captain amer, why would you attempt to denigrate what was clearly a peaceful revolution? An uprising against a tyrant by working class people just looking for a better way and all you can think to say is "They burned and looted"? A handful of incidents by a few misguided people out of the hundreds of thousands who gathered and "THEY burned and looted"?

As was widely reported during the two week uprising, any violence was committed against the protestors by Mubarak supporters. Muslims and Christians united and a despot was driven out of power without violence, without weapons.

What we witnessed in that square was the power of a peaceful revolution. There will always be people like you who try to misrepresent what these events really mean. Not surprisingly Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaught attempted to do the same thing. Why do you belittle the Egyptian people, because they are Muslim, or because they are somehow less human than you?

By the way, I seem to remember that "idiotic" statement of second amendment remedies being used by "tea party patriot" Sharon Angle insinuating that those who think like her must prepare themselves for armed revolution. She could learn a lot from the Egyptian people and, given the extreme rhetoric in may of your postings, so could you.
" Feb 12, 11 4:58 PM

I have read a number of your postings- your intentions were clear. Given the opportunity to say anything you wanted you chose to focus on the least significant of all events that took place over those 18 days.

" Feb 12, 11 8:44 PM

Farming Use Pitched For Aldrich Lane Park

I am certainly not against local farmers, but this land was purchased as a park for the folks nearby. So build the park. " Feb 24, 11 9:18 AM

East End Officials Look Toward A Windy Future

Small, rooftop windmills are right around the corner. We need to make it easy for folks to use them." Mar 8, 11 10:05 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Snapper, you are absolutely correct. The anger at teachers is completely out of control and misplaced. Here is a great bit from an article on buzzflash that helps explain why:

"Based on a recent Forbes survey, while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is stripping away the financial security of workers, the Koch brothers increased their wealth by $9 billion last year. Together they would rank as the fourth-wealthiest person ($44 billion) in the world.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers and Karl Rove, among others, are using front organizations to pit working people, who are being exploited, against unions. It's the ultimate in class warfare: make the working class fight each other over an increasingly smaller piece of the financial pie, as the super wealthy run off with the bakery.

That's why ads in Wisconsin - and stories on Fox - are trying to get Wal-Mart low-wage workers to resent that union members receive better benefits, which of course - on a logical level - reinforces to many of us exactly why unions are needed: to prevent the impoverishment of people who labor for a living.

What's not mentioned in these ads, or the right-wing media echo chamber, is why the government is subsidizing the wealthy who don't pay their fair share.

Scapegoating union members while the outlandishly rich just get richer is a gross injustice. There is a price to be paid for democracy, and the Koch brothers - and all the corporations that pay little or no taxes, as well as individuals - should ante up for what this nation has offered them."" Mar 12, 11 3:28 PM

New Parrish Art Museum Construction On Schedule, Officials Say

Every time I read of this project I am left wondering why they could not have left it in the village where it is most appropriate and most needed." Mar 14, 11 10:17 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

We must not allow the right to misrepresent the facts about teachers and public workers. Many, like the poster above, say "no school employee should make over 100k, period" Do you apply that same standard to the private sector? If not, why?

The republican party has spent years engendering anger and resentment among the middle class in order to crush unions and privatize schools, public utilities, prisons, etc. and it seems to have worked. So many complain that a $56k/year teacher is overpaid and doesn't deserve benefits while wall street, bailed out banks and publicly-subsidized private oil companies had their best year ever on the backs of the American taxpayer.

I think all Americans should be entitled to a decent wage and benefits and I don't resent those that have them.

Here are some facts concerning the New York State Teachers' Retirement System: The nonprofit, nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute found that only 29 percent of workers believe they will have enough money for basic expenses during retirement.

Employer contributions have been in the single digits since 1989, with six years of payments of less than 1.5 percent of payroll. Members of the State and Local Employees Retirement System contributed $284.3 million in the 2010 fiscal year.

The largest pension contribution comes from investment income: 86 cents of every pension dollar paid out by TRS is from investment income.

The New York State Teachers Retirement System is listed as the best pension system in the United States as far as returns from contributions by employers and employees. The average teacher's pension amounts to approximately $33,000. Hardly "lavish." According to a study by the Policy Institute, state and local public employees are under-compensated by 7.55 percent, compared with private-sector workers.

Union-busting will make it even worse, resulting in more college graduates spurning teaching, and the search for good teachers will be fruitless. Bargaining rights are a basic freedom, unless we wish to return to the labor practices of the 19th century." Mar 15, 11 2:12 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

You really want to go backwards? She was not a good supervisor." Mar 15, 11 4:21 PM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Teachers raises are not guaranteed. Teachers work in the "real world" and the teachers unions have often conceded to increased contributions and will likely continue to do so when necessary. Think about what this country was like before unions.

Instead of the "I don't have it, why should they" attitude, why not work so that everyone does have it - the it being a decent living wage, health benefits, and a pension.

I completely agree with snapper - the teacher bashing and resentment evident on this site is simply beyond belief, but I take comfort in knowing that it is always the same few voices." Mar 16, 11 9:38 AM

Developers Submit New Canoe Place Inn Application

Abolish the PDD - since its inception only ONE pdd application has been denied at that was because of a toxic plume in Speonk!" Mar 16, 11 9:49 AM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

Mr. Wheeler, one need only look at the state of the town's finances upon Kabot's departure to know what an ineffective manager she was. If the best we can do is recycle failed leaders then we are in real danger.

I do not know why you find the idea of "progressive" leadership so threatening. Is it that you prefer a "regressive" approach?" Mar 16, 11 1:18 PM

Developers Submit New Canoe Place Inn Application

Then stop posting here in protest." Mar 16, 11 2:53 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

It is a fact that when Linda left office the town's finances were a mess. She had a direct and influential role in causing that mess. " Mar 16, 11 9:17 PM

Southampton Town Zoning Board Again Delays Decision On 7-Eleven

Were they intentionally absent to avoid having to take a vote? This was turned down by the zoning board and it was the right decision. Another 7/11 there is unnecessary (there is a family owned deli right across the street) and would cause undo traffic congestion. We need a moratorium on any new commercial development on CR39." Mar 18, 11 3:02 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

When Linda Kabot left office the town's finances were a mess. That happened on her watch. I did not vote for Kabot and I am not a supporter of the current Supervisor and I am a registered blank/independent.

Partisanship? No, but I do believe facts are important. By the way, unless you know me personally, and if you're using your real name we have never met and we are certainly not friends nor have we ever had an in-depth conversation, then you really have no idea what I do and do not believe.

It is my personal, non-partisan opinion that Linda had her chance and does not deserve another." Mar 18, 11 6:33 PM

Dear Observant, you know me so why not use your real name when you hurl personal insults. By the way, I know who you are and I am not surprised that your "bravery" is fed by what you believe to be your anonymity. You'd have more credibility if you had the courage of your convictions rather than hiding behind an alias.

Fact: Linda Kabot left the town's finances a mess.

Opinion: She does not deserve another chance." Mar 18, 11 6:43 PM

I post an opinion directly related to the article, you come and insult me personally and you will not post more because the arguments are circular and unproductive?!

I guess that means you've chosen not to accept my challenge to use your real name. Not to worry, I will not reveal your identity as it is your privilege to post here under an alias, but in the future if you want to attack me personally, do it to my face. You have plenty of opportunity to do so and I would welcome the chance to respond in kind. " Mar 19, 11 12:39 AM

Taking The Road Less Traveled

An incredible story - sounds like an incredible man" Mar 21, 11 9:26 AM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

Can there be a discussion of immigrants and immigration without all the dehumanizing rhetoric? Immigrants are people first." Mar 21, 11 9:27 AM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Tuckahoe PDD Proposal

I hope I am wrong, but this sounds like political theater. Mr Morrow, knowing that PDDs are extremely unpopular, already changed his proposal to a different type of change of zoning request without this vote by the board. If they are serious about what is best for the community the board will also vote to deny the new application. " Mar 21, 11 7:17 PM

If the developer builds according to current zoning the school will still benefit from the extra tax dollars. A recent study of CR39 recommended no commercial buildings larger than 10,000 square feet and the site of Morrow's proposal is zoned highway business - The reason for both? The road cannot handle the traffic. Yes, traffic is already bad, but this will make it worse and much more dangerous, especially so near a school that my children also attend.

Beyond traffic issues, this proposal is also about the difference between want and need, overdevelopment and maintaining the character of the area. Sure, who wouldn't want a grocery store closer to their house? It would be convenient, but it is not necessary. When do we say enough, especially given the vast amount of unused retail space and the clear safety issues of CR 39." Mar 22, 11 12:16 PM

Glad to hear the board rejected this PDD, but, as Mr. Sobrevinas said, the issue of the grocery store remains. The PDD had already been abandoned by Mr. Morrow so this vote was really more style than substance. " Mar 23, 11 10:02 AM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

Thank you, board watcher. Your comments are exactly correct. It is the same for my school district. The Latino population of the school (and you cannot equate Latino with "illegal") has increased but the overall school population has only risen slightly.

As happens throughout the history of this country, when things are tough, immigrants, documented or otherwise, become scapegoats. Let's focus on real ways to help our schools and stop with the unwarranted attack on immigrants." Mar 23, 11 12:57 PM

Hampton Bays Boy Suffering From 'Brittle Bone Disease' Tells His Story In Washington, D.C.

Ismael, you are a brave and beautiful boy. An inspiration. Thank you for going to Washington to speak on behalf of all of those people battling this illness. " Mar 24, 11 9:49 AM

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