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Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Today it has been revealed that Goldman Sachs is advising private insurers that no reform whatsoever would be best for their future profits. If you support this system designed to increase profits at any cost, including human life, then you are part of the problem. If you think that Goldman Sachs is looking out for your interests and you are not an insurance company CEO, then you are delusional.

I believe single payer is the only solution. I believe we should take the profit out of health care. I do not believe the current legislation goes nearly far enough, but I will support it because we must act to insure the uninsured.

What is amazing to me is that those who call insurance reform "welfare" have absolutely no problem with their tax dollars going to "corporate welfare". Anti-reformists are being screwed by corporate America, but their right wing ideology will not allow them to admit it.

If you think that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are the future of America, the best I can say to you is that mediocrity sees nothing higher than itself.

" Nov 13, 09 10:50 AM

This may shock you, but I do not come here trying to earn your respect, razaa. " Nov 13, 09 12:59 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Mr. Wheeler, you talk about hysterics and personal attacks and then you act hysterically and attack by saying someone's arguments have no basis in reason and that she is a "pants-wetter"? The hypocrisy of those on the right is so extreme that you are blinded by it." Nov 21, 09 3:42 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Congrats to all of those who fought so hard for what is, in effect, a free speech issue. " Nov 24, 09 10:56 AM

Anyone is free to use that park, legal or "illegal". The same goes with any public park. To prohibit anyone to assemble in a park is a violation of their constitutional rights. If you are in this country, you are protected by the constitution no matter your legal status. If you have a problem with current immigration law, write congress - it is a federal issue and not within the jurisdiction of local government.

Yes, this is a land use issue and the judge has ruled that because it is a park, people can assemble there and freely negotiate for work. The ruling does not designate that area as a hiring site, it has upheld the land's use as a park where anyone can gather. " Nov 24, 09 2:04 PM

Our constitution protects your rights regardless of your legal status." Nov 24, 09 3:04 PM

I am sorry, but you are incorrect. The constitution only references citizenship in regards to voting. In fact, undocumented residents have successfully sued for violations of civil rights guaranteed by the constitution and these cases have been upheld by superior courts.

To accuse these people of urinating and defecating in public is an abhorrent attempt to dehumanize them instead of dealing with the core issues which are, as I have stated, federal issues not local.

I will not argue common decency and the basic tenets of humanity with you which is why I refer to the law and facts: As far back as 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that:

"The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution is not confined to the protection of citizens. It says: ’Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.’

These provisions are universal in their application to all persons within the territorial jurisdiction, without regard to any differences of race, of color, or nationality; and the equal protection of the laws is a pledge of the protection of equal laws."

You may not like that or wish to change the constitution, but this is factually correct.
" Nov 24, 09 7:05 PM

Well said." Nov 25, 09 11:47 AM

Rumors swirl about Madonna buying a Bridgehampton horse farm

Yes, Mr. Graboski, I am sure you are eager to welcome Madonna as your neighbor." Dec 14, 09 12:30 PM

Southampton retailers rally together for Christmas shopping

The answer is not to turn the town into riverhead by populating it with strip mall franchises. The town should force landlords to rent empty spaces at reasonable rates to small business owners and place a moratorium on real estate office, brokerage firms and banks." Dec 15, 09 11:43 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Forget gambling for a moment and congratulate the Shinnecock for this recognition of their status as a tribe. It is important to our shared heritage." Dec 16, 09 9:12 AM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

Thank you Congressman Bishop for being part of the solution. " Dec 16, 09 2:03 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Mr. Wheeler, This article is about native Americans being granted a hard fought victory for recognition and you chose this story to bring up the issue of crime. It is certainly no stretch to say that you are trying to equate the two." Dec 16, 09 5:40 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

As a lifelong democrat who does not blindly support my president or my party, I believe that the birther movement is among the most vile and repugnant in our nations history. This group of right wing zealots espouse the type of hatred and violence not seen since the height of the fight for civil rights in our country. As evidenced by this posters comments, the birthers will not pass up an opportunity to spew their ignorance, even when talking about the weather.

The birther movement is not one of "opposition" but one of hatred, fear and ignorance and I support anyone who calls them out.

As a side note, global warming is evidenced not by bursts of weather, but by long term trends e.g. this has been the hottest decade in recorded history." Dec 20, 09 3:03 PM

Mr. Wheeler, you advise me to simply ignore something that I find highly offensive and then proceed to comment on every single posting not to your liking? Please do not tell me what I should or should not feel or do and I'll afford you the same respect, snow day or no." Dec 21, 09 10:48 AM

Despite tough times, Springs family rises to a holiday challenge

Peace to you and your kids for the new year." Dec 23, 09 10:21 AM

Southampton Town works out departmental changes

Yes, cronyism is entirely out of control. A perfect example? The week of January 4th the Southampton Town Board announced its decision to forgo an open, transparent, appointment process in favor of appointing an individual named William Berkoski to the planning board. This announcement came one week before the January 11th application deadline! Were interviews conducted? Were all candidates considered? Apparently not.

In addition, Mr. Berkoski is someone who is suing the Village of Southampton over the park space on Aldrich Lance across from which his family owns rental properties. Mr. Berkoski's co-plaintiff in that lawsuit? You guessed it, the town of Southampton." Jan 12, 10 12:26 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

The week of January 4th the Southampton Town Board announced its decision to forgo an open, transparent, appointment process in favor of appointing an individual named William Berkoski to the planning board. This announcement came one week before the January 11th application deadline! Were interviews conducted? Were all candidates considered? Apparently not, but they choose to abstain on this one even though she is clearly capable and has already been working in the same capacity? " Jan 13, 10 4:24 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Mr. Wheeler, what do I have to do with this? I made no comment whatsoever yet you choose to deride myself and others for being "liberals" when we have not even posted on this story?

I suggest you focus on the story and your own position. If I comment, by all means respond if you choose, but to bring me into this is simply to satisfy your own need to attack those you label liberal is completely ridiculous and shows an extreme lack of character. " Jan 14, 10 2:43 PM

Mr. Wheeler, your insincere and sarcastic apology (and continued rebuke of the "liberal claque" of which I do not consider myself a formal member) is a further insult to those, like myself, who come here to address issues of personal interest to which I feel I can productively contribute.

You had absolutely no reason to bring me into this discussion and in doing so you have, as I stated before, shown a clear lack of judgment and decorum. Furthermore, you have now chosen to address by my name even though I have not chosen to formally reveal to everyone here that I am the person behind my screen name. I have used my real name at times, but I did not do so here.

Next time you have something to say regarding any discussion to which I am not a willing participant, please be so kind as to leave me out of it. I am asking that you request to have your posting with my name removed as I it is inappropriate for you to have addressed me by name without my consent.

" Jan 14, 10 4:22 PM

Was everyone present here today present on that individual post in the spring? You bring me into a conversation of which I had no involvement and then have the nerve to tell me to "suck it up" and call me "truculent" and "thin skinned"? Any time you'd like to have a personal debate over a specific issue I would be more than happy to accept the challenge, in the meantime, perhaps you'd like to reveal your own identity instead of hiding behind an alias.

I will say it again, You had absolutely no reason to bring me into this discussion and in doing so you have shown a clear lack of judgment and decorum. If you cannot focus on the article instead of attacking individual posters, then perhaps it is you who had better stay off of the internet. I have nothing further to say on this matter." Jan 14, 10 5:03 PM

Suffolk County will stop using East End trailers to house homeless sex offenders

Providing sex offenders with housing or a housing stipend enables authorities to keep track of where they live thereby protecting children. It does seem outrageous to pay for this, but It is important that it be done." Jan 14, 10 5:47 PM

My kids are in elementary school and I very often receive notices with photos and ID's of sex offenders in our area. We have to know where the offenders live. That is a first step. The system does not always work, but we need to keep track of the offenders. " Jan 15, 10 8:19 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

I support Tim. He knows the community and is a congressperson who has earned the respect of the voters." Jan 15, 10 8:20 AM

Workers finish dredging Shinnecock Inlet; project comes in $3 million under budget

Excellent news. Thank you Tim Bishop for making this possible." Jan 16, 10 4:14 PM

Southampton Town allows litigation on Aldrich Lane park to continue

The only board member to vote against this litigation was Sally Pope, Supervisor Throne-Holst having joined her republican counterparts in voting yes on this short-sighted and worthless litigation.

In November of this year an appellate court lifted the injunction against allowing day-laborers to gather at the Aldrich Lane site. Of course the day-labor issue is a complex and heated one, but for years Mayor Epley had shown great courage in trying to find a reasonable and humane solution to this issue and there is no reason to believe he was not still willing to work with the town - before they voted to slap him with another lawsuit, that is. The town claims that they are attempting to stop the construction of a physical building that would be used as a hiring hall on CPF land, but this is a ruse. There was never a plan to actually construct a building on that spot, only to create a turn-around driveway and to plant some shrubs, allowing people to gather without obstructing traffic and without being visible from the street. The plot of land under dispute has never been anything more than an empty field with no use beyond propagating new species of weeds.

Instead of working with Mayor Epley to settle this case out of court, the town will hire private council at the costs of tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, even though there is little to no chance this case will ever actually see the light of day as it has already been decided by the appellate court.

The only people who really stand to gain anything from this litigation are members of the Berkoski family who own rental properties across from the park on Aldrich Lane. It was the Berkoski family who originally filed the lawsuit against the village and the town, the town later joining them against the village in that suit. As it happens, the Southampton Town Board intends to appoint William Berkoski to the Planning Board. This decision was announced in the town's agenda the week of January 4th even though the official deadline for accepting applications was not until January 11th. Residents can draw their own conclusions. " Jan 16, 10 4:20 PM

Tuckahoe school considers new superintendent and expanded board

This article is a very fair representation of exactly what happened at this board meeting. Last Monday, in a disgusting display of childish back and forth, our board voted once again to move forward without thought, consideration or consultation. The board has decided that we need a Superintendent and a Principal - something that most of us never even knew was under consideration.

Despite Trustee Grisnik's assertion that it would negatively effect the school and his suggestion that the board try to maintain some continuity (Ms. Ackerson will now be fired with one year left on her three year contract - news she was clearly unaware of until last night) and consult with parents and teachers, Riccardi and Grindle refused to listen and instead voted yes on the resolution. It wold have been so easy to simply delay the vote and take some time to talk with community members, but they are not interested in opinions that do not suit their agenda.

Trustee Grindle says she needs to do what is "best for the school", but perhaps she should not be the one deciding what is best.

Linda Rozzi is gone, the interim Superintendent will be gone after June, and now we hear that Ms. Ackerson will be fired as well. When our kids arrive for their first day next year there will be an entirely new administration that does not even know their names, their individual issues or the specific issues that effect the day to day operation of our school.

How can the board make such a decision without consulting with teachers and parents? Have we no say in the future of our school? Having a separate Superintendent and Principal is a big change and we should have a voice regardless of whether we feel it is a good idea or not.

To those of you who still wonder why Linda Rozzi is gone, Trustee Grisnik has revealed that she was "forced out" by the board, which is in direct conflict with Ms. Grindle's asserion that Ms. Rozzi chose to leave. Trustee Grisnik could not provide details but he did say that Linda's last review contained absolutely no negative information that would have warranted her dismissal and that Linda loved her job and wanted more than anything to continue her good work at Tuckahoe.

Do you believe that this board, or any other, should be allowed to act on their own impulses without consult or consideration? I don't.

I full well expect that a number of anonymous posters will attack me for speaking out against this boards glaring incompetence and I challenge those would-be posters to identify themselves - have the courage of your convictions.

I want what is best for my children and Tuckahoe school and that means having a board that listens, thinks and considers the voices of the community they were elected to serve." Jan 18, 10 2:46 PM

Southampton Town considers future appointments

Ms. Graboski, You defend the appointment of Mr. Berkoski, but you do not address the inherent conflict of the town and Mr. Berkoski being joint plaintiffs in a suit against the village.

Mr. Berkoski is the only one who stands to gain from the town's suit regarding Aldrich Park. If such an egregious conflict of interest is defensible, then you need to reexamine your ethics. This appointment stinks to high heaven and should be overturned and the planning board position (one of the most important available) should be reconsidered AFTER an open and transparent interview process." Jan 23, 10 1:50 PM

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