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Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Wouldn't you like to have an interesting and fresh selection of greens, homemade baked goods, jams, fruits and vegetables that you can't find locally? Aren't you tired of the same old acorn squash? Whatever tickles your culinary fancy, you can generally find it at a Farmer's Market. It's a great place to "explore" for those whose minds allow. For the others, you're not going to sit hom anyway. After all, are the guys watching knitting classes on Channel 133 or watching March Madness. This will interest some, but not others. I'm very excited about the prospect of a Farmer's Market; it's one of the places I always visit when travelling to other countries and cities. Street markets in Paris are among the most interesting sights. And it's a great place to show others what "you" can create, including paintings and other crafts, too. I think that Mr. Schmidt should stop crying and start participating in the very community where he has done so well. And he should remember that "we have options, too". We don't have to support Schmidt's, if Schmidt's can't support exciting community initiatives like this. It's sounding like sour grapes and I've had a few too many of those, too." Mar 19, 09 3:19 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

I am very happy that Sally Pope called for a full State investigation. The Town has been run slipshod with software that doesn't suit municipal needs and lack of supervision over, of all things, TAXPAYER MONEY! Who sold them that software?

Do you want to bet that the patronage employees of the Town don't get laid off??? No, just the little fella. God help Southampton, because Linda can't." Mar 26, 09 4:52 PM

Supervisor proposes $1 million in budget cuts

Let's cut the patronage jobs that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars each year in wages, benefits and "unfunded" retirement liabilities that will haunt taxpayers for the next 5 decades. At what point will Linda, Chris and Nancy hone up to their past acts. This mess can't be blamed on the new board members...it goes back years! Walk up Southampton." Jun 26, 09 9:54 AM

Southampton Town hires new auditing firm

Sounds like monkey business in Town Hall once again...$10 million transferred but "not" transferred. Figures don't lie, but liars figure! If we taxpayers don't kick these bumbs out of office this November, we're nuts! And how about those guys who want to replace them? They're the same fellas from the same political parties who endorsed Skip, Linda, Nancy and Chris over all the years gone by when this "shell game" was orchestrated to keep taxes "looking low". Now they want to play Musical Chairs...by themselves! Only the voters can clean up this mess and find out if there was fraud or just stupidity. Wake up Southampton. " Jun 26, 09 10:04 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Zowie.! What a bunch of racists! It's nice there's a site like this to flush you buggers out. Just when I thought the "n" word was stuffed back into the closet, you guys are just dying to use it, aren't you? What a proud American moment for every man, woman and child to read. I wonder...if the Bible was written and put on a blog like this today, would it have ever survived? Would there be a Christian religion that became the very founding of the nation you nuts are seemingly so proud of today? Wrap yourself in the American flag, yes, but stop wiping your butt with it." Jul 11, 09 12:02 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

The "real crime" is what Supervistor Kabot and her predecessor did to our Town budgets. This is just a side show, but a darn good one at that. While you are all giggling about her DWI, her cohorts in this crime will be laughing their way back into office this November. Don't forget that police budget overruns don't suddenly happen on New Year's Eve and that Capital Budget transfers, now totaling millions upon millions of dollars, aren't simply forgotten year after year. This November, taxpayers (VOTERS) need to remember who sat on the Town Board these past 4 years and made the political decisions that must now result in huge tax increases that are coming our way to pay for them. Remember, too, which parties (Conservative - Jim Malone's party) endorsed these decision maker's bid for public office. Southampton taxpayers must never forget and must make the changes in 2009 that send a message to self-serving politicians forever. Do this before Southampton has the same problems as East Hampton and Brookhaven. Do it this year or we'll pay for it for a lifetime." Sep 16, 09 4:23 PM

Quogue Mayor's investment firm pleads guilty to securities fraud

Now it's a Quogue politico involved in fraud. First it was the East Hampton hanky-panky scheme, then George Guildi was indicted for doing the mortgage-mombo and finally Linda Kabot and the Republicans of Southampton got caught playing the teaberry shuffle with taxpayer money! When will it end??? THIS NOVEMBER FOLKS! It's time to put the honest people in charge of our local governments and get rid of the bums whose only concern was re-election and personal gain. WAKE UP SOUTHAMPTON...before it is too late!" Oct 16, 09 10:29 AM

Quogue Village mayor pleads guilty to securities fraud

Now it's a Quogue politico involved in fraud. First it was the East Hampton hanky-panky scheme, then George Guildi was indicted for doing the mortgage-mombo and finally Linda Kabot and the Republicans of Southampton got caught playing the teaberry shuffle with taxpayer money! When will it end??? THIS NOVEMBER FOLKS! It's time to put the honest people in charge of our local governments and get rid of the bums whose only concern was re-election and personal gain. WAKE UP SOUTHAMPTON...before it is too late! " Oct 16, 09 10:55 AM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

I hope you guys and gals don't really think that Linda Kabot and Chris Nuzzi didn't know about these deficits last year, do you??? Republican "insiders" tell me that Linda was advised NOT TO RUN for office because SKIP should have been left to face the music that he wrote! That's right, folks. The mess you see in Town Hall was NO SURPRISE to any of the Republicans who are running for office today. Even the "conservative" candidate Malone was likely to have know this all along. They've all worked together to orchestrate the vote-getting scheme that brought Skip to office year after year. The fact that Malone is running is just a pay back for supporting them year-after-year. Today Southampton taxpayers and those getting LAID OFF have to pay for their schenangans. WAKE UP SOUTHAMPTON! Run the people out of office who are only interested in their own personal gain and re-election. If you don't, we'll be looking like SUCKERS and THEY'LL DO IT TO US AGAIN. " Oct 16, 09 11:04 AM

Quogue mayor resigns days after pleading guilty to felony fraud charge

It's hard to feel sorry for Mr. Motz. After all, he designed and executed a scheme to defraud otherwise trusting people of their money. Now his crimes will end his legal career and it's possible that he'll go to jail. This is as it should be.

But what about the shennanegans in Southampton Town Hall? Are you all going to cry for Linda Kabot, Chris Nuzzi and that Johnny-come-lately from up island, Jim Malone??? I think that Evita said "Don't cry for me Argentina" Isn't it about time we kissed off these self-serving politicos who have done everything to get themselves re-elected, even when it cost people their jobs, careers, savings and homes?

When you go into the voting booth on November 3rd, ask yourself if they're crying for you...it's time to kick these beggers out of office or they'll just do it again." Oct 25, 09 10:38 AM

Madoff's Montauk house sold for $9.4 million

I think that we should ask the Federal government for a share of the proceeds. Part of it could be given to East Hampton Town and part to Southampton Town to reduce the financial losses brought to us by our own Town Supervisors and their political partners. Greed got them all elected or re-elected at the cost of the taxpayer...that would be you and me. Today, both towns are deeper in debt and suffering from higher taxes as a result of such greed. It's time to throw the bums out of office who concocted these costly schemes or they will simply do it again. Greed and self-interest cannot be rewarded by further opportunity. It's time for taxpayers to wake up." Oct 25, 09 10:47 AM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

This is a headline that Kabot and her cronies would love to be able to ride until Election Day. But it hardly compares to the financial crisis that Linda and her buddies brought upon our Town. Listen folks, these same people who want to break the 5% maximum by which they can raise our taxes. If you want your taxes increased by 10% then vote for Malone; he'll give you a whopping tax increase. Vote for Nuzzi; he can't wait to get this mess behind him, even if it costs you and me more than we can afford. As for Linda, she would be the first to tell you that Skip taught her "everything she knows". Do you know how to say "Good bye" Linda?" Oct 25, 09 10:54 AM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

Linda can't control the outcome of this trial like she thought she could have. She didn't get the judge she wanted; this one's a lot tougher and he won't play her political games. Linda poured the wine in the glass, she drank it and then got behind the wheel. This isn't Anna's fault. It's time for the tough, people's supervisor to get a spanking for what she did, just like all her people do when they're DWI. As for the taxpayers of this Town, it's time for us all to realize that we are NOT Linda's people. It time to say ENOUGH is enough and to say goodbye to bad management of taxpayer dollars. Using taxpayer money to buy votes in the last election should be enough for Linda and her cronies to get fired and move on. Move over Skip, Linda and Chris need a patronage job just like yours. God help the taxpayer!!!" Oct 29, 09 2:02 PM

Southampton Town employees protest board over planned layoffs

Linda learned everything she knows from Skip...just ask her and she'll tell ya. She'll also tell ya that she'll pull out all the stops to win this election, regardless of who she has to trample along the way. And if she was really honest, she'd tell you that she can't lay off those people earning the big bucks who she and Skip put in patronage job positions over the past decade. So that means that union employees (and taxpayers) are going to get it in the neck. Did you notice her advertising? Since she didn't get the union endorsements, she's calling them "special interest groups" and all sorts of other nasty things. This is Skip at his best...in a skirt! Taxpayers need to revolt. It's time that we give that nice Assistant DA a chance (FLEMING) and Sally Pope has done a perfect job so far. Kabot and Nuzzi have made a mess at the taxpayer's expense." Oct 29, 09 2:17 PM

Animal shelter supervisor dispels rumors, focuses on adoptions

Funny how "rumors" spread like wild fire just before an election. That is just how desparate Linda Kabot has become. First saddle Anna Throne-Holst with the most unwanted and thankless job in the whole world (Anna's done a great job in spite of the task) and then spread the heartless rumor that the Animal Center will murder the pets under their care. How low can Kabot, Nuzzi and Malone sink just to win an election? The answer: just look at your tax bills...there's more on the way. Wake up Southampton. Throw the bums out or they'll just do it again. This is the year to get rid of them and start fresh." Oct 29, 09 2:50 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

She knew never to take the breathalizer test...without the test results as evidence, there may be grounds for reasonable doubt. Smart cooker, our Linda. She pulled the wool over the taxpayers eyes, too. Time to get rid of her before she does it again...drunk or sober, she's the wrong person for the job." Oct 29, 09 2:53 PM

Southampton Town personnel grew while revenues were abundant

Elections are not won by signs, but their theft is definately annoying and mine have been stolen, too. This is a sign of desperation, more than anything. The Republicans do not want visible support of Anna and her two good running mates seen. Kabot and Nuzzi are in trouble and Malone is a loser who adds nothing to Town Hall but more politics. So, like the bad boys that their party has become, they are out stealing signs. When you have hidden your cost overruns, used CPF money against the rules, played hide-the-capital-expenditure and God knows what all else, stealing your opponent's sign is like telling "a little lie"...but that's what got them into trouble in the first place. Unfortunately, the Republican Party can't keep up with its lies and now must pay the price. It's a shame, but every now and again the party needs a cleaning and this is the year that Republicans like myself must greet the other side with the wisdom that we know they can do better. I tip my hat to Anna, Bridget and Sally. These are three very bright and decent individuals who will clean up Town Hall and bring respect back to our local government. Can you remember the last time you could use the word "respect" and refer to Southampton Town Hall? Wake up Southampton, before we they do it to us again." Oct 29, 09 3:05 PM

Southampton Town candidates debate town finances, services

Nobody knows the budget better than Linda and Chris. After all, it was Heaney, Kabot and Nuzzi who put in the budget fix to buy votes in the last 2 elections. They knew about it before anyone, so they should certainly know how to fix it up. The sad truth is that the taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Southampton Town is in nearly as big a mess as East Hampton Town...so if you think that East Hampton votes are going to give McGintey's crew a second chance, you're wrong. They're running them out of town covered in tar and feathers. What's wrong with the Southampton taxpayer??? Are politics so darned important that Republicans can't vote for 3 good Democrats; Anna, Sally and Bridget? Or would you rather have Linda, Chris and Malone stick it to you again and see your tax bill run higher year after year until YOU can't afford to live here anymore? This is Brookhaven and East Hampton all over again, folks. The only thing missing is an indictment! Stay tuned." Oct 29, 09 3:13 PM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority

Foxnfowl: The problems of this Town were not created by Anna Throne-Holst, but by the very Republican party that you support. That ANY Republican was able to win a seat in this Town election surprises me. We'll be paying for the pay-to-play politics of past Republicans for years to come. My fear is that they'll just do it again, having failed to be punished by the taxpayer this year for their tricks of the past." Nov 4, 09 2:28 PM

Longtime hopefuls finally earn wins as highway superintendent, Trustee

Alex will do as good a job as Bill...which isn't saying much! Bill is one heck of a nice fella, but politics runs too high on his list of priorities." Nov 4, 09 2:31 PM

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