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Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

Let me ease your mind on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

1. I am a man, not a woman.
2. You missed the part about the post being satirical

" Nov 13, 16 12:14 PM

Cause Of Massive Fish Kill In Shinnecock Canal Not Clear

i think that this is not a problem/bad thing / big deal

freak circumstance

fish stock unaffected " Nov 15, 16 8:03 PM

Next Public Hearing On 'The Hills At Southampton' Application Set For December 5

Is there a clear point to these public hearings?

what is the goal of the hearing? does the board take comments from each side and weigh them? what bearing does it have on a valid application / proposal in front of the town board.

genuinely curious, how does this process work?" Nov 15, 16 8:05 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

i'm fine with the muslim brotherhood" Nov 24, 16 9:30 PM

Whale Stranded In Moriches Bay Euthanized, Feeding Outrage From Onlookers

maybe it's you who are confused in thinking that your are any different. " Nov 29, 16 2:51 PM

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

looks like the Araskog's may get their way after all..." Dec 1, 16 10:38 AM

Second Hearing On 'Hills' Application Gets Rowdy

I thought the only question is whether is change in zoning will benefit the community or not. (am i wrong?) ...pending environmental reviews of course.

...we all know the list of benefits put out by the developer at this point...

It seems like the conversation has shifted - there is no overall benefit to the community aside from a handful of finite offerings from DLC.

Yet there are threats that 'as of right development' is so bad that the town had better accept the plan and change the zoning or everyone will be sorry.

If these are the options then they are both pretty terrible.

Plus, the fact the company employees decide to come to argue with anonymous avatars in the comments section of newspaper articles makes the whole thing seem so desperate, what a marketing strategy! " Dec 8, 16 10:59 AM

Southampton Town Expects To Hold At Least One More Public Hearing In January On Proposed Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Before Voting

lol!! hahaha.

sick of the supermarket in my town/village
sick of the supermarket in the neighboring village
sick of the supermarket in the other neighboring village

build a new supermarket, this will solve my problem!

hahahaha. what are you trying to buy even" Dec 8, 16 8:09 PM