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Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

Join SABA and become part of the solution. There are opportunities for more beach access that have been ignored. " Dec 29, 16 12:17 PM

Judge Dismises Lawsuit Challenging Picnic Area Beach Driving, Parking In Southampton Village

Excellent news! Post a picture of the picnic area, not the county park! " Mar 19, 18 6:23 PM

Thank you to Fran, the SABA board members, and everyone who supported! Thank you to the Trustees who supported us. The community at the picnic area is one of a kind and is what this country and democracy are built on. Let's keep the positive energy and vibe of the picnic area going throughout the entire community. Social and civil engagement was key in getting the word out about how important the community and tradition of the picnic area are to all of Southampton - both Village and Town. You can't replicate the social capital that is generated by a place like this. The “drive on” is about more than a beach, it's about real community in America, community that creates both social and financial capital. This cannot be overlooked. What exists here cannot be replicated. What exists here cannot be purchased with a membership fee. This is a club in which all are welcome, no matter where you reside, how much you earn, or who you know you are welcome at the picnic area. By choosing to be a part of this community your life will be enriched. See everyone at the beach!" Mar 22, 18 12:06 PM