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Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

Traffic heading West on Hill St at rush hour moves slowly. Unfortunately in this case a Driver was speeding West in the Eastbound lane How do you prevent Stupidity!! Unreal there have been no charges yet.Small town justice?" Mar 15, 17 5:44 PM

Elm Street Residents Upset About Noise Levels From Southampton Village Club

Southampton as us Old Timers knew it is done. The new Hamptonites want Mc Mansions, fancy restaurants and shops and expensevive cars.
Our love of Nature, the beaches and farms hold not interest (Fresh Direct!)
As for 230 Elm buyer beware it’s been there a long time. Of course a Polka may not be as irritating as electronic mega bass," Jan 8, 18 7:21 PM

More Condos Are Going Up In Fluctuating Market

Real Hampton’s living. Constant traffic on one side and the LIRR on the other!
The Developers and Realtors have destroyed the area.
It will all end with one gigantic gridlock!" Aug 16, 18 5:41 PM

East Hampton Wants To Use Donation For BearCat Armored Vehicle For Police Department

Totally a waste of money! People are watching to much TV." May 7, 19 12:51 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

Well it could have been a gas station instead of signs. Leave the Shinnecock people alone.
Talk about visual pollution drive through the Village. Bigger is better!
Or better drive on Gin and Meadow Lanes.Concrete Bunkers!
The Village and Town only care about the folks with the big bucks with them anything goes.
" May 22, 19 6:11 PM