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Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

Sgt Costa is a dedicated professional who’s work ethic is second to none. More importantly, she’s a good person.

The Town set the stage for this and many other lawsuits by giving tacit approval for the bad behavior of some of their managers/officials. They allowed two sets of standards be applied to male and female employees and ignored complaints of sexually charged conduct which created a hostile work environment.

Faced with the real possibility of being slapped with significant awards should Sgt. Costa and Lt. Ralph’s litigation move forward the Town wisely pays out in the form of a ‘settlement’ for their malfeasance. The Board and Town Attorney will release a statement declaring that they were not at fault and the ‘settlement’ was offered to simply avoid the time and expense associated with litigation. Which, as we all know, is political speak for “We screwed the pooch and now we have to pay.”

Happy Thanksgiving!!" Nov 22, 17 4:16 PM

The Golden Pear Celebrates 30 Years In Business

Congratulations Keith! " Nov 24, 17 1:36 PM

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

The misogynistic behavior of these miscreants will not be tolerated and woman shall be silent no more!

Sgt. Costa’s claims were validated during a lengthy discovery process during which a dozen current and former Town officials were deposed. If Costa’s claim was “baseless” the Town would have never settled.

As for the the pace at which she was promoted during the first ten years of her career..maybe she just plain deserved it. " Nov 24, 17 5:58 PM

Stories of sexual harassment have come from being a dirty little secret to headline news in the blink of an eye. Remember when you were at that office party and that creepy, drunk guy that works in accounting grabbed your ass or leered at your cleavage? Yeah, me too. Remember what you did? Yep, I did the same thing...Told a friend, made a joke, slapped his hand or went home. There were no repercussions, no HR complaint filed, no telling it to your boss. Why?

My generation ( I just turned 49) was numb to such behaviors, it was common stuff, we were subject to everything from dirty jokes to improper physical contact. We were women working in corporate America, the first of many generations to reach new heights in executive roles, breaking glass ceilings, sitting at the boys table, playing in the big leagues for the first time. We didn't want to rock the boat or be known as the girl that couldn’t take a joke.

Allegations have galvanized the masses, bringing the conversation into our daily news feeds and scaring the hell out of all the serial harassers who are wondering if they are going to be the next guy called out.

Keep the conversation going. For our daughters and young women who come after us. It's NOT ok, it’s NOT acceptable and YES, we believe you." Nov 25, 17 1:42 PM

Officials Exploring Cell Tower Options At Southampton Village Police Headquarters

Safety first...aesthetics second.
Long overdue IMO" Jan 18, 18 11:34 AM

Zeldin Calls For Crackdown On Gang Violence; Police Chief Applauds Effort, Cites Evidence Of Activity

Gang activity within Southampton Town is either “substantial” or “not significant”, can’t be both Chief. " Feb 9, 18 12:38 PM

East Hampton Town Authorizes Donation For Armored Car Purchase

Why don’t we let the Chief’s do the policing and run their respective departments. All you fools would be the first ones bitching that they weren’t prepared if a crisis occurs.

There is no such thing as “It can’t happen here” folks.

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and another thing..thank them for working out a private donation for the equipment. " Jun 16, 19 2:30 PM

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