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Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Well here it goes..especially to slammin, wheeler, fixit and the other nit wits who felt it necessary to comment on this case. You weren't there that night in the Public House. You were not there EVERY day to hear and see the testimony from EVERYONE. I know because I was (behind Mr. and Mrs. Reister..that was me Juror #2). I know you weren't there because some days it was just the victims family and me. I was there to watch and listen when they couldn't bear to stay and do so. I watched with an open mind and listened to the evidence presented. To make things simple..this entire event..every part..including this silly blog..was set in motion by the acts of ANTHONY ODDONE. It does not matter if Andrew was big, small, fat, skinny, sick or healthy..wether he was wearing a security shirt or "trained" as a bouncer or Correction Officer. This case was about personal responsibility. The responsibility here belongs to ANTHONY ODDONE..only he knew at what moment Andrew went limp..HE felt it. HE continued to CHOKE him. Others tried to help but only HE could have changed what ultimately happened that night. These ridiculous comments like .. Andrew "should have known", "he was the aggressor" ...so as long as you are provoked anything goes? The sadness lies in the fact that Andrew was the victim and his family is suffering terribly..forever. The sadness even lies within ANTHONY ODDONES family and friends. But do not forget..HE could have stopped..HE did not. HE is responsible. The smoke and mirrors that Kedia and her defense threw up is insulting to reasonable people. Our corrupted sense of right and wrong..but such is the system..throw blame everywhere EXCEPT where it truly lies. My prayers are with the Reister family..my friends..and even with Oddones loved ones..they are not guilty. But HE is. I watched his face and studied his body language..he was remorseless..at his arraignments and through out the trial. Only when he realized that HE alone was going to pay the piper for HIS actions was he sad. He may be released some day with enough time to salvage some of his life..but make no mistake..HE will know pain and sadness until then..on a scale most of us will never understand. There is no JUSTICE in an outcome that does not return Andrew to his family..there is only responsibility. To the jurors..most of you anyway..you are respected for your sacrifice and dilligence..especially you #2--your the best. " Dec 15, 09 10:21 AM