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A plan to beef up historic regulations in Amagansett

This clearly has to go back to the drawing board.....It 'shall' be examined town-wide (you mean).

" Dec 11, 09 3:22 AM

Springs students send a message to Obama family

Way to go, girls! You're liv'n my dream. (But my dad was a social worker. So that op had to come from me). Hope you get your wish!" Dec 11, 09 3:27 AM

East End still digging out after record snow

I am sure the Town crews are doing an admirable job, I only wished I saw one to cheer them on. I can only hope that an ambulance or fire truck does not have to respond up the hill of my unplowed street in Noyac." Dec 20, 09 9:35 PM

Help! Please plow out Sylvan Lane!" Dec 21, 09 12:30 AM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

We should be working to take back the barrier beaches for parks and not to protect multimillion dollar homes that shouldn't have been built there in the first place. The ocean will win in the end no matter what we spend if that is what the real God wants. " Jan 4, 10 9:58 PM

Southampton Town Board delays reorganization meeting

I hope we don't have another blizzard!" Jan 4, 10 10:14 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

Sounds like your street was plowed out first!" Jan 4, 10 10:38 PM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

SC is cold too, maybe snow on Thursday. I know exactly where the oceanfront in question is and as you point out the Town failed in 1970 to preserve it...I clammed the Shinnecock Inlet area east of the inlet in the early sixties and seventies. You seem to forget that parts of Bridgehampton are barrier beaches too along Mecox bay (the crabbing here WAS gret too). Smith Point is a barrier beach as well as Fire Island. I have disdain for ANY building and destructive groins (built by Suffolk County) that has destroyed this ecosystem not just the multimillion dollar homes. Unfortunately, they are the only ones who can afford to build there. " Jan 5, 10 8:56 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Chief Sarris is correct. He violated his oath as a peace officer (if found guilty). Case closed." Jan 5, 10 5:55 PM

Southampton Town Board delays reorganization meeting

Did former councilwoman "Trust Sally" Pope give her last paycheck back to the Town since she obviously quit after the election. (see Southampton Press) When did she clean out her office?" Jan 5, 10 6:06 PM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

The beaches or the campaign donor houses along the shoreline? That is what we taxpayers want to know. Nature will win in the end no matter what Congressman Bishop does. He is a smart man and I think he knows this too.
We need to work with nature not fight it. " Jan 5, 10 9:47 PM

Move the buildings not the beaches. They are as you say "constantly changing/evolving." Most east coast communities do not replenish their beaches as you state since the cannot afford to do it. Individual property owners raise or move their houses (which by the way was done here before we started providing free sand for beach front property owners). It is a waste of taxpayer money to dump sand on a beach every time it washes away when there are other more important social concerns. Those who want to pay for it should set up their own privately funded "beach rescue fund" " Jan 6, 10 10:05 PM

Southampton political committees must hold off on choosing special election nominees

If these were civil service town employees pulling this they would be terminated in a heartbeat...and rightly so." Jan 6, 10 10:10 PM

Southampton Town Board delays reorganization meeting

Believe what you want about Sally but she was the most uninformed and inept councilperson in years. The voters have spoken. No loss." Jan 6, 10 10:14 PM

President declares South Shore beaches a disaster area following November storm damage

I'd like to know who and how much and where the funds come from for whoever these communities are so we can learn something from it. But, you are right, like it or not it will happen again and again ...at least this waste will shed no blood." Jan 6, 10 10:42 PM

Like Undertow says this is not class war. NOTHING (including public beach structures) should be built close to the ocean. If I remember correctly the Flight 800 Memorial at Smith Point Park was threatened by its proximity to the ocean even before it was completed. This problem (if it really is one) will not go away. To equate this with highways and schools is ridiculous. We can vote on school budgets and highway/transportation construction bonds but we cannot vote on this." Jan 9, 10 9:58 PM

Southampton Town works out departmental changes

Lets give the change a chance before passing judgement. Since it appears to be a bipartisan vote I am confident the new Board will make any future changes if necessary. If it works ...better for the Town. I would rather see the Superintendent of Highways taking care of the roads. Good luck Mr. Gregor,there is a lot to be done. " Jan 11, 10 12:00 AM

Special election date set by Southampton Town Board

Go where? Yes she is bright and articulate but seems to be too much NYC. This job requires someone with a lot of LOCAL experience. " Jan 11, 10 12:14 AM

Nellie of southampton town taxpayer. Personal attacks are not necessary." Jan 11, 10 4:28 PM

I am sorry that you cannot see that your response was personal. However, I will not waste anymore of your time or mine on it. You should note that I am not running for office Bridget is and I do not think she has enough LOCAL experience with the important issues facing our town as other potential candidates do. " Jan 13, 10 8:08 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

Oh great! A NYC prosecutor...Now that will change things. The East End is losing it's identity. Give me a break." Jan 13, 10 11:16 PM

Former Southampton Supervisor Linda Kabot writes to state comptroller about maladministration

Seems like the Suffolk DA will be investigating this disgraceful mess real soon..hopefully he takes a look at the other disgraceful mess unfolding in Westhampton Beach as well. What a winter!" Jan 13, 10 11:35 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

Look at her community record..If there is one. Let us know what it is. Just being a criminal lawyer are not "credentials." Skippy "the fence man" and company should be investigated by the DA for what went on here and prosecuted just like in EH. Identity means local community knowledge and experience. Bridget, in my opinion, just doesn't cut it at this point in time. If she is elected, I hope she proves me wrong." Jan 13, 10 11:58 PM

Come on ..you still haven't given me proof of a strong community record. She worked in NY for the NY Ciounty DA in 2001. 2001 -2010 what is her record in Southampton Town???" Jan 14, 10 6:07 PM

Election date set; nominees lining up

Bridget. Please tell us your record in Southampton Town community affairs from 2001-2010. Did you not leave DA Morgenthau's NYC office in 2001? I guess being assistant district attorney for welfare fraud in NYC in 2001 qualifies you for the Southampton Town Board. This cannot be for real. " Jan 14, 10 9:27 PM

Real? Impressive? These are credentials? What is her community record 2001-2010? Nobody can tell me. I am waiting to see the details on Hughes background as well but it obviously appears that he has more of a community record based on the immediate controversy caused by his GOP nomination.
" Jan 14, 10 11:25 PM

I haven't announced my candidacy yet but maybe one of the maintenance guys at Town Hall will. I am sure they have a better understanding of the Town and its' issues then Fleming does since they have spent more time in and around Town Hall then she has in last eight years. She is nothing more than a media creation of her party just like "Trust Sally" Pope was. What is her record????????" Jan 15, 10 5:13 PM

Workers finish dredging Shinnecock Inlet; project comes in $3 million under budget

This project needs to be inspected to determine if the sand amounts stated are accurate and stockpiled as stated. Congressman Bishop, where are you?????" Jan 15, 10 5:22 PM

I'm glad it is there. Phew!" Jan 15, 10 5:33 PM

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