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East Quogue Woman To Fight Climate Change At United Nations Conference

How can some of you criticize her for FLYING to Morocco? It's called travel you halfwits. What would you rather her do? Take a steamboat? Or walk? In the scheme of things, commercial aviation accounts for only a fraction of our carbon output anyways.
And as far as reparations are concerned, we are a nation with 5% of the world's population yet we consume 25% of its available resources, so yes, the term reparations would be suitable. We also contribute 25% of all waste and garbage to the Earth, so take some responsibility in your comfy lifestyle.
God forbid younger generations take the time and effort to reverse a trend that you were too lazy and ignorant to observe OR address.
You make climate change out to be political when its anything BUT political. It affects all of us, and addressing it IS not and SHOULD not be an easy task. If you're too complacent to change your lifestyle to better address pollution and climate change then frankly you have no place on this earth." Nov 3, 16 12:30 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

Too bad. If even flow and pw herman could read more than twelve words at a time, they would see that you're sharing a comment written by Norm Ornstein, a political scientist from a CONSERVATIVE policy group. It's not worth trying to explain the true history of the Affordable Care Act, it's roots in Republican healthcare reform efforts, the narrative that has been falsely built around it, or the fact that more Americans are insured now than ever before in our nation's history. So-called "conservatives" determined long ago their vitriol for the Affordable Care Act, before they could even understand its basic tenets. And instead of working for the past six years to build a replacement, Republicans in Congress have done nothing but complain." Jan 13, 17 11:49 AM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

All of you chanting this mantra of "give Trump a chance" and "accept it and move on" are forgetting that he announced his candidacy for President on a platform of racist generalizations, fear and divisiveness. Remember that speech about Mexicans being murderers and rapists? That was his first ever speech in the campaign! And to add to the mire he was exposed as a sexual predator, a liar and a demagogue.

The reaction to his election is not simply a reaction to a Republican winning the presidency, but a reaction to his lack of self-control, respect and competence; a reaction to his brash demeanor that is noticeably removed from fact and common sense.

It appears that Trump is about to assume office with the lowest ever approval rating of any President in modern history—37% (Fox News Poll)—and that makes sense given the cabinet he has nominated. From one individual to the next they are all inexperienced, unethical and counter-intuitive.

To sit idly by and accept this administration is to ignore the truth of their sheer unpreparedness and their penchant for conflicts of interest. " Jan 20, 17 11:14 AM

Petition Started To Save Mocomanto In Southampton Village

I love how the righties think they can do whatever they want with their property. Nerve." Jul 4, 17 1:26 PM

ICE Agents Target Sex Offenders On Long Island, Including Hampton Bays And East Hampton

No liberal is attempting to the defend the rights of "illegal fugitive child rapists." Liberals are defending the nonviolent families and children that are being swept up in ICE crackdowns around the country.

This operation was undoubtedly necessary and righteous, but I challenge you to defend the deportation of a college student who was offered a chance at an education, or the family trying to make a better life for themselves.

Pay attention to the words of your opponents or else you'll continue to post nonsense comments." Aug 9, 17 1:47 PM

My goodness, SlimeAlive, your ability to copy and paste Fox News articles astounds me.

Nowhere in your copied diatribe is there mention that rapists, murderers, or violent criminals would be protected by any "sanctuary city," or given any legal defense from the city. In fact, your copied paragraphs prove my point.

DeBlasio himself says, "there are 170 offenses in that law that are listed as serious and violent crimes that lead to automatic cooperation between the city of New York and our federal partners. So any serious and violent crime, we’re going to work with them.”

Again, pay attention to the words of your opponents or else you'll continue to post nonsense comments." Aug 11, 17 9:19 AM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

Po Boy, let's break this down for a second, because some individuals have this fascination with Antifa and Black Lives Matter any time confrontations like these occur.

Neo Nazis fight for fascism and ethnic superiority, which are intrinsically UN-AMERICAN ideals. White supremacists fight for racial inequality and the subjugation of minorities, which again, are UN-AMERICAN ideals.

Antifa fights for equality and social justice. Black Lives Matter fights for equality and social justice. Equality and social justice are INTEGRAL to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

You write as if violence by the Neo Nazi and white supremacist groups is justified because members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter use violence as well, yet you choose to ignore their causes. In my opinion, violence in the name of equality and social justice is completely justified. Ever heard of the American Revolution?" Aug 14, 17 3:44 PM

Anti-fascist organizations from 1930s Germany have no connection to the American Antifa group. Are both ideologies Anti-Fascist? Yes, but the correlation ends there. Early anti-fascist groups promoted communist ideologies, and communism was a popular ideology in Europe at that time. As far as American Antifa promoting some sort of communist dictatorship? I fear you're misconstruing the point. The idea is to bring power back into the hands of the people. For the promotion of equality.

And when instruments of the state promote and protect racial inequality and racial injustice, then burning the American flag in protest is the least you can do." Aug 14, 17 4:27 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

cons have decided that their best strategy for winning back voters in 2020 is

1.) make no discernible attempt at tax reform
2.) defend white supremacists and nazis
3.) systematically ignore facts in a bizarre attempt to re-write reality.

Good luck with that." Aug 16, 17 1:55 PM

It's no mystery that the majority of the comments on this message board are defending neo-nazis and white supremacists. It's the only recourse you people have—you're too cowardice to speak these beliefs in person, or you have no one left in your life to speak with in the first place.

Again, you say both sides are to blame for the unrest and destruction in Charlottesville, but the situation is actually quite simple.

One side of the unrest, the neo-nazis and white supremacists, advocate for the violent death of fellow Americans, they advocate for racial superiority, they advocate for a white Christian nation where none exists. They cower behind this rally in the name of defending Confederate monuments in an attempt to play the victim—and you all fell for it!

They are not victims! They are not sympathetic to anyone but themselves! And the value of their violent, hate-filled speech has about as much value in the national discourse as running around a playground screaming profanities.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have about as much moral right to combat these groups with violence as can be found. Anti-fascist groups did not begin from a fundamental hatred of someone's racial background or skin color. Black Lives Matter grew as a movement because we have witnessed time and time again a disregard for the value of African Americans in our communities. They are reactionary groups!

So again, I say, it's quite simple. As go the neo-nazis and white supremacists, so go Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If these hate groups did not exist, then reactionary protest groups would not exist either. To say they are equally vile and hate-filled is to ignore their origin." Aug 18, 17 10:05 AM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

No, this is a paramilitary branch of the Department of Homeland Security attempting to supersede and disregard the jurisdiction of local authorities in the pursuit of nonviolent individuals. Any true Republican or conservative would be averse to such an act. After all, its the Federal government imposing its will on local authorities...

As ADULTS, I think we can refrain from oversimplified analogies ..." Sep 26, 18 1:15 PM

Bid For Sag Harbor Impound Lot Approved By Village Board Amid Protesters

What actual need is there for this impound lot? Again, only 27 cars a year are impounded. Currently only five or six impounded. Look at a map for petessake, there's plenty of room on Columbia Street to accommodate an equally sized lot as the proposed one. Why force the issue? Why go through with a project that so many are obviously upset over? Is it really for the sake of hiring ONE additional village officer. Do they have this much say over such inane projects?" Jan 10, 19 12:37 PM