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Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

It's nice to see a jury taking this seriously as intent in this case seems to be a state of mind.
" Dec 7, 09 1:44 PM

if Bob Rubin and the members of the bridge golf club are willing to donate money to the defense will they be willing upon a guilty verdict to help support the victims children. " Dec 7, 09 7:21 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Now with this guilty verdict will the overly rich big shots from the bridge golf course that financed the guilty mans defense. Help the Reister family during the second Christmas season that the children will be fatherless???!!!! " Dec 14, 09 6:41 PM

Free Ride, Dont DWI

Thanks Bryan now I have a reason to drink again>>>" Dec 14, 09 10:26 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

How about we just call him a KILLER
I think that is accurate!!!!!
" Dec 14, 09 10:30 PM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

Did the Love Lane (Mike & Jen) Company get offered the same terms as Mr. Murray if so what is the problem? I understand that Mr. Murray has been there 20 years but that doesn’t give him carte blanch on a lease. If the terms are so restrictive then the Love Lane concern will not do well and in turn Mr. wankle also will not do well. As a joint venture between EH & SH towns we have the say Mr. Wankles lease is up soon make your voice & vote count!!" Apr 2, 10 1:52 PM

Dan's Papers sold

This is not a news paper this is a fake news paper they just make things up and print them… as for the largest circulation in the Hampton’s, does it count if they just drop off bundles of papers that just get thrown in the dumpster each and every week?" Sep 8, 10 12:39 PM

Couple finds message in a bottle on Amagansett beach

IT’S LITTERING send the kid a $500 littering ticket" Oct 13, 10 12:25 PM

East Hampton Town Investigates Illegal Clearing In Springs Nature Preserve

$350 to $500 or up to 15 days in jail ..PER TREE x 50 trees = 25.000$ $ 750 days in jail
sounds about right
or just do the same to there house!!" Feb 28, 11 7:18 AM