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Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial


You state Oddone made
"a concious decision that night to take another's man's life".
That would be murder.

Isn't that what the jury is deliberating? What charge( if any) he's guilty of?

Amazing how they could be present and attentive in the courtroom every day for 2 months, yet be agonizing over what exactly happened that night, and just what Oddones intentions were, and be now deliberating now for nearly a week.....
Yet you've already decided based on gossip and news accounts from reporters who were intermittently present (and rarely there for both sides of cross examination).
and comments on a message board.

Don't get me wrong, the reporting has been quite good given the circumstances of this trial and resources of local press, but JURIES
(due to the fact they've heard ALL the evidence presented) decide the fate of defendants, not news accounts or commenters on a message board.

The jurors in this case seem to be taking great care to get things right and not rush to judgement-perhaps all of us should take a cue from that in dealing with this tragic event.
" Dec 7, 09 11:59 AM


I have no insight to his mental condition.
So it's "clear" to you what his intentions were.

Evidently it's not so clear to some, one, or all of the jurors.
and they listened to two months of testimony and evidence.
Can you honestly say you have more information than the jurors on this case?
......Or just more of an opinion.

I doubt it's really clear to anyone who witnessed the incident what ACTUALLY happened that night.
Doesn't make it any less a tragedy.
However, we do have a justice system which seems to functioning pretty well, albeit at a pace that's causing a bit of impatience.
" Dec 7, 09 1:23 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

That Oddone quote "the girls were loving me" came from the same department that wrote "INTOXICATED" on the arrest report, then testified in court that he wasn't intoxicated, but that the officer made a mistake, saying he meant to write that he "smelled strongly of alcohol", so I'm sure that it's a very "accurate" quote.

Fortunately for Mr. Oddone, the jury heard ALL the testimony AND cross examination, not just the testimony reported in the paper.
Although to be fair, the Press did a wonderful job with the coverage of the summations of the DA and the defense.

My heart goes out to Stacy Reister as this entire ordeal has got to be excruciating, but I do think some here have rushed to judgement without nearly the knowledge of the testimony that the jury is so carefully weighing. (some of which changed quite dramatically from August 2008 police statements to November 2009 testimony)" Dec 8, 09 10:18 PM

Oddone jury a week into deliberations

Rikers" Dec 9, 09 4:49 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

in order of your allegations,

From testimony at the trial
1. the arresting officer wrote "INTOXICATED" on the arrest report, but then testified he wasn't drunk, that he " made a mistake"....so which is it?
2.Multiple people were dancing on tables much of the evening
3. some witnesses said he was told to get down, then pushed off,
some say he was" aggressively and inappropriately" simply thrown off with no conversation
all agree there was then a "struggle",
4.No one called it a choke in their police statement -it was called a headlock (a defensive maneuver)
at the trial most of the DA's witnesses called it choking, after considerable coaching (the DA said the word 20 times before one of her witnesses used the words)
5. he left the scene (in a cab enroute to a nearby,known location)

Those are not my opinions, but testimony and cross examination from the trial from both sides.

A good man died, a family doesn't have a husband or father this Holiday season (again) This is a horrible tragedy.

It would be nice to find out the truth and dole out the appropriate consequences,whatever they are, if any.
Overcharging another man who was involved in a very cloudy situation which was handled poorly in an extremely freak incident, won't bring back Mr. Reister. It would be right to avoid another tragedy. That is why the jury is so carefully deliberating.

Stacy Reister is a class act who has handled a horrible situation with dignity-she deserves to know the truth-which sadly may never be known due to maneuvering by both the prosecution and the defense.
Which is too bad because it only delays the healing. (if one can ever heal from such an ordeal)

" Dec 11, 09 9:57 AM

You seem to know a lot about this case.
I'm surprised to know that you're not aware Oddone was beaten during his short stay at Nassau County jail during opening statements. That's why he was reassigned back to Rikers.

" Dec 11, 09 1:43 PM

Not an accusation-a fact-check for yourself.
That's why he went back to Rikers, and the reason his attorney is granted extra time in Riverhead to meet with him.
" Dec 11, 09 3:46 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

16 months and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars later (by both the defense and prosecution)........we're right where this case should've always been.....
a charge of manslaughter should've been brought, with the option to convict of a lesser charge.
What a waste of taxpayer resources and money, to say nothing of the emotional toll on both families, and apparently the jurors as well." Dec 11, 09 5:29 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

I'm not blaming Mr. Reister or anyone else.
I'm telling you what happened at Nassau. I didn't read it anywhere.
If you're basing your thoughts solely on what you've read, well no wonder you're not aware. The Press has done an excellent job on this in the last week and a half, but were woefully misinformed before that, as their information came from their limited time at the trial and before that from the prosecution.
that's why we let juries decide, not the press, who is guilty and who is not.
If you don't believe me go back and read the first few accounts of this incident in the press.
I don't have an opinion on Oddone's guilt, but it sure never sounded like murder to me or any attorney even anecdotally aware of the case.." Dec 11, 09 6:50 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

that is inappropriate.
This judge is doing his best to keep this trial fair from what I've observed-that's also his reputation.

" Dec 11, 09 7:03 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

let's agree to disagree.
my prayers are with both families-and the jurors at this point." Dec 11, 09 7:31 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

Mr. Shaw,
Mr. Oddone was not charged in that incident. He was questioned-along with many others.

The original August '08 report in the SH Press said Mr. Oddone "attacked" Mr. Reister (without any details) which is quite different than what is now written in the press at the end of each of your articles as further info about the circumstances has come to light.

You and the Press have been a pawn of the prosecution since day 1 (not suggesting its' intentional-she's good)
Many people follow this case through your reporting, which, due to the enormity of it, makes it difficult for you to report all of the the testimony (certainly not most of the cross examination) but to say your reporting of the first three weeks of the trial was anything less than incomplete (some might say biased), would be well inaccurate.
at the summation, where you had reporters present you heard both sides and the reporting tide began to change.
Your reporting since the summation has been accurate and excellent(especially considering the time involved).

Why inflame the readers with a statement about a bar incident where Oddone was "involved" (questioned )?
Roughly 70 people were questioned after the incident at the Publick house?
Are you going to write that they were involved?
Respectfully, I request you remove both our posts." Dec 12, 09 9:14 AM

We're all "wondering" what happened the night of the incident.
His past might be relevant if there was actual testimony to that effect, rather than merely hearsay-that's why such items are not allowed in court.

My heart goes out to the Reister family, as well as the Oddone family.
Oddone will be held accountable for his actions, if not by this jury by another.

What's sad is that neither the prosecutor nor the defense seem interested in "justice" (or what actually happened), just winning.

My apologies if I offended anyone. I'm done here." Dec 12, 09 10:31 AM

Mr. Shaw,
Fair enough.
You guys have done an admirable job on a hugely complex and sensitive case which has no doubt been incredibly time consuming for a publication with limited resources.
" Dec 12, 09 12:13 PM

amen PBR

there are no sides here..... only tragedy.
and both the prosecution and the defense have made truth and justice a nearly unknowable thing" Dec 14, 09 9:57 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

What a waste of time and money that the prosecution didn't simply charge Oddone with manslaughter in the first place.
" Dec 14, 09 7:21 PM

Ms. Buckley,
Thank you for your service-That had to be difficult trying time.
What had you read about this case prior to being assigned it?" Dec 15, 09 8:45 AM

Juror # 2,
That's a difficult task with three kids.
and that (3 kids) answers why you hadn't read about the case last summer (2008)" Dec 15, 09 9:29 AM