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Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

The problem I have with this case is which DA is prosecuting this case. Frankly, I have no faith in the Suffolk DA to give anyone a fair trial.

I believe that it is a practice of the DA in some cases to compromise a jury. It doesn't matter if the DA is Henry, Catterson, or Spota. Except with Spota it has only gotten worse.

I believe the defense lawyer was wise to scrutinize the jury, and to ask the judge to have the blogger that said he knew the jury was compromised to be identified.

We know that in the Tankleff Case a juror was the subject of several motions to have the case reversed, The juror, a Frank Spindel, was identified by at least 2 jurors of attempting to influence the jury during the trial and during deliberations. One juror said he witnessed Spindel giving hand signals to the prosecutor. Another juror said that Spindel was for a convction very early in the trial.

Marty Tankleff was convicted of murdering his two parents. Spindel went out and had a round of golf with the prosecutor, John Collins. That item has never been denied. It was also said that while at that golf course, or in the clubhouse, the trial judge Tisch was present for a round of drinks with Spindel, Collinns, and several others involved in the case.

Mr.Spindel, I believe is the same Frank Spindel that has recently been arrested by Spota for mortgage fraud. It is my belief that when Spota caused Spindel to be arrested that he didn't have a clue as to who he was. Mr.Spindel, although charged of stealing several millions of dollars has not yet been indicted.

I also believe that in the John White case the prosecution had a ringer on the jury. That juror was for a conviction and expressed his opinions to the other jurors long before the jury went into deliberations.

I have reason to believe that during the trial the juror told the other jurors that unless they convict Mr.White, the father of the victim will kill White. The father of the victim and the jury then witnessed Joe Creedon offering his good wishes to the victim's family. He is said to be a longtime good friend of the family.

Nothing is what it seems in Suffolk County ...to most, but I think I see it for what it really is: corrupt to the core.

Also, bear in mind that a correction officer known as Edward Walsh is also the Conservative Party's leader in Suffolk County. Walsh was responsible for Spota getting his cross endorsement in the 2009 election, and probably the 2005 election." Dec 5, 09 9:02 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

That is why the SHPD cop got 'confused' when he entered on the booking report that Oddone appeared intoxicated.

Damned disgrace is what it is. Cops lying at the urging of the prosecutor. Where else did he realize he was confused? It seems to happen AFTER the SCPD and DA get involved. I just have to wonder what the quid pro quo was for that confusion.

This post is not about guilt of innocence opinions. It is about receiving a fair trial.

I have to tell you that I received a call from a retired SCPD cop a few months ago. He lives out of state and we made the connection of a common friend, also out of state. In his situation the defendant was believed to be reasonably sober. SCPD wanted the defendant drunk and high on drugs - whatever works. He wouldn't go along with it. His work experiences were never the same.

The jury should weigh that bullspit testimony of the SHPD cop and give the defendant consideration for reasonable doubt for that alone - having a police witness lie to gain a conviction." Dec 6, 09 8:31 AM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

If the above poster is referring to my post above, I will tell you that all I said in that post is ON THE RECORD.

I don't really have a clue as to the culpability of Oddone. He may be as guilty as sin. I just don't think so.

What I do know is the SCDA and SCPD cannot be trusted to give this man a fair trial.

The Southampton cop changes his opinion about Oddone being intoxicated from his initial booking report? Please, this is classic SCPD and DA bullshyte. They just can't leave it alone even when they have a pretty decent case for some type of conviction.

When SCPD causes the death of a suspect during a struggle, the it is the fault of the suspect and his medical condition.

It is bad enough that one has to sit before a brain dead jury with them having your life in their hannds. Juries make mistakes alll the time. In Suffolk, they are programmed to make mistakes." Dec 6, 09 8:31 PM

Prosecution rests, defense case opens in Oddone trial

Typical SCPD bullshyte. Get the witnesses to say what you want, and make sure none of the others will testify." Dec 7, 09 4:35 PM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

I guess you are now going to say is that when Oddone left his home that night he knew he was going to jump up on the table and then be engaged in a scuffle with Mr.Reister. He also knew that if he was taken down from the table that he would choke the man to death." Dec 7, 09 4:40 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

About 15 years ago I jumped up on a table in a Paris nightclub and yelled: F--- The French. I was as drunk as a loon and my American spirit got the best of me when they were playing every countries song than the USA.

This was totally uncharacteristic of me. I never did it before and I never did it again. The people I was with took me off the table and told me to calm down. Mrs.Equalizer was not a happy camper after that one.

I guess France has a way of bringing out the worse in some people.

At Senor Frogs in Cancun it is customary for patrons to go wild and jump up on the table and throw popcorn all over the place. Your punishment, if they get to you is for you to be thrown into the water outside of the window. All in good fun. The wife and I sat there in total amazement watching the crazy kids act like this. It was considered good clean fun .....if you didn't drown. But I suppose you quickly got sober.

In my former career I have been witness during and after the fact where bouncers have beaten people senseless and the cops turned a blind eye to it. In at least two occasions I knew that people were killed from those beatings.

Does anyone know what the situation is at the Publix House? The very idea they would have more than one bouncer leads me to believe that riotous behavior is the norm.

This, in no way is a criticism of Andrew Reister. From all I have heard about him is that he was a pretty decent guy that was respected by his friends and family, and even the inmates at Riverhead Correctional. It is a damned tragedy for this to have happened to him and his family.

The poster that said that Oddone has a record for violence appears to be slanderous. Does that poster know this for a fact?

What I do know from a very informed source is that Oddone was a good kid that never got into any trouble. Unitil proven otherwise, I will go with my source.

Who is your source, the SCPD or DA looking to infect a jury with false rumors? That is a standard practice of theirs. Vilify a defendant so that others will turn their backs on them.

Why did the Southampton cop put in the booking report that Oddone was 'intoxicated', and then say on the stand in sworn testimony that he was mistaken? I'll tell you why - is was told to say that by either the SCPD detectives, the DA, or both. They had already decided to crucify this guy by making him sober, and therefore, in charge of his faculties. Why do that if you are interested in justice? It is what it is. The guy was on the table dancing. What do you suppose got this allegedly decent young man to jump up on a table and make a fool of himself? They are doing this solely for political purposes to satisfy the 'angry mob.'. It just wasn't good enough to go with what they had, no they had to distort the truth.

Why didn't Oddone stay and wait for the police? He was probably scared out of his wits that he would receive like treatment from the other bouncers. Who knows what he was thinking; he just wanted to get the hell out of there.

Whatever Anthony Oddone deserves he should get - nothing more, nothing less. In Suffolk County, I have very litte faith that justice will be done no matter how the verdict comes in. " Dec 7, 09 9:31 PM

I have said before that I have no faith in the entire Suffolk County Criminal Justice System, including the majority of the judges. In fairness to Judge Hinrichs, I can't honestly say he should be lumped in with my general opinions of the judges in Suffolk County.

Judge Hinrichs is up for re-election in 2011, which is not that long enough time to recover from the wrath of the DA and the petty politicians that may make it difficult for him to be re-nominated for the 2011 election.

Even if the judge plays it according to Hoyle and Oddone is acquitted or is convicted of a much lesser charge, the Judge will be lobbied to give Oddone the maximum allowed by law. The probaton department will see to it that Oddone will not receive a fair pre-sentencing report. This is what these people do - they intimidate those from doing their jobs properly to satisfy their insatiable thurst for blood.

What I did like about Judge Hinrichs is that he took the time to quiz all the jurors in his chambers for more than 2 hours to determine if the jury had been tainted. So far, so good. We will have to assume the judge has been doing his job properly.

Judge Hinrichs was a long time member of the District Attorney's Office. He became a judge in 2001, or before Spota assumed office in 2002.

Serita Kedia is no pushover. She is beholden to no one other than her client. My information is that Ms. Kedia has already preferred charges against another Suffolk judge in another case she tried, and won - no sour grapes. Not that much will come of it, I guess, because the Commission on Judicial Conduct is just as corrupt, if not more corrupt than Suffolk County. My guess is the CJC are gnashing their teeth over this one." Dec 7, 09 10:02 PM

Thanx for the reply to my question about Oddone's record. That is all I asked. " Dec 8, 09 8:34 AM

Thanks for the info. My issues are still with the district attorney and the scpd. If Oddone is guilty, so be it. If he is less than guilty, or even innocent, so be it. But in my very honest opinion he did not get a fair trial knowing what I know of those bastards. " Dec 8, 09 6:16 PM

Geez, now I read that maybe Oddone didn't choke Andrew Reister? That there is conflict amongst the spectators? I am still trying to figure out how a man could be turning blue in front of 30 spectators and not ONE of them did what he would take to get Oddone to stop. I find that very hard to believe. I'll tell you one thing that if I was there and I saw the victim turning blue and going limp I would have stopped Oddone - one way or another.

I those dirty 30 didn't believe Andrew Reister was dying then how could Oddone know? " Dec 8, 09 9:13 PM

I, too, thank the jury for taking their oath of office seriously - at least I hope so. It is diffiuclt for me to imagine how a person would agree to sit on a jury and come in with a pre-conceived notion of guilt. Truth of the matter is that no matter what the law says and no matter what the judge tells the jurors, the man sitting in the defendant's chair is presumed guilty. It is nothing more than a myth perpetuated by the criminal justice system.

It is also a myth that when a defendant does not take the stand in their own defense that it doesn't weigh on the jury when they deliberate.

My personal opinion of the case is that Oddone is probably 'guilty' of something, but not nearly what the prosecution suggests to the jury.

I am also of the opinion that the district attorney was persuaded by political forces to go for the limit on the case. Not that Tom Spota needs such urging from outside forces as he will do it very well on his own." Dec 9, 09 12:42 PM

Pushing someone off of a table is not ASSAULT? Tell you what - let's meet somewhere and allow me to push you off of a table and tell me it isn't an assault. If it doesn't convince you the first time we can do it over and over again until you have a better understanding." Dec 9, 09 4:51 PM

Gals are allowed to dance on tables, but not men? Oh, please.

The only problem I have with this case is that Spota is trying it. You can't expect that Oddone would get a fair and unbiased trial. For all I know Oddone could be a serial killer. If Spota tried bin Laden I would question the charges.

That witch that is trying Oddone used to fly into the courtroom on her broom to look in on her husbands frame job trial.

The husband and the wife probably hang by their claws upside down on trees each night.

In the case I was involved with, Merrifield's husband filed a motion to gag the defense attorney from speaking out of school about him to others. Most incredible document I have ever read,

It seems as though the defense attorney's law firm represented Merrifields first husbad in a custody suit for the children that were living with her. It went to family court. You can check for the results yourself as to where the child wound up......then ask yourself how come?

The first husband then had letters sent to the IRS and Town he lived in that he an illegal tenant in his home and not reporting the income.

He was trying to put food on the table for his kid, and somebody was trying to make that as difficult as possible.

Don't tell me about the DA and this prosecutor. They are low life parasites getting their rocks off by persecuting people and ruining their lives." Dec 9, 09 6:27 PM

Now this is what I call reporting. We just don't see much of that anymore. I went through an ordeal with a relative in another trial. I developed a relationship with some reporters at Newsday. I begged them to come to the trial and cover it.

When I suspected there was going to be something very shocking I called and begged them to come. I had to guess because Ms.Merrifield's husband refused to pay any courtesy to the defense counsel by telling us who the next witness would be. As advertised, I was always on the mark as the prosecution witnesses got caught in lie after lie after lie. The lies were so horrible that when I write the word I feel there must be a better word to describe what I had seen and heard in that courtroom. It was a disgrace.

I begged the Press to show up. What I wouldn't have done to have you guys covering the story from beginning to end.

The sad thing about all of ths is that I believe Newsday folks believe most of what I have told them. But they won't write it. Newsday just doesn't do 'investigative reporting' anymore. So you fellows at 27 keep up the good work because you are the last hope for the people to be protected from the likes of the Tom Spota's and his henchmen.

Trust me when I tell you that I have a story. I mean a big story if only someone had the courage to write it. It speaks for itself.

That is why I have no faith in the jury system, the courts, the DA, or the police in providing the truth.

The jury system is a myth to satisfy the public. They are oftern told that while it may not be perfect it is the best system around. Garbage.

The selection of jurors is meant to find 12 honest and true men and woman without any bias. Nonsense. Both sides of the courtroom try to find jurors that will see it their way. Evvidence from both sides is kept from the jury. More so on the side for the prosecutions, more so in Suffolk County.

Jurors that get picked in criminal trials, IMO, are those that have an agenda already set in their minds. Why else would any sane man take on the responseability of sending a man to jail for the rest of their lives.

Often it comes down to which attorney the jury likes. God help the innocent man that picks the lawyer they don't like for some reasons only known to them.

"Reasonable Doubt" You send someone off to jail for a lifetime you better be sure beyond any doubt. Some defendants get sent to their death.

By last count their have been more than 210 persons exonerated after DNA has become an investigative technique. Most of those crimes were for murder cases. It is a proven fact that in more than 25% of those cases the defendant gave the police a 'confession". How the hell did that happen?" Dec 9, 09 10:41 PM

Westhampton Beach has nearly burned through its budget for labor attorney fees

It is more than 100 cops a year that NYS loses. A more accurate picture of just how bad it is should be how many NYPD cops take the test for those other police departments.

Binding Arbitration is a farce perpetrated on the public. NYC cops get skunked all the time because the politicians want it that way. In the other better paid police departments the arbitarators award generous raises because the political establishment wants it that way and then blames in on the arbitrators. " Dec 9, 09 10:47 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

I don't understand how this has become an issue of deadly physical force? There is evidence that force of some type was used and that force may have contributed to Reister's death. Oddone didn't stab Andrew, shoot him, or bashed him over the head with a chair. What he seems to have been doing was to restrain Andrew.

Who knows what really happened. When SCPD and the SCDA get involved and there is a poltical component involved, then all bets are off." Dec 10, 09 7:37 AM

At the very start of this case I was told by a very, very, well informed person that what the cops are doing in this case is an outrage. People are being intimidated. People are disappearing. We both knew what he was talking about.

You didn't have to convince me of what they are capable of doing - I know all too well. " Dec 10, 09 9:08 PM

Oh, my gosh, how much time do you have? LOL.

Many folks that look in on this stuff don't like 'novels'. They have a point. The idea in getting attentiion is to bang, bang, bang, by making spectacular accusations. You are then confronted with the readers asking for details.

My source was in a position to know. There was a reason why he told me this. It no longer has any bearing on the situation now.

I just read that ADA John Collins joined in the plot. It was Collins that 'successfuly' prosecuted Marty Tankleff to a conviction.

It was Collins that had a round of golf with one of the jurors, Frank Spindel, or the juror that was said to have been improperly influencing other jurors and sending signals back to Collins.

ha, ha, I believe the same Frank Spindel was arrested by Spota's office this past year for mortgage fraud. It was a probably a slip up. No, you can't make this stuff up.

You see, they lie so much and are so conflicted it is hard for them to avoid all of those land mines of lies, deceit and corruption they have been planting in Suffolk County over the years." Dec 11, 09 8:06 AM

PUBLIUS: The 1989 SIC Report should be required reading for all potential jurors in Suffolk County. In the Tankleff trial, Tisch refused to have it offered into evidence. Many of the same players then are some of the same players today.

What is very difficult to understand is these people operate on the premise they have to lie when they don't have to." Dec 11, 09 9:23 AM


I spoke with a former SCPD cop that knows a common friend of mine from out West. We spoke because my friend said it could be interesting. The cop told me that he had certain information about a case that he brought the suspect in to the detectives. They told him to forget he ever heard it. In that case they wanted to make the suspect very drunk. In the Oddone case, they want to make Oddone sober. Whatever works best for them.

That cop refused to 'be a team player' as he was urged to do. His career remained stagnet for the remainder of the years he served. After making hundreds and hundreds of arrests prior to this incident, he never appeared in court to testify for the several years he remained and made arrests.

Hey, I spoke to the guy myself, and I know who he is." Dec 11, 09 9:29 AM

I should add that Suffolk Conservative Party leader, Ed Walsh is also a Suffolk Correction Officer. Walsh has helped many pols get cross endorsements when they run for election. Spota, being the most recent. Of course the judges will lke to get the same benefits.

The trial is a joke in that it is being tried in Suffolk County." Dec 11, 09 9:45 AM


In all fairness to Judge Hinrichs as he appears to be giving the defendant a fair trial. BUT for a Suffolk County judge to call a mistrial in a celebrated case may be even too much for a true honorable member of the profession to do.


In the trial that I have been referring to as my horrible experience with the Suffolk (In)Justice system:

There came a time when th prosecutor ( Merrifield's husband) is badgering the defense witness into making an utterance of the defendant allegedly dodging a random drug test. Truth is that the defendant did no such thing. But the persecutor wanted to start another fire in the minds of they jury.

After several defense objections and after pre-trial hearings with the judge rendered a decision ( yes, we won one or two for appearances sake) that the Persecution was forbidden to venture into the topic, the judge called a sidebar and told the Persecutor:

Judge: (Merrifield's husband) I know where you are going with this and if you do so I am going to call a mistrial.

Merrifield's Husband: I understand your instructions, Judge, and I am going to do so anyway.

At this time defense counsel asks the judge for permission to speak to his witness so that he doesn't fall into the trap the Persecution is setting for him. I mean even the judge saw that and that is why he called the warning. Motion DENIED.

The Perseuction did just what he said he would do in less than 2 minutes.

The Judge, the fine fellow that he is gave a 'curative instruction' to the jury. Yada, yads, yada, and he never bothered to look at the jury or ask each one if they could now render and honest verdict. I WAS THERE. some of them didn't offer so much as a nod. Judge Hinricehs, when confronted with a serious situation of jury questions brought each of the jurors into chambers and quizzed them for 2 hours.

Not only did the JUDGE in our case NOT call a mistrial, as he said he would, but that passage I quoted above was recorded in the daily sheets given to the defense after it was paid for to the court stenographer. The official transcript sent to the Appellate Court (this matter wasn't even being appealed) that passage was deleted.

Obviously, the Judge in this case never read Sec 28 of the NYS Judiciary Rules.

I hope Judge Hinrichs is an honest judge and not running scared because he has a tiger in his courtroom known as Serita Kedia.

I mean the first questionable strike against the judge is that he was assigned to this case. Please don't tell me it is by a random selection. Not this case. If it was I assure you it was random for reasons that are not covered in the rulebook." Dec 11, 09 10:04 AM

If Mr.Oddone is guilty I assure you I do not want to see him acquitted. I don't really know if he is guilty or innocent, or somewhere in between. What I DO know is that for a certainty is that there are criminals present at this trial and most of them are sitting across the way from the defense table.

I would like to see justice done. I just can't feel comfortable that it will happen in Suffolk County." Dec 11, 09 10:55 AM

MaryB123 – You sure seem to know a lot about a lot of things. I have more than 40 years in the investigative business. My experiences with SCPD go way back more than 30 years ago.

If you read most of the posts carefully you might come to the conclusion that most of those you criticize really only have a lean towards a lesser charge than Oddone is being prosecuted for. They seem to have more problems with the prosecution over-charging than anything else.

I think that very few are supporting the notion that Oddone is entirely innocent. Very few have harsh words for Andrew Reister. Most folks appear to have a great deal of sympathy for the Reister family. I know I do.

In one of your posts you mentioned that Ms.Kedia attempted to show that Oddone was not drunk. Read the case over again and you will find that she disputes the Southampton officer’s testimony that Oddone was NOT intoxicated, or after he wrote on the booking report that he appeared intoxicated. Why do you think that happened? Do you really believe the cop made the ‘mistake’ at the booking process? One thing we do know is that Oddone was in a bar and he was on top of a table dancing. I guess one can easily do such things when in a sober condition. The point of the exercise by the prosecution was to make him more culpable in that he was in complete control of his senses. Not that it is going to make much difference in the deliberations of the jury in assessing blame on Oddone.

What does my case and Tankleff’s case have anything to do with this case? It has everything to do with it. The prosecution has resorted to such tactics before the Tankleff Case, and years later in the case I speak of. That makes them very confident that they can repeat their transgressions of unlawful behavior with no fear of consequences. It shows a consistent pattern of that behavior.
" Dec 11, 09 9:48 PM


In the Tankeff Case the detective supervisor, Det/Sgt Robert Doyle is now being sued by Tankleff for wrongful imprisonment when the lies were manufactured by his team to convict Tankleff of murdering his parents. But I suppose you are of a mind that Tankleff is guilty.

Fourteen years later Sgt.Doyle’s detectives would have a criminal testify that my defendant participated in the armed robbery of the Strathmore Bagel Company on 7/25/00. The informant made that statement several times. It had been memorialized by the informant to detectives in a written and signed statement by Spota’s detectives, under the supervision of Det.Doyle that the defendant was not only at the scene, but he went back to the informant’s home later where all the participants talked about the botched robbery of the Strathmore. It is the same Strathmore that Tankleff’s father owned with Jerry Steuerman. That was proven to be a lie at the trial when the defense offered a letter and a printout from Homeland Security that the defendant had not returned from Europe until 7/27/00. Despite this irrefutable proof of that letter and printout, Ms.Merrifield’s husband refused to allow that into evidence because the federal government refused to allow one of their agents to come to trial to authenticate the reports. They just don’t do it and it doesn’t matter if the government receives a judicial subpoena. In addition to that piece of evidence the prosecution refused to allow in credit card receipts that the defendant was in Europe spending money and withdrawing money from his Citibank debit card. That did get in because the prosecution brought in a Citibank employee to authenticate the meaningless bank statements of the defendant. At that time the defense had the same Citibank employee authenticate the credit card records. No, my friend, justice is not the goal of the prosecution.
" Dec 11, 09 10:11 PM

The reason why the informant came to the attention of the police, and then, the district attorney is that the police had their own informant was giving the detectives information of serious crimes of the informant that testified at the trial. The police informant was brought to the district attorney’s office on 9/03/03, and three weeks to the day the informant was found murdered in Ronkonkoma with a single shot to the head. Three weeks after the police informant gave information to the police and then to the district attorney’s office and signing a cooperation agreement, he was let go to continue his ways, unsupervised and without any protection that he got murdered.

Is it also a coincidence that the informant in the case I am concerned with just happened to be the neighbor of Spota’s Chief Investigator/SCPD Police Inspector from 1998 to April, 2002, and when brought to the DA office he was murdered for providing information against the Chief Investigator’s neighbor, and was allowed to go scot-free for his ‘truthful testimony’ in that case so that he could resume his life of crime in Florida?

Maybe I wasn’t able to prove this wretched excuse for a human being committed wide-spread mortgage/bank fraud, distributing illegal steroids, and being involved in coercion and theft of a civilian, followed by death threats, but I can tell you I personally wiped him out of the mortgage/bank fraud business, and got his victim a hands off from this beast that the DA used in the prosecution of the case I am concerned with. Florida Probation was so advised and they cancelled their reciprocal agreement with Suffolk County to administer their probation. They sent his sorry ass back to Suffolk.

Would you, if you were a juror, blindly take the word of a convicted felon that you heard lie, not once, but several times, or would you believe the factual and irrefutable evidence of the police department’s and other monitoring agencies that what the informant said just couldn’t be true?

Yes, my friend, this has EVERYTHING to do with the Oddone Case. It demonstrates the arrogance of the some of the police and the district attorney to put forth cases with lies and subornation of perjury because they know there will be no one that will hold them responsible for their crimes.
" Dec 11, 09 10:11 PM

As I have said before - MY situation and the cases of the many before and since have EVERYTHING to do with THIS case of Oddone/Reister. It goes to the heart of systemic corruption in Suffolk County.

In 1989, SIC Comm., now federal judge David Trager said that unless the criminal justice system is fixed in Suffolk County the entire criminal JS will be infected. Take those words to the bank.

Those 'false' charges mentioned with the semantics of the word can be considered FALSE if the prosecution knows there is no case for murder and proceeded with them anyway. That which isn't true is false." Dec 12, 09 9:50 AM

Yes, MaryB, the AX I have to grind can be seen in Paul Bunyon's hands. The 'tree' is down and there is not much I can do to change that. But I can do my part to expose the true criminals in Suffolk County for what they have done and will do if they aren't stopped.

It is refreshing to know that Anthony Oddone had the good sense to hire on Ms.Kedia. It is refreshing to know that Ms.Kedia will NOT be intimidated by the corruption in Suffolk County. I applaud her committment to justice for taking this case. She is like a Missionary of the law that has ventured into and uncharted land to help the needy. This 'land' is known as the The Wild, Wild East and the WW West. Take your pick.

Stay tuned - there is another doozie heating up as we speak. It is not a murder case, and it certianly won't get the coverage this case has received. But the combatants are in the same league as this case.

You did notice that Herr Spota let the Tankleff case disappear as it was predicted by Bruce Barket at a Tankleff support meeting." Dec 12, 09 10:24 AM

Can I assume you don't read much about the Oddone case either? You seem to have a strong opinion about my 'whiney crap' that you don't read.

I believe the vast majority on the Board want justice for all concerned.

My comments about my case are only made to show the readers that the Suffolk DA, and some of the detectives have no credibility, or enough for a jury to take their word and send a person to jail." Dec 12, 09 1:23 PM

The last line of the Pledge of Allegiance: " ....And justice for ALL " not just the Reister family.

It means Justice for:

Andrew Reister
His family
Anthony Oddone
His family.
The entire community.

If that means Oddone is convicted of 2nd Degree Murder, then so be it. If it means he is acquitted, then so be it.

All that one is looking for is justice. And that is a commodity sorely in short supply in Suffolk County." Dec 12, 09 2:29 PM


Maybe MaryB should read the attached story before engaging mouth with her biased opinions.

Those 'whiny' posts I have made that seem to trouble you were entered to give the readers that care to learn something another perspective of what goes on behind the scenes in a Suffolk County 'criminal investigatioin'.

I added the above story because I recently was engaged in another Suffolk PD and DA fiasco of charging a man of a crime the SCPD and the DA knew, or shouold have known - assuming they have an IQ of higher than 50, that the person they charged didn't do the crime.

The witness/complainant, before entering the grand jury to testify told the detective that what she charged wasn't true. The detective told her that unless she repeated what she told him that she would be arrested for perjury.

All the police and the DA had to do was to look at the evidence and at least ask the complainant's teenaged friends what happened and what she told them after the alleged rape. But that would create problems for their case. Why look for the truth when a lie would serve better to get on the sheet with a bad arrest. Hey, what is the big deal - the victim in this case, the accused was only facing 20 years.

The case was dropped, but not before Spota rolled out one of his old cronies and now a DA Investigator to take a last one shot at her. He is the same DA investigator that is the subject of a federal civil rights violation of another innocent man that the DA wanted to tell him what they wanted to hear. The DA Investigators went there even though they were told by the subject's attorney NOT to speak to his client. They went there and told him to fire his attorney and hire one 'that works well with us" The problem is that some of those conversations were taped........Sorry, Charlie, StarKist doesn't want you. But, of course, the Investigators were only doing this "in the interests" of that person, and SPOTA and his staff didn't authorize it or know about it.


Does this mean that Anthony Oddone is innocent? Of course it doesn't. He appears to me to be not guilty of murder 2. But that is my opinion.

I just offer the above 'whiny' remarks to make others aware that maybe they should question the integrity of the DA and some of the SCPD detectives. There is enough there to make a case for that.

If ONLY one person reads my posts and one day they are on a jury for a criminal case in Suffolk County, and remember what I have written that makes them wonder that something doesn't seem right with this case - it would be well worth my long and continued efforts.

Trust me, Mary B, Spota and his Henchmen know exactly who I am and why I am posting." Dec 13, 09 9:13 AM


" Dec 13, 09 5:49 PM

The general rule of thumb in cases such as this one is that the winner goes to jail and the loser goes to the hospital. It doesn't matter if the loser started it. That is not to suggest Andrew Reister started it. What I am saying is that the cops and DA just don't care. The fact that Andrew was a correction officer and the Suffolk Conservative Party leader is also a correction officer, then it is a no brainer - Oddone goes for it and he goes for as much as the DA and cops can get away with. That is not to say that Oddone doesn't bear full blame for this tragedy. What I am saying is it doesn't matter if he does or not. He will be prosecuted to the limit and the truth is irrelevant." Dec 14, 09 12:02 AM

In this particular case it is really ALL about politics. Doesn't matter if Oddone is stone cold guilty or innocent. POLITICS rules the day." Dec 14, 09 9:48 AM

Is there anywhere in any of my postings that I put the blame on Andrew Reister? Is there anything that you see that I have formed a conclusive opinion as to the guilt or innocence of Oddone?

Have you read anything about my criticizing Andrew Reister for whatever actions he took that night? Have I said that Oddone dancing on the table did not contribute to the death of Andrew?

You are assuming things still in dispute:

Andrew 'humbly' asked him to get off the table.
Oddone 'snaps in a violent drunen rage'.
Oddone places Andrew 'in a choke hold for more than 2 minutes."
"Patron kills bouncer and flees the scene." He took a cab and I assume gave the driver his address.

Have I ever said that Oddone bears no blame for this tragedy?

How is this a murder?

My only concern is that the district attorney is not to be trusted to see that justice is done. Recently, a woman stabs her boyfriend in the leg and causes his death and she was only charged with Manslaughter?

The original arresting officer remarks on the booking slip that Oddone appeared to be intoxicated. At trial, the same officer said he was mistaken. It is a classic practice of the district attorney when politics and not the facts are the reason for the prosecution.

30 so called witnesses tell you that it was obvious that Andrew's life was in peril and not ONE of them, or the 30 of them had the ability to loosen the grip of Oddone. Please, tell me another one.

If you have ever seen someone die it is unmistakable that the person is dying if the air is being witheld from that person. They start red, then blue, their eyes begin to bulge and then they go limp.

" Dec 14, 09 2:46 PM

At least this jury seems to have taken their oath seriously and did give great thought to the evidence presented. I thought it was a bit less than a manslaughter. " Dec 14, 09 5:48 PM

Shamrock, how did this woman get on the jury? It had been mentioned by the judge that her going to work for SCPD was known during the jury selection process. Do you know any more of that?" Dec 15, 09 9:47 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

JUROR#2 - assuming you are who you say you are - All that you have done by posting on this blog board is that juries, especially Suffolk jurors are effing screwballs. That opinion is not come about because of the guilty verdict by the jury - it is what it is.

A Suffolk County employee that is expected to join the ranks of the SCPD, getting their full salary ( make sure you turn in the juror stipend to the County) and you seem to consider yourself a champion of justice.

Are you now going to join the prosecution team in a post convicttion celebration?

Yeah, I am sure you NEVER opened up the computer to look at the case. Yeah, sure.

If I were you I would take my computer and burn it, smash it to pieces, and then bring it to the Brooklyn Bridge and throw it in the East River." Dec 15, 09 10:24 AM

Dear Juror #2: You may well be charged with a charge of attempted reckless endangerment. The story is that while Ms.Merrifield was flying into work this morning her Blackberry beeped advising her she had a message. She opened up this website and her broom went into a tailspin and she crashed. However, it is your good fortune that the likes of the Merrifields cannot be killed in ordinary means - they need to be shot with a silver bullet or have a wooden spike thrust into the heart. That is why your crime is an 'attempted reck end.)" Dec 15, 09 10:54 AM

"INFLUENCE JURORS" ? Jurors are not supposed to read anything regarding the case?

It's a shame that while Juror #2 was gazing over at Mrs.Reister that she didn't pick up on her sense of dignity and compassion. Juror#2 could have learned something from watching Mrs.Reister - a first class lady and real human being." Dec 15, 09 12:32 PM

There was another case in Suffolk where 3 police officers came into the courtroom simply to see if justice was being done. 16 morons noticed their presence as you say you noticed the presence of the man behind Mrs.Reister.

In the case I am referring to the police witness that was testifying noticed those 3 cops in the audience as well. He knew they knew he was lying. He was a superior officer, a LT, and he chased them out into the hallway and reamed them out. Before the sun set those same three police officers that came into that courtroom with no agenda other than witnessing a portion of the trial were ordered to write letters of explanation to the police commissioner as to why they went to the courtroom. They were terrified into silence of not telling their fellow police officers what they saw and heard in a Suffolk County courtroom and the testimony of a very evil man brought to trial by the husband of the wonderful Ms.Merrifield. And she was there rooting the liars on.

Shove it where the sun don't shine Juror #2. It doesn't matter if you came back with a not guilty. None of you, or most of you are unqualified to stand in judgment of another human being." Dec 15, 09 12:42 PM

OUTSTANDING POST PBR. Juror number 2 is full of it. I think that this is not the end of it. I will bet you a good steak dinner that one day we will find that Juror#2 has been posting under another name on this board while the trial was going on.

For the most part most of the bloggers are looking for answers. None blame Reister or Oddone - they just know that something went terribly wrong.

If Andrew had not been a C.O., I doubt the case would have ever gotten this far. " Dec 15, 09 6:30 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Simply judging from Juror #2's own words I have to believe her mind was made up even before the trial began.

Looking over at Mrs.Reister so you 'could keep your eye on the ball' ? By that do you mean to convict Oddone?

Thanks for proving what I have been saying for a long time now: Suffolk juries are just plain dumb and kool aid drinkers. That is NOT to say I believe the vote was correct or wrong. I am saying is that he never got a fair trial because of the likes of people like you." Dec 16, 09 9:49 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

PBR, did you like the post by #2 telling us how the prosecution told them after the verdict how bad Oddone really was? Wow, I guess they needed assurances they did the right thing so they could sleep at night.

There is a well known lawyer that is charging the confession taken from his client is false. It is from a very well known recent case. This same attorney, while a prosecutor years ago assured a jury that they did the right thing because the defendants involved in the case are strutting around acting like the fools they really were - but were they killers?

Maybe Ms.Merrifield should have told the jury of her and her husband's exploits with the court system. Maybe she should have told you that her husband, in a trial had another ADA enter a gag order motion against the opposing attorney because her husband believed the lawyer was telling some nasty things about them.

Give it a rest Juror#2 - You helped get the guy convicted and there is no need to continue throwing dirt on the grave." Dec 16, 09 10:16 AM

I think it was said in a Juror#2 post that the 30 witnesses were 'shocked' into inactiion. good thing their memories weren't so affected." Dec 16, 09 11:03 AM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

I was just wondering if Juror 2 believes it is the duty of a jury to hear the evidence and come to a verdict is a dispassionate manner. Why would any juror find it necessary to look at the family to 'keep their eye on the ball?"

I wonder if you thought having correction officers in uniform present in the courtroom until Ms.Kedia had them removed from coming in uniform was proper?

I wonder how you feel if the prosecution resorted to intimidation and implied threats when they saw spectators in the audience that would know that the prosecution was lying to have them not return to the courtroom and learn for themselves how the administration of justice is conducted in Suffolk County.

Sorry, #2 it may well be that Mr.Oddone was even guilty of murder (I don't think so) but what is the prosecution hiding by having observors that know the facts being removed from the courtroom.

" Dec 16, 09 4:40 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

WOW, Oddone violated his probation by driving without a license. That’s a biggie not to go unnoticed.

Let me give you a few examples on how the Suffolk DA works when it suits their agenda.

There was this fellow named Chris Minnuzi that went to jail for one year after he pled out to a steroid violation. Some of the cases related to his prison term were still not resolved as two of the 14 arrested went to trial and refused to plead out. Mr.Spota didn’t want any of those 14 to go to trial because it would have uncovered a big scandal in his own office if the judge couldn’t control the cases.

Judge Robert Doyle would be pressed into action to try what were now 2 misdemeanors in one case and 3 misdemeanors in the other case. Two Spota Bureau Chiefs: Helig and Scleppi (sic) would jointly try both of these serious cases.

In one of those cases, Mr.Minuzzi was issued a subpoena to testify against the Spota victim. He received that piece of paper late in the week before the Monday of the trial. Uh, oh, it is against the rules of parole not to inform your probation officer that you have an interaction with law enforcement.

Mr.Minnuzi received a phone call from his parole officer on the Sunday night before the trial. He was told he was in violation and would probably be on the next bus back to prison. He was told to report to the DA office at 8:00AM to discuss his situation. He was told that if he didn’t want to go back to prison he should ‘do the right thing for the DA – you know what he wants.” He, then went on the stand and lied. I know he lied because he called the defendant and his attorney after the conviction and apologized for his lies – he was terrified of going back to jail. Now that his parole is over, Minuzzi did provide the now convicted defendant with an affidavit of what I reported above.

The defendant and his attorney, after receiving the call went back into Judge Doyle’s courtroom and informed him of that conversation. Oh, well, it doesn’t matter anymore.
" Dec 16, 09 5:45 PM


Let me apologize to MaryB 123 for my ‘selfish’ behavior by reporting on the past transgressions of DA Spota, and Ms.Merrified’s husband ADA Peter Timmons.

MaryB thinks I am being selfish when I attempt to create an accurate portrait of The Suffolk DA office and how it makes that office unworthy to even prosecute a case of jay-walking.

May, 2004 – Two detectives from Spota’s office will place themselves near the home of Jake A. Feinberg. Mr. Feinberg, then in his late 20’s had already compiled an impressive record of criminal activity. Those arrests and conviction placed Mr. Feinberg on probation for crimes relating to the drug laws of NYS. The plan was to catch Mr. Feinberg in some violation of some laws, and therefore, violation of his probation.

Mr. Feinberg was caught driving with a suspended license, driving while under the influence of drugs, and for having drugs and drug paraphernalia in his possession. His probation was not violated because Spota needed him to flesh out a series of lies against a man he knew to be innocent.

June, 2004 – Mr. Feinberg signs an agreement to cooperate. One of the requirements of that agreement is that he is NOT to get in trouble. He can’t even be arrested. A conviction will not be required to make the agreement null and void.

July, 2004 – Mr. Feinberg is arrested outside of the Mid-Town Tunnel for driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence and for possessing drugs and paraphernalia. HE WILL NOT BE VIOLATED.

January, 2006 – Feinberg would complete his unholy agreement with the Un-Holy District Attorney, and his assistant, Mr. Peter Timmons Merrifield, by lying at trial against a man they DA knew was innocent.

Mr.Feinberg admitted at trial that he was a Ketamine and Vicodin abuser, among other drugs. Ketamine is a cat tranquilizer that is potent when used in the volume that Feinberg was known to inject into his body. It also destroys the ability to comprehend and is a cause for delusional behavior.

He lied and I can prove it to anyone other than a brain dead Suffolk Jury.

The innocent man was convicted and is now in jail.

Feinberg was allowed to continue on his probation until his untimely death early this year at the ripe old age of 31. The last I heard the cause of death was not determined by the Suffolk County M.E. What do you think he died of?

The point is that Feinberg was allowed to continue on probation from the time he was caught violating the law in May of 2004 and to the time of his death earlier this year. And all that time Mr. Feinberg reported to his probation officer for crimes related to drug abuse and possession, he must have been ‘clean’ of such drugs because if he was so infected he would have been violated, and who knows if he would still be alive by not having drugs in his body.

Yeah, Mr.Oddones ‘violation’ of his parole is certainly worth mentioning when speaking to his allegedly past criminal behavior.

Almost forgot. Joseph Careccia, the other liar created by Mr. Timmons Merrifield was placed on probation for his cooperation in this same case. Not to inconvenience Mr.Careccia, he was allowed to do his 5 year probation for pleading out to 38 violent felonies, and went back to Boca Raton, where he fled after an assassination attempt on his life in St.James, NY, on 4/28/02.

Careccia, well, he needed money – lots of money. He would give up a life of armed robbery, burglary, drug dealing, arson, extortion, and grand larceny, and go ‘straight’ by opening up 2 mortgage businesses known as: Washington Funding Group and Globe Mortgage Network. He would complement those mortgage companies by opening up Globe Realty, Globe Title Services, and Globe Credit Solutions. For some extra money he would associate himself with an illegal steroid operation known as www.infinitylongevity.com/ America is a great country, even a committed thief and high school drop-out can make it big – as Careccia did with his very lucrative Mortgage, and other related businesses.

Spota would be advised of my suspicions in a letter I wrote to County Judge James Hudson detailing the names of the companies and at least 6 suspect transactions. Those purchases that came as the result of Careccia’s companies are now in foreclosure, or as I predicted they would when I wrote that letter more than 2 years ago. We can only guess how much more Careccia was allowed to steal before my postings on the Internet caught up with him and Palm Beach Probation sent his butt back to Suffolk County.

He wasn’t violated, he just had to re-locate. Next stop could be North Carolina, or Arizona. I have already advised Sheriff Arpao to measure up some pink underwear for Joseph, if and when he arrives in Maricopa County, Arizona.


Sure, why not. Arizona just sent another 'criminal' home after he did 28 years. Donald Eugene Gates, MB 58 years. I think his release had something to do with DNA. What is that now 220 falsely convicted?

What is that : 220 trials X 12 jurors = 2620 jurors that found them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Ooops.

Conspiracy theory? Nice way to discredit that which you refuse to agree with - the corruption in the criminal justice system.

I just gave you hard cold and proven facts about how the Suffolk DA and some of the SCPD do their business. And you try to make me out to a conspiracy nut.

Conspire? These guys don't need to conspire, it comes natural to them.

" Dec 16, 09 8:49 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Oddone turns around and mouths the words to Mrs.Reister: "I'm sorry." Mrs. Reister mouths the words: "You should be." Some try to infer something - whatever, about this. And you say I am the conspiracy theorist." Dec 17, 09 7:47 AM

In the case I am referring to - three off duty police officers came into the court to 'see for themselves' if their former co-worker was guilty of the crimes charged. One spoke for all when he said, "We hope he didn't do this; we came to see for ourselves,"

these officers had previously been poisoned with propaganda that their friend was guilty. The liars would say they had video tapes of their friend committing the crimes. They had him on wiretaps, and they could prove he stole a police radio to assist in the burglaries. This is standard operating procedure by the SCPD and DA. Poison the well so that those that are thinking about showing support will walk away from it.

They come into court on the day I couldn't have planned for if I wanted it. They heard their former supervisor lie, lie, lie, lie and lie some more. Those three cops went in 50-50 for guilt or innocence, and they walked out with their mouths wide open. They knew the police witness lied and told some incredible lies that only a Kool-Aid drinking jury could swallow - a jury bent on conviction.

Those offjcers were followed out into the hallway by the lying police witness and had their butts reamed out. That was soon followed by PC Dormer ordering each of them to write him a letter of explanation as to why they went to court that day. What do you think that was all about? KEEP your mouths shut as to what you saw and heard - otherwise, there will be consequences.

The best part is that Dormer called the PBA for permission to commit this improper act - and they gave it to him. Put a chip in the bank to cash in when one of the PBA friends needs a solid. Now the PBA is calling their own Police Commissioner an A-Hole.

Keep your EYES on the ball . A lot of spit balls, spitters, scewballs are being thrown your way and the catcher is throwing dirt in the eyes of the batter.

That POS Merriman was in court each day cheering on her husband. Ask her if she turned her back on someone when they were being assaulted and abused. Ask her why Mr.Merrifield found the need to file a motion to have defense counsel not talk about him in the courthouse.

" Dec 17, 09 9:30 AM

Any poster that would put the picture of President Obama on a website and title it : DOPE is nothing but a dope themselves.

I didn't vote for Obama, nor would I vote for him if there was a credible opponent. that would run against him. Call him anything you like, but one thing I do know Obama is not a DOPE.

It shows where your head is/was on the Oddone case - up your A--" Dec 17, 09 2:13 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

If you have read other postings of other trials that took place in Suffolk County you would have noted that there is an abundance of people that are obsessed with the 'joy' of a prisoner getting raped. They often like to describe the raper as "Bubba". They seem to be obsessed with oral and anal rape." Dec 17, 09 2:21 PM

It will be VERY interesting when Mr.Wright updates his interviews with the jurors if any of them said they would have liked to hear Oddone testify? I am sure that most of them were of such a mind. Wouldn't it then be interesting if this would be cause for a mistrial? Let us now see how fair Judge Hinrich really is, or will it be left for an appellate court to decide?" Dec 17, 09 2:23 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case


I poated earlier that there were about 220 such exonerations. Recent update puts it at 247. 247x12 jurors = 2942 dopes voting for conviction when the real victim - the exonerated one was convicted. That is a lot of dopes.

I wonder how many of those cases Juror #2 and MaryB 123 sat on - could be the whole 247 if they traveled around the country." Dec 17, 09 3:04 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

As some of you may have deduced from my postings I have a relative that served 7 weeks in Riverhead and is now in a state prison serving time for a crime he didn't commit.

I can tell you that while he was in Riverhead he was treated with the utmost respect and decency as the system would allow. I would like to think that Andrew Reister was one of the C.O's that supervised his incarceration. No complaints here as to the treatment he received at Riverhead.

In the prison he is now incarcerated in is run by some very professional people as well. It wasn't as easy when he was far upstate. It is a different culture of people the further you get away from NYC. I would stress that there were no horrific incidents made against him.

As in all walks of life there are those that are out of control and their improper acts are covered up by the institutions that have to protect themselves from scandal. That is unfortunate, but true.

I suspect that Oddone will be sent to a prison as far away and as cold as it can get. That is a matter of routine if you are not connected and favors are being done.

Don't be quick to sell the correctional department short. Most of them are professionals and will give you little problems if you tow the line.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least that Mrs.Reister will offer a measure of compassion when it comes time for her to make an impact statement to the judge before sentencing. She just strikes me as that kind of person.

PBR - I agree with your last post. If there is any compelling evidence that the juror gave any importance to Oddone not testifying, then I believe Judge Hinrichs will ignore a motion. That will be decided, hopefully in a fair and just manner by the appellate courts." Dec 17, 09 8:16 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

Good Idea. Marty Tankleff managed to do just that and millions in uncharged pro bono work of several law firms and Soury Communications was needed to get a blind judiciary to finally see the truth." Dec 17, 09 9:38 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Remember that it was Spota who successfully resisted the defense motion for a special prosecutor to be appointed in the Tankleff 440 motion, and it was Spota that 'requested' a special prosecutor to be appointed to determine if there was enough evidence to re-try Tankleff, and to determine if anyone else could be charged for that crime.

Attorney General Cuomo was happy to oblige. It was Cuomo that couldn't resist saying 'although there was some evidence of guilt" on the part of Tankleff, he didn't recommend that Tankeff be re-charged.

Andy, always ready to do an accomodation if he thinks he can get a few votes from the Suffolk County Democats machine.

Andrew, why did you include the statement by an unnamed inmate that told you that Tankleff told him he murdered his parents. An inmate that had only met Tanleff once and after Tankleff had written more than 50,000 lettes to persons he hoped would support him?

Why didn't you include the interview of inmate CL, a longtime (12yrs) fellow inmate and Tankleff, Why did you send two of your investigators to the prison only a few weeks before you issued your garbage ridden report on the Tankleff Case. Why didn't you tell the people that CL is doing 25 years to life ( for a crime he didn't commit - courtesy of the SCPD and DA office) and that he was, at the time 7 years before he was eligible for parole consideration.

And why was CL denied requests for work assignments in the prison when it wasn't an issue in the preceding 17 year or so before, and now he was experiencing problems by being denied such employment?" Dec 17, 09 9:51 PM

JUROR 2 said she got home after the verdict was in and 'googled the hell out of the story.' What's the matter, Tammy, you didn't get enough?

Were you disappointed that your name wasn't mentioned? Maybe you should have added your High School graduation picture to round out the piece.

You really expect me to believe you were able to restrain yourself and didn't go into this Board the second you knew you were in the jury pool ?

What other names have you used on the site and other sites to give your adoring public a blow by blow on the case?

Has the district attorney rang up and suggest that you tone it down a bit. Why don't you call around and ask your fellow jurors if they received a call from the DA. Bet you a dollar that some of them were called and asked them if anyone from the defense side called them. In other words: You don't have to talk to them if you don't want to." Dec 18, 09 9:13 AM

I have to tell you that after I read Juror@2's postings I have to wonder if Oddone ever had a chance with her. It brought back of a lot of bed memories of Suffolk juries. No, I wasn't disappointed with the verdict. Don't know if Oddone was as guilty of Manslaughter 1, or murder 2, or less. What I did know was that he wouldn't get a fair shake with a Suffolk jury.

When she said she was 'happy' to have served on that jury I wanted to vomit. How could any human being find pleasure on being on a jury and be responsible for sending a young man to jail for 25 years? What kind of person would take pleasure in this? Maybe it is the same kind of person such as DA Thomas Spota. It was Spota that gave an interview to a Newsday reporter in 2006 that he didn't take the job of DA to 'step up' to a judgeship. He enjoyed the power of arrest and depriving people of their liberty. And that is a quote.

What decent human being would enjoy that sort of power?

I helped put a lot of people on the defense side of the table. I did my job the best way I knew how. I can tell you that I never took joy in putting a man, any man, no matter how deserving, of putting a man in a cage like an animal.

Until such time that society creates a better way to deal with crime, I guess putting people away is the only option left to us.

My God, what sort of man enjoys the power of arrest and the pleasure of depriving people of their liberty? A misfit and a beast.

This is the same man that was at a businessman's luncheon and gave a talk. He held up a Blackberry and told these people that 'We; are watching you. We can retrieve all that you do with this Blueberry, or Blackberry, or whatever you call it. We can retrieve your faxes, tap your cell phones. Monitor your point to point Nextel transmissions. We can get your Email.

Sure, sometimes doing this is necessary, but it is still chilling to the ordinary citizen to hear their law enforcement officials can and will monitor your most private conversations.

I suggest the readers invest a couple of hours and read the 1989 NYS SIC report. It is only a 'short' 197 pages of a non-stop report critical of the SCDA and SCPD. The report is stunning.

You can find the report on www.martytankleff.org/ Go to the report sectioin and open it up. You won't be disappointed.

The Honorable Thomas J.Spota is mentioned in that report. The Honorable Patrick Henry is mentiioned in that report as not investigating the allegations made in the SIC investigatioin that Spota handed out his business cards to police officers for DWI referrals, and with a kickback of up to 30% if he retained the client.

Do you know what the report said about the then DA investigation? Mr.Henry got one of his senior assistants to call Tom Spota's law partner and ask him if the allegation were true. What do you think Spota's partner said. End of the "investigation".

Suffolk attorney Raymond Perini, then chief of the SCDA narcotics bureau was accused by the SIC of running illegal wiretaps, knowingly allowing informants to give false testimony and false identifications for drug buys. That was testified to by at least several then active and former Suffolk police officers.

Now, DA Chief Investigator and SCPD police inspector James Burke. He was indirectly mentioned in that same report as he was the then 14 year old Tom Spota informant that helped put at least one 14 year old kid in jail for the murder of John Pius Jr. Do wonders ever cease? Burke's name was not mentioned in that report, but the Pius case was and it was a story unto itself. 11 years of trials and reversals because the likes of Spota and his able assistant Tim Mazzei and detetectives now working in Spota's office as retired SCPD detectives, now working as Investigators at 110K+ a year. You can call that: "Keep your friends close, and those that can dish the dirt on you closer" to paraphrase Michael Corleone.

Does anyone with any common sense believe that four young men would kill a 13 year old because he saw them stealing a worthless mini bike? John Pius hung out with a group of kids, including the four young charged and three of then convicted to serve, 5, 19 and 20 years. John drank and smoke pot with them. He stole materials from building sites to build a tree house in a park near where his body was found.

Most of those young men were burglars. They raped Smithtown with burglaries, upwards of more than 100, both residential and commercial. John Jr would have known that - he palled around with them. And they killed him because he saw them steal a mini bike. The mini bike motive was concocted by the police to provide an instant motive as to why they allegedly killed them. And James C.Burke was their neighbor and friend.

Burke was brought in with 4 other young men to provide Spota with information on the others. One such person is known as Daniel Culotta. He went to jail for burglary since that murder, and he is now in jail for a series of burglaries and an attempted robbery committed in Smithtown in 2006. At the time of his arrest he gave as his address a home on 50 Acres Road, or just about one block where Chief Investigator/Police Inspector Burke now lives.

so, juror#2 don't sell me your BS about the SCPD being holier than Thou. Maybe Juror#3 had a legitmate reason for that bias you claimed she had when she questioned the integrity of the SCPD." Dec 18, 09 3:45 PM

JUROR#2, What's the matter a RAT got your tongue?" Dec 19, 09 6:17 PM

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