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Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Fore - Keep Googling. 8 Years and how many televised meetings? If I'm wrong I'll admit it. 13 months in and Trump is making it a regular thing." Mar 7, 18 12:55 PM

You win. Never say never. I just do not remember seeing Obama having open, bipartisan, televised meetings like this. As for voting them out - The powers in Washington rule. We have very limited choices as both parties keep their lobbiest supported candidates on the ballot. No wonder why USA has such low voter turnout. No real choices. Trump threw them a curve they weren't expecting. Bravo. That's why he got my vote. Washington needed a shakeup." Mar 7, 18 1:36 PM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Want to find illegal guns? Go to any street corner in a tough neighorhood to buy one. Our justice Depts don't want to bother Undercover cops could do the job so easily if directed to. Not enough jails. But plenty of time to patrol our highways for speeders, tickets are profitable. " Mar 7, 18 2:54 PM

East End Schools Plan For March 14 Walkout

This is politically motivated and should not be done during school hours. A quote from article above:
“Congress [needs] to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools,” according to The Action Network, an event organization website urging East Hampton High School students to participate in next week’s walkout. “We are not safe at school. We need action.”
See cmac comment below!" Mar 7, 18 3:03 PM

Let the students who want to demonstrate do it on their own time, not on school time paid for by my tax dollars. Then those who don't want to participate can go home. We all know kids will go out to get out of class time - and the attendance will make it appear more populat than it is. POLITICAL. "Tweet thoughts" Really????" Mar 7, 18 3:12 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Why not watch Tucker on this issue? I thought you had an open mind? Afraid it might sway you? & BTW, the other 4 S/H Town Board members ARE Democrats." Mar 8, 18 10:37 AM

Kudos to Zeldin. Now Town is embarassed publicly and maybe will actually DO something other than talk and defend themselves. Whatever they have been doing is not enough." Mar 8, 18 10:43 AM

East End Schools Plan For March 14 Walkout

What right universities????" Mar 8, 18 10:58 AM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Typical political redirection. Issue is Hampton Bays needs help.
BTW are Dems going to ignore Farrakhan? We need to see outrage over some dems support of him along with their VOCAL rejection of him and his opinions. You know, like Trump did when they blamed him for David Duke's support? Hypocritical to say the least." Mar 8, 18 11:52 AM

Where are all the comments on House Intel committee report: NO TRUMP/RUSSIAN COLLUSION?????? Cat got your tongue?" Mar 14, 18 11:25 AM

Says who?" Mar 14, 18 12:08 PM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

School safety and honoring the deaths of 17 innocents should be the focus. Not politicizing our students with gun regulation with my tax dollars - NOT acceptable." Mar 14, 18 1:14 PM

Distant School Shootings Reverberate For A Mayor In East Hampton Village

Guns are ubiquitous on our streets. The justice dept. knows where all the guns are and should order a massive effort to remove guns from the hands of criminals. They just don't want to do it. How will disarming law abiding citizens make us safer? Quite the contrary, we will be victimized by gun-toting criminals whie the police stand by and watch. " Mar 16, 18 11:41 AM

In Tweet, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For End To Mueller Probe

Zeldin is an honorable man, differs when his constiuency is negatively affected, but a loyal deplorable, as am I. Mueller should continue but his investigation should be limited to the original mandate of Russian collusion. Rosenstein's addition to Mueller's appointment to also go after any other issues should be eliminated. He is off on tangents that have nothing to do with Russia, looking for any actions that may justify his existence. Not to mention that the whole investigation would never have been started but for the phony dossier - paid for by Hillary!!!" Mar 19, 18 5:03 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

No Russian collusion? Now u wait for "financial crimes? That wqas no his mandate." Mar 21, 18 10:47 AM

Wait for second special counsel on Mueller, Comey, McCabe, etc.....Moral turpitude indeed." Mar 21, 18 10:50 AM

Which gave him powers NOBODY should have - with no oversight. He is destroying many people financially (tens of thousands of dollars) to hire lawyers anybody would if called in to testify to special counsel. Innocent people are being ruined by his witch hunt. Would this be going on if those who testify are reimbursed for legal fees if not charged with anything? Maybe you'll be next. Do u have $30,000 as a minimum to spare???? Innocent as you may be....." Mar 21, 18 11:52 AM

So if everyone pleads the fifth as you suggest, investigations would go nowhere. What's the point?" Mar 21, 18 12:19 PM

So u think it's ok to be interviewed by authorities without a lawyer? Wait until you're charged? Good luck with that!" Mar 21, 18 12:55 PM

I repeat. Good luck with that! A Mueller grand jury subpoena would be forthcoming long before charges are filed." Mar 21, 18 1:16 PM

June Bug...what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Stop all special counsels!!!! If u claim Trump has nothing to worry about if he's innocent, that goes for your guys too!!!! Let them pay lawyers 10s of thousands and then not be charged as has happened to many interviewees in the Mueller investigation. Disgraceful!" Mar 21, 18 1:34 PM

A public hearing/trial where you can hear your accusers and defend yourself against them. NOT A CLOSED DOOR INQUISITION!!!!" Mar 21, 18 2:24 PM

It's a ONE sided inquisition, grand juries don't allow defense attorneys in, just prosecutors LOOKING for an indictment. Terrible system. Unfortunately for June et al, we don't live in an ideal society. People have agendas. Pity the ones who are targets." Mar 21, 18 2:34 PM

I don't know the answer, I wish I did. I do know one thing..."a Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich!" They are one-sided!!!!!!!" Mar 21, 18 2:57 PM

An arrest requires a reading of a person's Miranda rights. Right to an attorney immediately. But I thought we were discussing the methods of a special counsel where people are brought before a grand jury just for questioning - without the right to a lawyer present. They are not arrested for anything...........yet. Not a good system, IMHO." Mar 21, 18 3:06 PM

In an ideal world. Sounds good, but all depends on the prosecutor's presentation to the grand jury with giving the accused an opportunity to respond. Why not?" Mar 21, 18 3:12 PM

Anything that's worked for 200 years is ok then? How about civil rights that changed 50 years ago after 200 years of discrimination, racism and sexism? Why make new rules about the second amendment? Even Obama ran on a platform of "Change." " Mar 21, 18 3:32 PM

And if one refuses to being "interviewed" then one can be brought before the grand jury. Weren't those the threats leveled at Trump when Mueller's team were suggesting they might interview Trump? What would happen to any individual, putting Trump aside for the moment, if one refused to testify to special counsel? Investigators would just go away? lol" Mar 21, 18 3:56 PM

Not sure about that. An arrest involves questioning, thus Miranda. When was anyone ever arrested and not questioned?" Mar 21, 18 3:58 PM

BTW, even just talking to a federal agent without being under oath puts one at risk for charges if feds so decide. Isn't that what happened to Flynn? " Mar 21, 18 4:03 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

These children are being manipulated by political agendas. Scaring them into nightmares is collateral damage. Safety in schools IS NOT ABOUT GUNS, BUT MANY ISSUES!!!!! Do you really think that even a gun ban would end all violence in schools? WAKE UP !!!" Mar 25, 18 12:08 PM

How many gun deaths were caused by LEGAL guns? Other than suicides, which are a mental problem. Making more laws when those on the books are ignored by criminals makes no sense. Going after the illegal guns should be police priority & jail the offenders, it used to be an automatic 5 years! You'll see how fast illegal guns go away. " Mar 26, 18 2:51 PM

What you're reading is that the focus should be on punishing criminals, who could care less what laws we pass, not burden law abiding citizens by reducing their constitutional rights. The perpetrators you mention had mental issues, bombs would have worked just fine for them if they couldn't get guns. Why don't we just shuck the whole constitution and go socialist as most progressives want. Now there's an idea." Mar 26, 18 3:03 PM

And who decides who's who? Sticky wicket...." Mar 26, 18 3:05 PM

How many killed in Chicago this year? A gun free zone! And don't blame Indiana if Illinois can't control their criminals." Mar 26, 18 3:11 PM

PUT ALL CROOKS WITH GUNS IN JAIL AND CONFISCATE ALL ILLEGAL GUNS. PROBLEM SOLVED. Stop blaming innocent law abiding citizens for the shortcomings of our police and justice system!" Mar 26, 18 3:27 PM

possession of an illegal firearm IS A CRIME!!!!" Mar 26, 18 8:12 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Sponsors New Law To Help Disabled Veterans

How can you not support this guy???" Apr 4, 18 10:10 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Pushes For Schools To Allow Police To Tap Security Cameras During Emergencies

Considering these attacks are generally over in 3 minutes, how does this help?" Apr 4, 18 10:11 AM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Stating a "fact" without confirming accuracy, i.e. being "wrong", is knowingly promoting information that is questionable. FAKE NEWS. Anyone who has ever taken a journalism course knows that facts must be verified by at least 2 sources before being published. " Apr 7, 18 3:08 PM

UPDATE: Community To Rally For New Pole For Riverside Osprey Nest

Cuomo also just oversaw cutting down 60 acres of pinebarrens in Mastic under the guise of being green for solar power. He is a disgusting hypocrite!!!" Apr 10, 18 11:45 AM

County To Test More Than 100 Private Wells After Contamination Is Found In East Quogue

And they still want a golf course off Lewis Rd. to add even more chemicals, pesticides and nitrogen! DUH!" Apr 12, 18 10:00 AM

East Quogue Residents Push To Incorporate Following Rejection Of The Hills

Name one person on the committee who is against the golf course.More DLC shenanigans!BULLIES!!!!!" May 3, 18 11:47 AM

Ironic the solution to no golf course is higher taxes for EQ "village" residents when the push was lower property taxes under the PDD. Greedy greedy people who just see the potential for lining their own pockets, never mind their neighbors' wants and needs. " May 4, 18 9:37 AM

As displayed at numerous Town hearings on the PDD, a large number of the public was opposed to the Hills - as were official organizations; environmental, public and private. The ground water and bays belong to us all, not just a select number of EQ citizens with an agenda. Town voters overwhelmingly chose anti-Hills candidates. Is the "village" of EQ prepared to pay for litigation in the event of problems resulting from zoning decisions made on the village level? " May 4, 18 10:36 AM

Tate's Bake Shop To Be Sold For Nearly $500 Million

Justice rules." May 8, 18 11:26 AM

Justice rules." May 8, 18 11:41 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

How about those prostitutes that had to be rushed out of JFK's pool because the heli with Jackie was arriving? Too bad you libs weren't on the scene then......" May 11, 18 1:44 PM

If he didn't have the guns, the bombs he planted around the school would have gone off. How would you stop that? IT'S A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE! Don't you get it????? Stop the misplaced hostility towards the 2nd Amendment. It won't stop bullies, teen suicides or massacres, just deflect to the behavior to other means." May 19, 18 12:19 PM

It's not a lame act. THE BOMBS WERE THERE!!! FACT." May 19, 18 12:32 PM

Spin it as you wish. The mental health of our country is in big trouble. Ignore it at your own risk." May 19, 18 12:47 PM

I never said it wasn't the guns. I said if not guns, other means would have been used. Like the BOMBS that were there. Too much violence in our country won't be solved by punishing citizens for their right to the 2nd amendment. Better enforcement of the gun laws we already have on the books, and yes, as stated above, severe punishment to those whose careless ownership results in violence. Our FBI and Justice Dept are often to blame when troubled people are ignored, as in Florida. The Boston Bombing is a perfect example. The Russians notified the FBI about the Chechnian bombers not, once, but TWICE. These warnings were ignored, and devastation resulted. BTW, no guns there. " May 19, 18 1:04 PM

Oh I guess he just put the bombs there not to use them. They were intended for use, either as an addition to the guns or by another person who I heard might have been involved. Eliminating guns will not eliminate crazies from disastrous violence. They can buy fertilizer, pressure cookers, drive cars, vans or trucks into crowds, or perpetrate multiple stabbings, etc... I'm done with this conversation. " May 19, 18 1:28 PM

East Quogue Residents Advocate For Dog Park In Their Hometown

I trust the Town Board will involve our hamlet's official organizations: the EQ CAC and the EQ Civic Association in developing this great idea!" May 22, 18 11:10 AM

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