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'The Hills' Developer Selects Wastewater Treatment System

For the record, there are many Republicans against this project. They care about safe and clean water too." Jun 1, 17 10:34 AM

Southampton Town Still Intends To Repeal PDD Law As Moratorium Expires

Mr. Shaw's editorial was perfectly worded, thank you sir." Jun 3, 17 10:53 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School Officials Change Prom Policy Following Requests From Community

What ever happened to common sense? This is High School for crying out loud, not the military!!!! " Jun 6, 17 1:27 PM

Common sense prevails!!!!!" Jun 6, 17 3:07 PM

'The Hills' Developer Selects Wastewater Treatment System

The Town Board should move forward at the earliest possible legal moment and move for a vote. Enough procrastinating. Do not send back the FEIS as incomplete for another filing. Accept it as submitted by this very experienced developer and vote on it as is. It is not the job of the board to do DLC's work for them." Jun 10, 17 1:07 PM

I hit like in error. Let's please leave the election out of this, there are many Trump supporters against this PDD, no need to alienate any of our team. " Jun 10, 17 1:10 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

We should ban all vehicles, knives, hammers, etc. which have been used in acts of violence by nutjobs so we can keep ourselves safe. Then we can talk about banning guns to prevent us from protecting ourselves. Let us remember that without the 2nd amendment the civil war would never have taken place. What would our country be like today if it never happened? " Jun 14, 17 11:45 AM

An anti-Trump leak from an "independent" special counsel who has appointed at least 4 Hillary donors to his staff. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Mueller should be fired immediately." Jun 15, 17 11:56 AM

Fred Havemeyer To Challenge Southampton Town Supervisor In Democratic Party Primary

Gee, Mr. Hissey is back, I guess Havemeyer troubles him....." Jun 17, 17 9:34 AM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

Thanks to the obstructionist Dems." Jun 17, 17 12:04 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill To Lower Insurance Premiums For Flood Insurance Holders

Where does it say ocean front? Many many middle and even lower income people own homes near the water. Some are inherited from previous generations and just trying to get by. Some are seniors on fixed income. Just try to get a mortgage on a home within a mile or 2 of the bays, flood insurance is a requirement. Homeowner insurance is impossible. People are struggling and the 1% in the oceanfront mansions don't need or even care about a tax break. Flood insurance for them doesn't even put a nick in their coffers. Remember Sandy? How many 1%ers were impacted? Most were everyday people, some still struggling from that terrible storm. These are your neighbors you are denying aid to." Jun 19, 17 10:58 AM

Southampton Town Board Extends PDD Moratorium, Delays Repeal Vote

VOTE ON THE HILLS NOW! How can the bigest PDD in SH history still be on the table when we all agree the PDD law is being manipulated? Fred Havemeyer for Supervisor! A man who is not afraid of the truth!" Jun 28, 17 12:07 PM

PUSH THIS FORWARD NOW AND STOP THE HILLS!!! According to Jay Schneiderman (assuming he is correct) the Pine Barrens Commision review can not take place unless and until the Town makes a decision approving the PDD. So who is right? Maybe you should double check your version of the sequence of things.
Further, Jay is just one member of the PBC. Maybe he is wrong. Dick Amper insists that the PBC can rule on the Hills at any time. A negative ruling by them would remove the need for a decision by the SH Town board. IMO, neither wants to stand up with a refusal of the Hills, hoping the other will do it. No guts.
The Town board should accept the FEIS as it is submitted by DLC (any minute now) and follow the legal procedures of a public hearing and then take a vote, ending this insanity. They are either procrastinating looking for an excuse to approve it, or are terribly fearful of a lawsuit that they assume will be filed by this bully developer. GO FRED!!!!!" Jun 29, 17 1:11 PM

Discovery Land Files 'The Hills' FEIS With Town; Developer Wants To Buy And Preserve Another 33 Acres

Mr. Schneiderman refers to the DLC submission as a "draft FEIS" in the SH Press Viewpoint. WHAT? Did they submit an FEIS or just a draft of one? Did he mis-speak or is something else going on here????
GO FRED HAVEMEYER !!!!!" Jul 6, 17 1:26 PM

Or maybe a Freudian slip?????
" Jul 6, 17 1:27 PM

This is the first time I've seen it as a draft FEIS. Let's hope that it will be accepted by the board and final really means final. If not, why then the DEIS procedures. Thank you for the clarification." Jul 6, 17 2:55 PM

Why do multiple DEIS submissions if the procedure is repeated for the FEIS submission? Something is not right here. Smells awfully funny...." Jul 7, 17 10:16 AM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

MAGA !!!!!!" Jul 7, 17 1:07 PM



Court Rejects Most Arguments Raised By Canoe Place Inn PDD Opponents; Neighbors To Appeal Decision

How has socialism worked out for venezuela, eastern europe and china to name a few? It goes back to power. In any system, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A balance of both keeps each in check." Jul 10, 17 11:24 AM

Southampton Town Board Repeals PDD Law On Tuesday

So we are to re-elect Jay so that he can approve the Hills? What are our alternatives? Let's give Fred a chance and see what the voters think. Maybe Jay will see the light and bring a vote to the project before the election. Is that too much to ask as we approach 4 years of dallying?" Jul 12, 17 12:24 PM

Discovery Land Says Additional Preservation Would Tip Nitrogen Scale In Its Favor; Gobler Still Reviewing Report

What a great idea!!!! It is perfectly clear that DLC is a bully and will threaten us with anything their money can buy to get their way. They take half a Billion dollars back to Arizona and leave us with polluted ground water and toxic bays. Somebody HELP Jay see through them!!!!!!" Jul 12, 17 12:31 PM

You are gambling that Schneiderman will do the right thing and reject the Hills. Big rush to judgement on your part." Jul 12, 17 1:11 PM

Fred Havemeyer's Petition To Run In Democratic Primary Is Challenged

Why are the Hills people so against Fred? Do they know something about Jay's decision we don't? I signed the petition for Fred and it was done properly and honorably. Shame on those who question Fred's integrity." Jul 28, 17 12:03 PM

Is DLC afraid to let the people choose? Desperate moves by desperate people. I thought the claim was that the people want the Hills? NOT. Also, Fred is a democrat, Jay is not. " Jul 29, 17 11:30 AM

Is Jay even a democrat???????
" Jul 31, 17 11:38 AM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

Israeli medical, surgical, defense and entertainment advances should be spurned by anyone espousing BDS, otherwise they are hypocrites. Too bad Israelis are not the type to refuse these advances to racists who selectively promote BDS." Aug 1, 17 11:15 AM

I call em as I see em. BDS proponents are racists, my right to free speech. You have every right to disagree. Make sure you don't need any medical diagnostics, computers or phones, even microwaves, since many of their parts are made or were invented in Israel. I can't compete with a closed mind. Lucky for us so many of our elected officials see BDS for what it is." Aug 1, 17 12:11 PM

Victims? YES!!! 6 million Jews including at least 1 million children were murdered during the holocaust...in their own homes, neighborhoods, towns and countries. Unless of course they were shipped via trains to death camps. Israel was created by the UN to give the Jews a chance to return to their ancestral home (Jesus was a Jew and was born there 2017 years ago)and create a safe place to live since it was clear that their european homes were taken from them. They created a beautiful country in the middle of a barren desert with love and ingenuity. Too bad their neighbors can't do the same. Instead they focus on destroying Israel, at the same time harming their own with hatred and a "specious, self-serving, unsupportable assertion" of Arab victimhood. " Aug 2, 17 10:24 AM

BTW, the bill does not prevent free speech nor one's right to choose BDS for oneself. It is against the UN 3/24/2016 resolution urging BDS. Read the details of the bill before you embarrass yourselves." Aug 2, 17 10:55 AM

Southampton Democrats Bring Fred Havemeyer To Court Over His Petition To Run For Supervisor

It amazes me that the criticism of the petition is based on non-democrats obtaining the signatures when the democratic leadership's chosen candidate IS NOT A DEMOCRAT!!!!! IMO, as long as the signatures on the petition are registered dems, they are valid. Sorry Julie seems to be betting on the wrong horse." Aug 3, 17 11:35 AM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

Sturgis, you are absolutely right. A waste of time to debate closed minds. But I must say that it was the UNITED NATIONS that created Israel, not the UK. I'm done with Hat and his cronies. " Aug 3, 17 12:11 PM

Protesters Converge On Stephen Schwarzman's Water Mill Home

I have never seen more hate in this country than in the last few years. Before Trump. This is why he won. Get over it, the dems are and were on the wrong track, and they still don't get it. The people are sick of them. Except those on the dole, that is." Aug 5, 17 10:53 AM

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