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Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

I was there. it is a tragedy that never should have happened. these cowboy above the law types that think they can do what ever want when where and to who the want just because they have badge jobs has to stop. If you are old out of shape and have a full time job and a family, what the heck are you doing moonlighting at a bar? is your job for life with pension and benefits for life not enough for you. now you have ruined your family and other lives because you're a tough guy. its a wake up call to how most of them carry themselves. The abuse of authority ran right through the no bail jailing, charges of murder, and physical abuse (because we can do anything we want). now we will see if the judge can do a right thing that has been lacking at every level of the system below him. stop the train and let him off. mishandled all the way. If the death was a cab driver from huntington, it would have been a self defense accidental death from a bar fight case closed last year. since its not we need to somehow justify the aggresion and abuse of authority with more abuse. a wake up call? we'll see... " Nov 28, 09 6:35 PM

quick there is still time to get the torches. lets storm the castle and kill the monster. that was a close knit community too. pathetic." Nov 29, 09 9:32 AM

here's the thing. there is no possible way that any jury will find any person guilty of intending to murder someone based on the weak case presented. the prosecution witnesses were expanding on distorted and different opinions. one witness, or witless in this case stated under oath that everyone knows who he is while identifying Tony. when asked how he knew him he stated he saw his picture in the paper... the fact that the DA elected to even go for murder in this accidental death case is another abuse of a system that has been manipulated by those who believe they are above the law. when the case is finally in the hands of the people that decide, he will walk. he has already done a year and a half of the most abusive kind for an accidental death. to answer your question, he was advised not to take the stand by his attorney because there is no case. She "may" know a little more than you about such things. not locally, of course...just generally " Nov 30, 09 5:04 PM

Second juror dismissed at Oddone murder trial

i have a question about the article. it states"Juror 10, a middle-aged Caucasian woman, was dismissed by Judge Hinrichs on Monday and replaced with an alternate juror, a young African-American man. Now i must tell you that i am relieved to hear that he replaced a "caucasian with an "american" and not the other way around. can you imagine if the replaced a caucasian american with and african? now that would just be racist speak, but it would give the angry locals someone to blame tomorrow. " Dec 1, 09 8:19 AM

Northampton? LOL... thats riverhead by Wildwood bowl and that burned ot gas station right? are you a wanna be hampton guy? is that an afro i see in your silouett disguise pic? are those questions relevant Frank?" Dec 1, 09 10:02 AM

Riverhead bro! i feel ya "frank". lets grab a 40 and chill, you smoove " Dec 1, 09 10:36 AM

yes, in secret was interrogated and she revealed she may be capable of independent thought, thus the last stronghold of those above the law released her in his latest attempt to control the verdict and protect the home team at the cost of justice. " Dec 1, 09 12:43 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

or a judge and DA that know there is no case and even criminally negligent homocide is reaching. thats obvious no matter which end of the island you watch from. Very sad story and obvious abuse of authority, but not a murder. he should walk. " Dec 1, 09 1:35 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

deepest respect and prayers go out to the Reister family and friends. no verdict can ever compensate you for your loss. The jury has a heavy burdern of ruling based on the evidence and cases presented. we all have our opinions and emotional biases. the final act of acceptance and closure is left. i wish us all the best with that part. we all share pain and a fragile life. good luck with accepting the verdict whichever way it falls. sorry if any took offense to my pain. good bye " Dec 2, 09 7:42 PM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

autopsy not entered as evidence? why do you think? articles submitted and requested by jury refused by judge? why do you think? all helpful for fair asessment for jury to explain reasons other than that alleged by DA's office. all reasonable requests that would aid the jury have been refused? Hmmmm..." Dec 4, 09 3:23 PM

thank you PBR. well, i guess the hmmmmm remains because it is difficult to find more than 1 reason why the DA would have a wittness give their "opinion" about an autopsy report then prevent the jury from seeing the actual report so they can form their opion. well golly shucks, i may not be a smart as those big city lawyers from riverhead, but i think the autopsy is something that is important in a murder trial. unless it doesn't tell your story and supports the defense. of course this just an opinion on a silly internet blog. " Dec 4, 09 6:56 PM

Yes Shamrock. a perfectly clear case of SELF DEFENSE against an agressive attack from an HUGE physically unfit, moonlighting in a bar, untrained, wannabe bouncer as the evidence suggests. Certainly a very sad accidental death which has destroyed many lives on both sides and never should have happened, but not a crime unless you consider the original unprovoked assault and the manipulation of the system to place blame and the repeated abuse of their captive. Dont mind Frank Wheeler. he's just mentally challenged by the case inside his small and haunted head. But what do i know? certainly not the blood alchohol level of anyone involved (another curiously missing autopsy fact). Dont mind me, im just a dumb blogger on the internet and the jurors have been advised to go home and not speak, listen, watch tv, read, or use the computer. Its just cyberbabble, right? Shamrock, as for the public house. They quickly rounded up the employees, read them a script, called in the insurance company, then let the employees go. that says it all. " Dec 5, 09 11:44 AM

HB 4 Life, here is an update. if for any reason there is a doubt, they must acquit. and this just in... you are a jack ass. signed, dirtball" Dec 7, 09 1:42 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

PBR is spot on. Reister is absolutely to blame for the physical attack on Oddone. It is assault. thats the only crime here besides the jailing without bail to strengthen the weakest attempt at a murder charge in the history of the state, the whole system should be embarrassed. Real bouncers with brains difuse situations, not attack people inside a crowded bar. Hey 27east, are you serious with the video on this page? did she say it's light? laughing, playing cards and snacking? while a falsley accused mans waits for a verdict? The fact that you even publish that video speaks volumes about this case. you have sunk to the level of the local players you support. whats next? " Dec 7, 09 5:36 PM

friend4life. yes. the thing is when you are confronted by a bully, you punch him in the nose. thats how we got here in the first place. confronting an attack. its easy for a gang to kick, punch and pull someone when they are down on the ground. then testifying against someoneas trained relieves your own guilt and responsibility of your own acts. the bullies on this blog yelling "murderer and perp" need to hear it straight. do you think my comments are inaccurate or just harsh? the subject is harsh, the mistreatment of our citizen has been harsh and the one sided coverage here has been at times harsh. Yes, all parties are suffering, not all parties are accepting that more than one person is accountable for the losses on both sides. " Dec 7, 09 7:43 PM

They must acquit. any thinking person knows that the continued requests are for clarification and review of conflicting testimony is for the final jurors who were predisposed by the hype now exhibiting reasonable doubt. there is no verdict yet because there is DOUBT. doubt = acquittal. the jury will do the right thing. they are doing their job well. they are open to examining the evidence and asking why evidence is missing. my guess is tomorrow for acquittal. " Dec 8, 09 7:59 PM

have another drink and go to work. you are 3 to 11 today" Dec 9, 09 9:13 AM

Oddone jury a week into deliberations

I submit that the weakness of the case and the conflicting statements from too many wittnesses over too long a time has done little more than create doubt in the minds of the jury. very poorly concieved plan by the ADA and weakly excecuted. so weak in fact that the jury now needs to "replay" the mess in order to even find a case. There is none. Our judge is over his head and the mishandling of the system all along has created a bad smell generraly. what the jury is finding is that there is no case thats why it took so long. 70 days to procecute and only 3 to defend. could have defended in 1 day if not interrupted. A tragic accident mis handled.
but that just my opinion out here in blogland. " Dec 9, 09 3:19 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

beachgirl, as long as you represent the unbiased opinion of the objective Andrew's widow we know you're right and without challenge. Thanks for the truth about things. dont worry about verbosity, you just blabber on. what you have to say is important and objective, right? why dont you just spend a few minutes with the jury and get this thing done already. " Dec 9, 09 6:08 PM

Oddone trial waiting game: some tenderness among the tension

i implore the bloggers to just leave this story alone. nothing can be added. " Dec 9, 09 6:22 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

2-3 minutes is an OBVIOUS LIE needed to support a nonexistant case. the trained chimp witnesses couldn't even get it right. just another clear example of the above the law abuse of authority runs through this case. they think they can and do anything they want without accountability. To all the idiots that believe someone was "choked"for 2-3 minutes in the middle of a crowed bar, just stop and look at the floor for 2-3 minutes and imagine the lie. when the dramaqueen stood for 3 minutes, she killed her own case as the lie was plainly exposed and impossible. OBVIOUS LIE. very poor judgement by a weak team to try and reach that far. imagine the weakness of the DA's case to have to create that fantastic lie...just take 3 minutes to think how stupid they think you are. " Dec 10, 09 12:37 PM

ok, here is a kinder and gentler version. please look at the ground for 3 minutes and tell me if it is believable that you would witness someone "choking" another person for a time period of 3 minutes as the DA's office asserts.
start now and try to watch for 20 seconds, then go a minute, now you are still watching someone choke someone for 90 seconds. keep watching...your halfway through now. here comes 2 minutes. keep watching the "choking" because you may need to testify some day. 2min 15 seconds now... should be over in about 45 seconds. keep watching another half a minute. this post is simply made to expose the exageration. If you believe you would watch it for 3 minutes, there is little hope for reason with you. " Dec 10, 09 1:25 PM

acquittal tomorrow. " Dec 10, 09 7:13 PM

earlier, he sits them down individually and interviews them and selects which to replace, OK. Now, a juror does an end around the foreman breaks the rules and slips a note to the "judge" telling him another juror should be removed like the 2 before because they think if Mr. Reister wasnt a CO they wouldnt even be there. the judge does nothing. He doesnt remove the juror who slipped him a note, In fact denied requests to do anything, why? whats next? its a wonder these crooks allowed defense any counsel at all. that above the law approach is why we are here to begin with. " Dec 11, 09 8:36 AM

refused bail and jailed on a false charge, being beaten by inmates at the direction of the corrections officers at various facilities for a year and a half while serving the most difficult time. that is what this corrupt system has dealt our citizen who is innocent until proven guilty. why? because he defended himself against an aggressive assault from a larger man who had no regard for his rights. he was having a good time dancing. that was his crime. the rest is just a continuing abuse of authority. a blind person can see through this one. beaten in jail for a year and a half is enough abuse. the jury can end it here. " Dec 11, 09 10:26 AM

Dah.. yes we know Tony put the man in a headlock and held on as the gang kicked punched pulled him and Mr reister as hard as they could. noboby is denying that. the gang inflicted damage as they pulled as hard as they could. are you so stupid that you dont think he has been beaten by his captors? just look at the scars. they are not on that mugg shot the cops took that night. the local inbreds have chosen the us against them attitude in spite of the facts and continue the course of the deaf dumb and blind. the release of the 2 previous jurors and the refusal to release the latest is a continuation of backwoods jury rigging. now go on and tell us all again how a man was murdered. please continue to repeat your mantra.... " Dec 11, 09 12:09 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

summary: jury has said no to murder BUT the "judge" refuses to accept the jury's finding. in allowing a partial verdict as any real judge would at this time, it would eliminate the possibility of Mr Oddone ever having to face a murder charge in the event that theer becomes a hung jury and a retrial takes place. He has refused to remove the twice soiled juror. He has done all in his power to prevent a fair trial. At this time our judge is a sore loser who can not accept that no matter how hard he tries, he will never hear guilty. He looks like a hack who is over his head. he is beginning to look as ridiculous as that cake faced blonde. " Dec 11, 09 6:58 PM

his reputation is to deny every motion and request of the defense and to facilitate every whim of the ADA. thats his reputation from this trial. if you dont agree, you haven't been in the courtroom. His reputation is not in question, its his motivation...will you vote for him?" Dec 11, 09 7:08 PM

Only because he was a corrections officer did he think he could do as he pleased including assault a patron and get away with it. If he were a 6'4" 280 lb african american part time bouncer from an estranged marriage, it wouldn't make page 9. The whole abuse of authority and manipulation of the system to build a case that never should exist is only trumped by the incompetence DA and the obvious bias of the judge who is refusing to accept a partial not guilty verdict. How obnoxious? Your job is to facilitate the system, not hinder it. WHY is Randall ignoring the behavior of the jury and steering them. What is his motivation? the wheels are falling off and the abuse is fully exposed. Despicable doesn't adequately describe it the activity in Riverhead this week." Dec 12, 09 3:07 PM

electricutioner, take another drink" Dec 13, 09 11:37 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

we're crying. " Dec 14, 09 7:50 PM

12 or 1200 jurors could not hide the truth of this case. two guilty verdicts just 1 yr and 4 months apart. " Dec 14, 09 8:26 PM

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