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Prosecution rests, defense case opens in Oddone trial

i think all of you people commenting here are ridiculous. if you don't know anything about the trial, or the people involved, you should refrain from voicing your ignorant opinions. "reading the articles" is definitely not being knowledgeable of the situation, as 99% of the articles are one-sided and fictitious anyway. Just stick to watching judge judy to get your crime fix." Nov 20, 09 10:19 PM

the person was 'choked' for no more than 25 seconds. but good thing you're well informed on the incident." Nov 20, 09 10:20 PM

Mary, you seem very well-informed and educated, but have you yourself been sitting through the trial every day, or at all?" Nov 20, 09 10:23 PM

i think that being there that night would give me a pretty good concept of the timing." Nov 21, 09 11:49 AM

off my high horse?? ha, okay judge wheeler. " Nov 21, 09 11:50 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Just curious, does the time that he already served go towards his sentence? Or does he start now?" Dec 14, 09 6:02 PM

Thank you." Dec 14, 09 6:05 PM