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Planning Board Seeks Recommendation From Chief Building Inspector On Golf Course In East Quogue--Despite Public Comments Supporting It

Kuali - I'm part of the public and wholeheartedly support the Hills. . the vocal minority has sidetracked this project for too long. Its going to get built. and EQ loses all the originally offered perks. way to think that thru gang.
" Jun 4, 18 3:30 PM

Pine Barrens Society May File Lawsuit Against Southampton Town ZBA By Week's End Over Golf Course Decision

to state "everybody hates it" erodes credibility and shows desperation. agree with VOS on this one that large portion of EQ residents are squarely in favor. And before the conspiracy theorists weigh in - I have no connection to VOS or Discovery. Just tired of seeing project derailed by the vocal few and costing the community the perks originally offered. Bring in the dozers and break ground at first thaw.
" Dec 11, 18 1:31 PM