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Painting Of Confederate Battle Flag Evokes Mixed Responses

I agree. I laugh when anyone says "I heard" or "They say". How about some proof - names, pictures, etc." Jul 17, 15 8:17 AM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

I can't speak for anyone else, but I never condoned it and I don't believe I have my nose in the air. I think most of the people in Hampton Bays want a nice family friendly place. Please let's stop turning on each other...." Jul 17, 15 9:42 AM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Circulate Seven Plans For Renovation

I love Hampton Bays and think that the Library is great, but with all due respect I am no sure on what authority you can speak about every taxpayer's financial position. For those home owners in Hampton Bays that are living on pensions from decades ago, $100 can mean a few meals - same goes for other homeowners that may have purchased their home at the peak of the market and are trying to stay in their homes. The Trustees should work to find a wealthy donor to put his or her name on an expansion or other non-profit that supports libraries or charge those that use library. Most of us in Hampton Bays don't have money trees in our backyards." Aug 30, 15 9:56 AM

Are you saying that library staff should be used as free babysitting service for some residents? No wonder the staff felt the need to hire a security guard. See my comment below - I am not sure on what authority you get to judge each taxpayer's financial position in Hampton Bays. I love Hampton Bays and the Library, but our resources should not be abused. " Aug 31, 15 7:41 AM

"People open your minds and see the big picture"? I don't understand why people need to insult others when they are trying to make a point. I really hope this is not what we are teaching our children these days. The "big picture", for me, is that the taxpayers are not necessarily using the schools or the library - just paying for it. There needs to be balance. I would expect our Trustee to understand that." Aug 31, 15 10:39 AM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

I agree that HB probably doesn't "need" another drug store, but I am not sure we "need" a new library either. It would be great if the land owner can find a viable business that can stay on the tax rolls." Sep 9, 15 4:58 PM

I agree that HB does not "need" a CVS - didn't mean to confuse anyone, but glad more commenters voiced their opinion. I hope we all show up or write to town hall if this come true and not just post on 27east. " Sep 11, 15 8:02 AM

good point" Sep 15, 15 8:37 AM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

Something must be terribly wrong here if you believe the HB School District is "woefully underfunded". The HB taxpayers pay one of the highest, if not the highest, school tax rate in SHT. Our school taxes have gone up over 40% in recent years. However, I believe that the current Board understands their responsibility to the taxpayers as well as the students." Dec 21, 15 11:22 AM

That doesn't make HB "woefully underfunded". Even if you only have 2 students in a class, you have a superintendent, principal, scientist teacher, etc. It should be quality of $$$ spent not quantity. I expect School Board members to be prudent with taxpayer funds." Dec 21, 15 12:44 PM

Voter Turnout Could Decide Special Election For Southampton Town Board Seat

"Ms. Throne-Holst was quite good as Supervisor"?!?! Some of the comments from the party-line democrats almost make me want to vote against Julie Lofstad. It is only because I know her to be intelligent, honest and hardworking that I am voting for her DESPITE some of the one-sided democratic comments. Be careful - you all are not making friends and winning votes for Ms. Lofstad from those voters that don't play politics. " Jan 14, 16 9:05 PM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

JuneBug, you may feel betrayed by the Town Officials for overdevelopment, but I feel betrayed by the Town Officials for allowing lawlessness in our community. It seems to me they put the brakes on code enforcement as soon as some folks started pulling the race card. When I first moved out here, there were check points for car licenses, registrations and insurance. Where are those? Lastly, I find your comment regarding monitoring houses very disturbing and offensive to immigrants." Jan 22, 16 11:10 AM

Every employer is required to obtain Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Form) from every employee. Maybe former Congressman Michael Grimm can hold a class when he gets out of jail for tax fraud for paying employees off the books." Jan 23, 16 11:44 AM

$25 off the books? That translates into more than $80,000 a year on the books - TWICE as much as the starting salary for a NYC teacher with a college degree." Jan 23, 16 3:23 PM

Do YOU know what a I-9 is?!!!? All Employers are required to obtain one from employees and hold onto them for audit. Been around the block a couple of times myself chief1 - not afraid of a bully" Jan 24, 16 11:14 AM

Here chief1 - I made it easy for you - from the instructions from I-9 - The employer "must attest under penalties of perjury that (1) I have reviewed the document(s) presented by the above-named employee (2)the above listed documents appear to be genuine and to relate to the employee named (3) to the best of my knowledge the employee is authorized to work in the United States"

Clearly, if an employee provides forged documents that a reasonable employer could not detect, then they have nothing to worry about." Jan 24, 16 12:02 PM

So we should teach children that it is ok to break the law? Where does it end? Who gets to decide which laws you can break and which you can't? Isn't one of the arguments that illegal immigrants come to the U.S. is to escape lawlessness? Why is then ok here? Helping people is wonderful; lawlessness is not ok." Jan 28, 16 4:29 PM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

Wow "grow up"?!?!!? "generational issue"!?!? - How about showing some respect for the many senior citizens in the Town of Southampton? There seems to be several unintended consequences to the ban on single use plastic bags." Feb 4, 16 11:28 AM

Isn't that the fault of the person that litters? Admittedly, the lightweight bags fly around more than the heavy weight ones, but I doubt that the "cheap white bags" escaped from the grocery store when no one was looking." Feb 4, 16 12:04 PM

"Banning People?!?!", really? - how about litter control and better garbage removal. It appears that there are unintended consequences to the ban that may or may not be worse. " Feb 5, 16 7:21 AM

My comments about littering was just that - littering - don't blame the plastic bags for that. I am actually in favor of A plastic bag ban, but I am not sure that THIS ONE was well thought out. I followed the public hearing on this and the unintended consequences were dismissed by some members of the Board. In fact not only would I support a well thought out plastic bag ban, I would support a well thought out Styrofoam ban. I have used reusable bags for years and avoid businesses that use Styrofoam. " Feb 5, 16 8:35 AM

Hampton Bays School Superintendent Unveils $49.5 Million Budget For 2016-17

You should have the figures in front of you before you call someone out. In 2010, at 29 years old, he was offered the job for 210,000 plus benefits (Southampton Press article). How much experience could he have had? The taxpayers have paid for his on the job training since then and it is not fair. He may be doing better now, but the taxpayers have paid a huge price. " Feb 13, 16 5:06 PM

so are you saying that taxes for Police, Fire, Road Maintenance, etc. is wasteful? All those with responsibility for taxpayers monies should be prudent with our money. " Feb 14, 16 1:16 PM

My comment was directed at mtrauring - not sure why his/her comment was deleted" Feb 15, 16 11:43 AM

Southampton Town PBA Meets With Local Hispanic Community Organizations To Better Understand Their Needs

I am not sure why this is news. I would expect the PBA to meet with various groups as part of normal operations. I trust that the PBA members would not discriminate in favor of or against any ethnic group in our community - that would violate the oath that they have taken." Mar 7, 16 12:26 PM

Hampton Bays Veterans Donate $2,000 To Replace Elementary School Flagpole

It is funny that two people can read the same article and have two different opinions. I read it and I thought "With all the money I pay for school taxes, they needed to take $2,000 from a Veterans Organization."" Mar 17, 16 9:55 PM

Free Summer Shuttle Service To Begin Serving Hampton Bays, May Expand To Other Areas

It appears to be a private company which has its own insurance. I am not sure why the Town should/would be liable. They only helped introduce a new idea. If it doesn't work, I suspect the Company will leave." Mar 19, 16 8:06 AM

Councilman Stan Glinka, Councilwoman Julie Lofstad Discuss Future Of Hampton Bays

Not so funny to the woman whose quality life of life is adversely effected by the entrance to the parking lot of the park and no one seems to care - clearly the "civic assoc. lady" doesn't. " Mar 29, 16 6:46 PM

Southampton Town Board Will Seek Community Input On Upgrading Ponquogue Beach Pavilion

I am glad that the Board is going to get community input. I think the pavilion needs upgrades and repairs, but I don't think a full service restaurant is appropriate. " Mar 30, 16 8:23 PM

Jay Schneiderman Explains Reasoning Behind CSEA Settlement

IMHO, there is no explanation for this. A resolution should not change a bargaining agreement. I wonder how many taxpayers in the Town of Southampton get free medical, pension and paid unused sick days when they retire, medical when they retire. The members of the union work hard but so does everyone else in the Town." Mar 30, 16 9:11 PM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

so sorry you are inconvenienced for a short period of time when you "pass through" HB. Some of us that live in HB appreciate the safety of new lights, new sidewalks, and new roads. The few weeks of inconvenience is worth the long term benefit." Mar 31, 16 10:18 AM

It is my understanding that they considered it but it was expensive and would involve every building changing their electric service at their own expense." Apr 1, 16 8:43 AM

Jay Schneiderman Explains Reasoning Behind CSEA Settlement

I have been involved with several collective bargaining contracts. Collective bargaining is collective bargaining. You live with what you negotiate until the next contract. A union should not get to cherry pick when it applies and when it doesn't. Newer employees seem to get the short straw, but that is because those with seniority make the decision so they get what they want sometimes at the expense of the newer employees. That is not the fault of the Employer; that is the fault of the Union. " Apr 1, 16 5:43 PM

It seemed to me that the agreement is to move titles into the bargaining agreement and then reduce the contributions. I am not sure how non-union titles would have anything to do with a union agreement. Non Union is generally not bargained for - you are just told what you are paying. It didn't see where the two were tied together." Apr 1, 16 9:13 PM

Sadly, so many of the people that work full time in the Town struggle to pay their bills not just the Town employees - many with limited benefits. I agree that these are the people that work hardest for the Town by volunteering and giving back to the community. However, I disagree that any change to a bargaining contract should have been done by resolution. (And I agree that the Town wastes money on a bunch of other things)" Apr 2, 16 8:24 AM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

I am not sure who has a worse effect on a community - those that believe they are entitled to more than everyone else or those that encourage it and condone it." Apr 4, 16 4:16 PM

thanks for making my point - you are not entitled to greater free speech than anyone else." Apr 4, 16 6:07 PM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Something doesn't make sense here. I find it hard to believe that the Governor's office doesn't understand the layout of Hampton Bays "mainland" and Dune Road. " Apr 12, 16 2:08 PM

I am still confused. How did Supv. Schneiderman know that the rejection was because the Governor's office "got wind" of what Alex Gregor said. Did Supv. Schneiderman "get wind" of that from the Governor's office or did he get that in writing? It just sounds like there is a lot of "wind" around this project." Apr 13, 16 11:05 AM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

There is no need for this wasteful project. I can think of many more important projects that need to get done in Hampton Bays. We all need to spread the word to vote no." Apr 13, 16 5:08 PM

The Library seems to be a community center for a hodge podge of services. If there is a need for after school programs, those that need it should address it - the library should not be used as a de-facto after school center. Most of the adult programs can and are already run in other community centers in Hampton Bays - the senior center, the lodge at Squiretown Park, various houses of worship, the adult program at the school. The current building has 20,000 square feet of usable space and was recently renovated in 2006 to accommodate the Teen Room. To demolish a structurally sound building and rebuild a new library is a waste of taxpayer funds." Apr 14, 16 8:10 AM

Yes I have. It was presented that $1 million would bring the building up to date. IMHO, there is no reason to destroy a structurally sound building for more room for programs that can be relocated to other Taxpayer funded buildings. " Apr 15, 16 12:14 PM

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