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5 Comments by Jim Sutton

Vote On The Hills On December 5 Is Likely Just The Beginning Of A New Phase In Project's Debate

I am a 30 year resident of East Quogue. Discovery Land project is the better use of this property. Sewage treatment plant for homes, lower nitrogen level from Golf Course, some additional school taxes paid and possible boast to local businesses in our small town. I would ask that people who do not live in East Quogue to cool their rhetoric. " Nov 30, 17 11:53 AM

The pollution problem lies with the decades old cesspools of the 50,000 plus people who live in the Town of Southampton. Old cesspools built over the last 30 - 50 years have been leaching waste for years. Combine this with road runoff, detergents, lawn fertilizers, prescription medication and other chemical pollutants that have been dumped in our cesspools. Where does this go? It finds it way to the aquifer and our bays. The Hills have a sewage treatment plant in their plans. They are not the problem. " Dec 1, 17 3:58 PM

Community Divided On New East Quogue Golf Course Proposal

The rejected PDD plan was the best deal for East Quogue. That had the most benefits and protections for our town. As a 30 year resident, I would welcome the Development of this Property if it could include most of the benefits and/or requirements of the original agreement of the Planned Development District. What a shame this agreement failed because it now looks like we will get a development without the previously negotiated benefits. I will withhold my vote for those responsible for this poor decision. " Mar 8, 18 2:53 PM

East Quogue Residents Push To Incorporate Following Rejection Of The Hills

I am a 32 year resident of East Quogue. I support the formation of a Village for East Quogue. The best use of the Hills property was the very good proposal that was rejected by the Town Board. What a shame outsiders ruined this good opportunity for the residents of East Quogue.

" May 3, 18 1:12 PM

Old cesspools and inadequate sewer systems are the problem for our waterways. Montauk Highway drains into Weesuck Creek. The hills had a sewage treatment plant. It was a good plan that was defeated by misinformation.
" May 3, 18 2:21 PM