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Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

Praying for everyone involved and wishing the jury the strength and courage that they will need to make it through the trial and come to a fair and unbiased decision." Oct 19, 09 10:54 PM

Get some of the COs from Riker's on the stand to testify about Anthony's character! They will tell you THEY thought he was innocent from the momnet he walked in there. And Anthony is NOT being held in Nassau anymore...wonder why?" Oct 20, 09 9:18 AM

You have the right to protect yourself using the same means as those that are being used against you. In this case Riester's hands were his weapon and that is what Tony used to defend himself so NO that is not murder. It is protecting yourself against someone with specialized trianing that outweighs you by 100 pounds which is the confirmed weight difference between the men. Mr. Resiter may have been doing his job but he was not following the standard in which these situations are typically handled and Anthony was protecting his own life!" Oct 20, 09 11:33 AM

The first witness I heard speak well of Tony was actually one of the prosecution's witnesses! I will be sure to keep listening to the witnesses though and so will the jury and we will all watch Sarita poke hples in all of their stories!" Oct 20, 09 7:10 PM

Would you try to use other alternatives if someone was pointing a gun at you and you had a gun that you could use to protect yourself? If you are attacked you repsond without formulating a plan or thinking of consequesnces. Your natural instincts take over and you do what needs to be done to protect your own life. If there was such chaos aorund the victim and Tony, do you think he realized the instant Mr. Reister went limp or do you think perhaps, with all of the chaos, he did not realize and just thought he had been successful in protecting himself from more violence and continued to hold on for seconds, not minutes rather than let go and let the bigger man have the advantage again?" Oct 21, 09 11:08 AM

The real over exageration here is the charge of Murder. " Oct 22, 09 9:53 AM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Where is all the coverage of the cross examinations of the DAs witnesses so far? How come it is not being shared that there was no attmept made to separate witnesses even though the first responding officer said how witnesses tend to come togther and share one story that they believe will help the poilice. Sarita's cross exmaination lead to people changing their story from seeing Mr. Reister talking to Tony to then saying Tony was pushed from the table without warning. The officer admitted that potential witnesses are tainted when allowed to speak amongst themselves. As for Tony's experience in Riker's thus far, uneventful. The COs there are treating him fairly because they believe he is not guilty of murder but that he experienced a very unfortunate sequence of events that night. Where was Mr. Reister's shirt that would have indicated that he was a bouncer and not just another patron in a bar? Tony was a tall and scrawny golfer. Look at pictures! Not some juiced up muscle head! The truth is that there was almost 100 pounds difference between the men and that is a FACT so no matter what loose or tight clothing may have looked like, that it the bottom line!" Oct 23, 09 3:03 PM

It is certainly not my intent to dishonor Mr. Reister in any way. I cannot express how much saddness I feel for his enitre famiily and his friends. That doe snot change the fact that someone else is being unfairly accused of INTENDING to kill him. Go to the trial and listen to facts, not just a one sided news article!" Oct 23, 09 3:54 PM

WRONG! They said the the shirt the bouncers wear are maroon with the logo and that Mr. Reister was not wearing it but instead was wearing a plain blue shirt that said Southampton Ales on the sleeve!" Oct 23, 09 7:14 PM

HB 4 Life.... we are not disrespecting the deceased at all. My thoughts and prayers go out to the reister family. By being there for my friend Tony and expecting a fair trial I am not disrespecting the Reister family. Are you better then me bc you are from hampton bays? is that what you are trying to get at? why dont you grow up? i honestly am mad at myself for even giving someone like you the time of day. My only intentions are to be there for a true friend to me no matter what his situation is. I wont turn my back on a friend because of anything. This was a total tradegy but that doesnt change the fact that I am friends with Tony. If you have a hard time dealing with that then I apologize" Oct 24, 09 8:02 PM

Prosecution rests, defense case opens in Oddone trial

Do you think it is uncommon for experts to be called into trials from locations outside of the jurisdiction of where the case is being tried? This is common practice during the course of trials and so is the monetary compensation of expert witnesses. There is nothing about him being from Michigan nor his payemnt that discredits his expert opinion. In fact, because he is not employed by Suffolk County, where there have been obvious cover ups and loss of important documentation as uncovered during trial so far, only makes him a more cerdible source than those called by the prosecution. In addition, the Bridge simply told investigators that the documentation of eployment was unaviable at that time since Tony was paid off the books like all other caddies and like Mr. Resiter was. In fact, caddies were made available by the Bridge for detectives to talk to the morning following the incident. Some of the critical pieces of evidence being use by both sides in this trial came directly from Bridge empolyees voluntarily! I am not a lawyer but it appears to me that the detective was called to showcase all of the witnesses who NEVER had statements taken. Why? Draw your own conclusions. " Nov 24, 09 9:51 AM

Oddone trial nears conclusion; defense witness challenged

Ah, yes. You often become board certified, a professor in your field, chief medical examiner in 2 counties, author and editor of professional text books, and naitonally recognized by being a half wit! Don't be ignorant because you don't like what he said. Only medical examiners from Suffolk County NY are to be considered experts? Unlikely!" Nov 24, 09 2:52 PM

Oddone won't take stand; both sides rest, and closing arguments slated Tuesday

An unexpected shove from an unidentifiable person who outweighed Tony by 100 lbs and ended up on top of him on a barroom floor warrants self defense through even the most biased eyes. Tony responded to his agressor as to prevent any further harm to himself - self defense. As to the very scientific and close up pictures of various body parts shown throughout the trial, they did not evoke visible emotion from almost anyone in the courtroom with the exception of Mr. Reister’s wife and mother. Not his fellow corrections officers, not family friends, not jurors, nor other onlookers. These photos were allowed into evidence because the judge felt they would not evoke overwhelming emotion from those that saw them and any photos that had the potential for evoking sympathy or emotion were inadmissible. Don’t be so hasty to mistake “callousness” for being numb. The past 15 months have allowed Tony to prepare for these weeks in court and have given him the opportunity to experience his own emotions in private. It is likely that, if he had cringed or shed tears, that you would have accused him of faking emotion to evoke his own sympathy from the jury. If those around Tony felt the level of instability and anger from him that you are trying to portray he would not be in the position he is today with an unwavering group of support from family to friends to coworkers, teammates, and countless others who support him, visit him, pray for him, and LOVE him! We know that Andrew Reister is loved by many but the truth is so is Tony and no words you post here will change that nor will they change the reality of what we know happened 15 months ago.
" Nov 26, 09 12:21 AM

Yes, I was in the courtroom to see the photos and as you know it is a small courtroom so without actually looking aorund, you can see those surrounding you and my observations were that nobody was visibly upset. You in your own words said that just because there are no tears does not mean there is no pain! This is very true and the same is applied to Tony. Just because you ddin't see tears in the courtroom does nto mean there is no pain. There is. And not for just himself but for the Reister family.

This has become a place of many bitter words and harsh accusations and the truth is that this is not the way to honor the wonderful man you all knew Andrew to be nor the special person many of us believe Tony to be. There was a lot of inofrmation and evidence presented over the past 6 weeks and we can all choose to interpret it in a variety of ways. The jury will have the burden drawing their own conclusions and we will all continue to pray for our own desired outcomes until then. " Nov 28, 09 9:00 PM

He never had MMA training nor military training. He never told that to the cos either. Remember the seven seconds of missing footage during which he is said to have told this to the cops.....another cover up! Never happened!" Nov 29, 09 5:34 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

But as we found out through the trial and were reminded today, 2-3 minutes was actually the length of the WHOLE event (not just the headlock) and that once Mr. Resiter was not fighting back others were still beating the crap out of Tony trying to hurt him as much as possible so no, in the midst of the pummeling, he did not let go! Soem witnesses said it was as short at 20-30 seconds!" Dec 1, 09 9:05 PM

So with 100s of witnesses the prosecution could only find about 12 all with different versions of what happened? You would think out of 100s at least a few would have the same story, no?" Dec 1, 09 10:19 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

how would a reporter know that? " Dec 2, 09 6:28 PM

Oddone jury will consider lesser charges

I said 12 people with VERY different stories! II was stating that if there were so many people there why didn't soem have the same story.The defense told you why she didn't call Adam. She didn't need to. The prosecution bears the burden of proof. " Dec 2, 09 7:05 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

The cab driver was asked to bring him to a house in the Hamptons where he spends a lot of time over the summer. Nopt to a bus station, not the airport, not keep driving until we are far far away.....A few miles from the bar to a KNOWN address! Hardly fleeing from the authorities. " Dec 3, 09 12:42 PM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Jury will be back at it Monday morning. No verdict today!" Dec 4, 09 7:11 PM

I love that you wrote this! This is so true and if these 2 families can be pleasant to one another in the midst of these trying times then we have no business arguing on here." Dec 5, 09 9:30 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

I wish they had it in writing. It's an awful lot to remeber. There are so many specific components to each charge. I am not surprised that afterthe weekend they would need it re-read. " Dec 8, 09 9:56 AM

Well clearly if that were ALL the information or if that were the WHOLE truth there would not be 12 people still held up in a room this whole time and still deliberating 5 days later. Do you think they want this to drag on or do you that just maybe they heard something that you refuse to hear? There is more to the story whether or not you are willing to admit that." Dec 8, 09 11:53 AM

They asked to have testimony of 3-4 people read back, some of which was done before lunch and the rest will be completed after lunch and they also asked to see some pictures again too I think." Dec 8, 09 3:37 PM

The prosecuting attorney admitted Tony was pushed off the table." Dec 8, 09 7:00 PM

Who said he was walking away? Not one eyewitness said he was walking away! Don't twist the facts. JUst because Tony got behind him doe NOT mean he was walking away or was no longer a threat. Nobody RAN to a cab to flee. The cab driver was given a LOCAL address. He was not FLEEING away. Fleeing would be going to hide in the woods or go to bus station or airport....not a nearby home! " Dec 8, 09 7:21 PM

I think if anything is limited it should be nasty comments towards one anotheer and name calling. If something is too long for you, don't read it. At least Publius is not attackign anyone. He is calm, articulate, and shares information that shome of us find useful. Skip his comments or any others that are too long for you. " Dec 9, 09 10:54 AM

That's why it is clear to me that the time frame that was specified by some witnesses, the shorter time frame, less than a minute, is more accurate. I do not think that if it went on for 2-3 mintues and in that time there was nobody that could have stopped it. I think it is more likely that the window of time was much shorter and that's why the bouncers in the very next room, with open doorways, dodn't even know anything was going on. The ADA had to look closely at the second hand on her watch in the quiet and calm courtroom to be able to determine when 3 minutes had passed. Do you think people in a noisy, crowded bar with drinks in them knew time while watching a struggle? I doubt it!" Dec 10, 09 11:06 AM

And those 3 mintues in the courtroom felt like 5 so I am sure 30 seconds could have felt like 2 minutes to some that night!" Dec 10, 09 11:13 AM

I am not skewing anything. The estimates of time ranged from 15 seconds to 6 minutes. That is some major discrepancy huh?" Dec 10, 09 11:32 AM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

They are listening to read back of testimony." Dec 14, 09 11:35 AM

Why must you keep coming back here and reading if you are so displeased? Wait for the updates in Newsday and on News 12 then! Stop spewing your hate all over here!" Dec 14, 09 1:50 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

I second that. He just sticks around to complain. Why?" Dec 17, 09 9:42 AM

I encourage you to go back and read all of 34 of my prior posts and find one instance in which I referred to Mr. Reister as a bully. Never did I do that and I stated several times how I felt sadness for his entire family, was praying for them, and belived that he was proabbly a great guy. I did call him an agressor because it was stated in court that he intiated physcial contact. That's it. Never called him names, never disrespected him, never said anything "ludicrous." Thank you for my reality check though, now try yours!" Dec 17, 09 11:12 AM

Oddone Conviction Overturned By Highest Court, New Trial Possible In 2008 Killing

Do you know how hard it is to have your case accepted to be heard by this level of appeals court? And then to have them grant a retrial? And for that decision to be unanimously agreed upon by all 7 judges? It must be obvious, when you remove emotion, that the trial was unfair from the start. " Dec 12, 13 8:33 PM

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