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Riverside home overcrowded and infested with insects

Unbelievable . How horrable that must be for the people who live there especially the children! I see overcrowded housing in North Sea as well and its good to see the Town taking action, cleaning up these unhealthy unsafe conditons that is also a blight to the neighbors and community. " Oct 20, 08 6:37 AM

East Hampton billionaire bulldozed dunes

Though it would be denied it always seems like its calculated meaning the fine is paltry compared to getting what you want. Ultimately when mother nature comes and digs into the sand he removed his last line of defense. Such a travesty those dunes and that land were awesome and the prior owners respected and kept it that way. East Hampton is really falling down on the inspection aspect of building. How can you miss a bulldozer knocking down the dunes? Its such a sensitive area that it should be watched on a daily basis." Nov 12, 08 7:00 AM


One can only hope that the prior comment is true as Dan Russo did represent the common citizen. He was the underdog, listened and acted. I hope that he runs when another postion opens up, he did an alwful lot, during his one year especillay with code enforcement cleaning up the over crowed housing blight in our communities. Hopefully MS Pope will be just as effective only time will tell." Nov 17, 08 6:30 AM

Hampton Bays condo complex secures final approval

I think the whole idea is not good. Sandy Hollow already has alot of traffick and now we will have more. When these units are "sold" as individual units who is going to take care of the place? WIll they have HOA's or will they just sit and become dumps?? This type of overdevelopement is not a good idea and is not a good gateway in to the area and the idea of a lottery for first repsonders sounds good but I think is to selective and discriminates against others who need housing like single moms, dads etc...The whole idea needs to be rethought." Dec 1, 08 6:34 AM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

They are still overcharging us east of canal folks. On purpose as we drive to Riverhead to shop, we take the "empty car" and fuel it up on Route 24. I paid $1.85 yesterday a paltry $45 fill up when it used to be over $100. If I ever get caught short Ill only put in a few bucks until I get to Flanders, just out of prinicpal. " Dec 10, 08 10:44 AM

Skating rink returns to Southampton Village

Fabulous Idea. Southampton has and continues to be a place where family can get together and enjoy the outdoors. Fun wholesome activity in a great location! We live in a great place!" Jan 19, 09 8:56 AM

American flags cut down, twice

DIsgusting. Time for some video survelance so you can bring the vandels to justice. " Jan 19, 09 8:58 AM

Year-end real estate stats show 2008 losses

There is more to come as there are no growth metrics at this point. Its a white collar recession and it will affect everyone, from landscapers to homeowners and every service trade out here as we all make our living off of residential real estate one way or another. Including people who do not work any more as Town services are cut due to budget constraints from lack of real estate revenues. As far as assessed values, they may go down but the town has a budget, so they will increase the mill rate to cover the budget. So your taxes will only go down if the budget goes down and not necessarily property value. 2009 will be an interesting year as the real estate market only really turned off in the second half of 2008 even though it started showing weakness in late 2007. I dont see spring turning on at all there may be some sales but not a tremendous amount and I also think that rentals will be down as people are afraid to part with there money. From the Wall St crash of 87 it took almost 5 years 1992, for the market to start back up again with any regularity and rentals were slow then also. Sit back and fasten your seatbelts its gonna be a long ride and only time will record what happens next." Jan 22, 09 7:07 AM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Awefull Idea. HB is over developed as it is, both commercially and residentially. With all the office space coming on the market and the conomy in a decline, who is going to rent them? They will just sit vacant a big eyesore." Jan 26, 09 7:10 PM

Southampton Town drafts wish list for stimulus funds

The town should add to its wishlist a request for funding to improve all of the unimproved roads in the town. The town used to have a private road policy in 1976 whereby they would improve and take the roads over but somehow stopped. Homeowners living on unimproved roads are paying the same tax rate, yet receiving no services as those living on improved roads. There is no discount for living on an unimproved road!! Many year round residents some elderly lvie on these roads that can best be described as horrible conditon. Road flooding and road ruts, flood out private homes and would lead to increased response time from emergency services as some roads are almost impassable. The town needs to recognize and restart the program with the federal monies that are out there and take care of its taxpaying citizens." Feb 22, 09 7:01 AM

Bank sues former Suffolk County Legislator George Guldi, alleges mortgage fraud

This is really bizarre. I dont think that 2027 could ever had been worth $3.5. Something is fishy here. Wachovia should look into the whole deal. I wonder who the loan officer/ mortgage broker is and appraiser? It takes more than one to tango. As time goes on I bet there will be more stories like this on the East End as the market winds down. " Feb 22, 09 7:12 AM

Teen who fell from 'party bus' in stable condition; charges might be filed

Unbelievable. Parents of the young kids should never have allowed them on this party bus. There is no way my child would get permission to do this. Where was the chapparone?? Perhaps the limo company should demand that a parent be present. Lucky the kid only had a laceration, he could be dead and this would be a much different article. Totally stupid and completely preventable. The parents should get the lashing!" Mar 17, 09 7:06 AM

Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

Its a great idea, but the vendors should be limited to east end businesses and farms only. Westhampton and out both forks. There is some great produce up on the North Fork, as well as some great imported gourmet produce in the South Fork stores. It would provide a good mix, bring in tourism dollars, and perhaps provide a way for local consumers to pay alittle less. Go for it!" Mar 20, 09 9:42 AM

Southampton Town officials: Capital budget is short $4.9 million

ENOUGH ALREADY with the blame game. Get to the final bottom of the problem, recognize how it happened, and provide a solution, provide transparency and move on! " Mar 23, 09 6:33 AM

Road closure irks fishermen and beachgoers

I used to fish and go down there then it became a hang out for the less than nice crowd. It started getting dumpy. Maybe now it will be nicer. Used to be a nice family spot. However fisherman with trustee passes should be allowed to access the beach, at their own risk. Amazing how stupid the whole dredging thing is. I tried to get the spoils moved to our beach but instead they put it somewhere else. The DEC only works for themselvs and not the local people. I cant help but wonder if the damage may not have occurred had the spoils be placed elsewhere. " Mar 23, 09 6:41 AM

Suffolk County might relocate trap and skeet range to Southampton Town

Great Idea, Its a sport with deep roots on the east end. I and my family enjoy it. It would be fun to start a travel legue and compete against other teams." Apr 2, 09 11:54 AM

Councilwoman closer to deciding on supervisor

Run Anna, we need more representation in North Sea & Noyack. " Apr 8, 09 6:37 AM

Southampton Town must issue $16 million in bonds this year

Our taxes in general with the exception of different school district funding requirements are very low when compared to surrounding towns. Just look at Riverhead & Southold they are 2-3x what your paying. I sort of agree with Kabot that during good times the taxe increases could have been absorbed better. But what seems to be comng out of this is that the governemtn has not been run like a business or by business people. If it were this would have been found out and handled a long time ago. The town has grown and we need existing services as well as new and increased services to handle our population. What will the town do with $16,000,000. The $10mm that is a pay back for funded projects?? What are the new $6mm projects?? I dont think that the town should pay for a rec center with a pool in Westhampton, when the SYS in North Sea had to raise private funds and take out a multimillion dollar loan to finish. Will they pay off the SYS note also to be fair?? One thing for sure this is bringing some much needed transaparency. All of the captial projects should be available for vieiwing on the Towns website plus the finances. Elections are coming up, vote for the candidate that will run this place properly and provide proper and equaitable services to all taxpayers, especially Highway. We need a proactive Supt of Highways that will find federal funding, (its out there thank you Pres Obama) and fix our roads, and start paving the many dirt roads that year round residents live on while paying the same taxes as those who live on paved roads. Property owners on dirt roads are paying the same tax rate as those on paved roads yet receive no services. Despite being a health and safety hazard, its not fair. The feds could pay for it soit ouldnt even raise or taxes, imagine that. Its going to be an interesting election... " Apr 18, 09 7:16 AM

Bishop requests funding for East End projects

It would be nice instead of pork barrel spending that some spending that would help the masses would be included in the bill. In Southmapton Town if you live on a dirt road, an unimproved road, you are paying the same taxes for services as if you are on a paved road. The Town will not provide services stating that the roads are not up to their standards, yet they charge you for it. Its not fair. The cure is 100% of the cost of paving the road is the responsibility of the few owners located on that street even though anyone in the Town can drive on them. The costs are a huge burden. Some of these roads flood severly causing property damage, not to mention the potholes. Roads in thiese conditions are safety hazards as they impede response time. It would be nice if the Town would put in a request to the Feds for money to cure this. $433,000 for a SCPD trailer would pave and drain many feet of roads and directly affect many taxpaying and voting citizens. Some of whom are fixed income senoir citizens. How about it Mr Bishop how about some money to aid taxpaying voting citizens who are paying for services on dirt roads yet receive nothing. There used to be a private road program but the "Cost" is hilding it up. We need your help!!!" Apr 21, 09 7:02 AM

Economy, roadwork convinces Lobster Inn owner to reopen for yet another summer

Well Roger we will be in soon for Splat. Its one of our favorite dishes at your place. Always had that Island feel. I think with som epush on your part you can compete and make a living. With the exception of Hampton Bays there really isnt another good seafood joint until East Hampton. Exploit your niche.
INS: There are no "going rates" for appraisers. Its just like construction, time and materials. Alot of appraisers charge to little as they think all appraisal fit on the government fannie mae form. When it comes to writing custom reports for unique properties you would be surprised how many man hours are really needed. Especially if one is hard working and honest.

See you soon Roger!" May 9, 09 6:59 AM

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