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Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

These deer are a nuisance, weather it is farms, roads, or private residences. For the people that pretend they are "natural," they eat garbage and agriculture... and thrive on it. The real question to me, is why are our local hunters not given an extra tag or two in order to cull the population? I am not "privileged" enough to read the entire article but hopefully this is addressed. " Apr 6, 14 4:43 PM

Great White Shark Found On Amagansett Beach Being Studied At Stony Brook Southampton

There is nothing ENCOURAGING about this report. Sharks are no joke and it sucks that water people have to think about the mother floating around. I could go on about this argument(seals) but hopefully we don't see more activity close to our shores. Save your breathe/typing, but if they are getting inside the break water at some point it may become a problem." Aug 3, 14 12:30 AM

Four Neighbors Seek Rock Revetment In Springs

Good News! This is the 21st century were a "stone revetment" can save your beachfront property for a few decades while deflecting the erosion to another area of the shore!" Sep 6, 14 11:02 PM

Flanders Road Work Closes Northbound Lane In Hampton Bays

I am curious about what will happen on Monday with traffic. On the first day of construction, 10/17, a car broke down in the "Southbound lane" and caused at least 15 minutes of delays around 7:10 AM. Vehicles were serving into the Northbound lane without "supervision." Hopefully no one get hurts during the repave. Plan on leaving 10 minutes earlier(at least) until this repave is done." Oct 18, 14 1:54 AM

Vote On Friday To Decide On New Ambulance Building In Southampton

Not a village resident but I saw the voter flyer. Hard to respect a claim that says standing room only, when you literally print a picture of a "volunteer" sitting in a plush recliner." Oct 29, 14 10:14 AM

Update: No Charges Filed Against Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Friday Morning

SPEED is what makes money. Get rid of the traffic lights during the trade parade." Nov 15, 14 8:06 AM

You are delusional, a human life was lost on a major thoroughfare. This road needs pedestrian overpasses at major intersections." Nov 15, 14 8:13 AM

UPDATE: Neighbor Slaps Southampton Justice With Defamation Suit Over Remarks, Wilson Withdraws Application

Yeah I feel bad for Big Barb, seems like because of her high profile she attracts too much attention. I am very familiar with the area, those houses are right on top of each other already, a glorified fire escape doesn't change much. The worst part is the 'neighbors' are probably in those homes a few weekends a year. Just rent those units out and grab a nice spot closer to the bay Big B. At least you wont a bunch of drunks stumbling out of the clubs down the street." Jun 13, 15 10:51 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

This is a simple problem, with a simple solution. Open the books and let the taxpayers know where the moneys going. Even if someone parents 'left them a hedge fund' that doesnt mean someone else can squander the money. Ive lived in HB all my life, and purchased home here a few years ago. Little did I know that there would be a DJ dance party at the firehouse less than 1000 feet from my home. And this 'incompetent civilian' just would like to know whats going on. Frankly with 300k they should buy the lot on the corner of Squiretown and Old Riverhead Road East." Jul 19, 15 12:37 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

The food at the Hampton Bays Diner sucked, no doubt. But to say that all diners across the US are the same? Give me a break, You could basically go any direction but south of this location and find a diner with solid food.

Lets hope that this diner is replaced with a owner that wants to attract the LOCALS with delicious food, and make the summer crowd happy. I dont think I know a single Hampton Bays resident who would have recommended going there to eat." Jul 20, 15 3:30 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

Jitney drivers are not the greatest. Ive seen them blow past me at 50mph(+?) on 39 in the left lane. Hopefully you never get blasted by their rear view washer." Aug 19, 15 8:03 PM

Governor Calls For Review Of Common Core

Common core is about using skills to solve a problem, not following steps to get a result. It could be the best thing to happen to students in a long time. The questions I have reviewed were mediocre, but some have really pushed a students mind to solve problems while rewarding for understanding concepts.

Teachers will have to bear the burden of a new method, but Suffolk County teachers are compensated for their effort. I would like to know why teachers are so against it personally. The tenured teachers I have met seem passionate about their craft.

Screw all the politic stuff, some of those common core questions were fun to solve. And if any teacher out there is thinking they can teach the same things for 5+ years in a STEM topic... give me a break. Your students need to know how to use the tools you teach them. " Sep 14, 15 10:58 PM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

This family had every damn reason to be outraged. The Southampton Town Police are a joke. Trusting a homicide investigation to an organization that thinks patrolling Flanders and Riverside is sitting at the circle by McDonalds is comically tragic. Hopefully theres no lost live in those woods." Dec 12, 15 11:18 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

What a joke, if you want to figure out why he resigned just search his name on this website and read. Connect the dots yourself. One of the missing dots just might be having to testify under oath. " Apr 17, 16 11:23 AM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

'Alleged' porno selfie picture. Fairly sure most 11968 locals are still pretending that it might not have cost them $300k." May 6, 16 11:25 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Going meta here, but if you are surprised by the actions of Trump and voted for Zeldin your head is in the sand. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. Absolutely shocking but this is PART of the Republican agenda. " Jan 31, 17 1:33 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says Trump's Immigration Order Justified

Bigfresh I read your posts here and agree with many things you say. Im seriously glad you got this figured out. But when you have a President who was elected on anti-Muslim rhetoric do you think this these 7 countries are enough?" Feb 2, 17 11:57 AM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

My opinion dismissed as political theater because of a unnamed political activist agenda. Feels Bad Man. " Feb 2, 17 6:18 PM

We need a Presinator so we AS AMERICANS dont get Jedi Mind Tricked again." Feb 6, 17 12:41 PM

I don’t trust any media, tweet, or meme. I trust in my elected officials. " Feb 7, 17 6:56 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

The majority has known Neo-Nazis/KKK are pieces of trash for decades. Most US students are taught about the horrors of the Nazis and the hate of the KKK. Its not until recently that the Anitfa meme was used to label the alt-left IN THE US. When the Antifa meme is compared to the Nazis by the President, people are going to get upset.

But if part of Antifa's 'hate filled rhetoric' is that Nazis are a plague on the earth I think we can all agree they might be right one that issue." Aug 17, 17 10:18 AM

Hospital's 'No Tipping' Policy Is Unfair, Says Parking Valet

Did you even bother to read the first 3 sentences of the article? The employee is part time, she might be eligible for benefits. Unless the business owner might specifically limit her hours. Why does it even matter to you, this employee providing a free service, might get a few extra dollars? Tipping is optional." Aug 17, 17 10:48 AM

UPDATE: Hundreds View Solar Eclipse On South Fork Monday

That was not 100% obscuration also called totality. the difference between 98% and 100% is truly stunning." Aug 29, 17 12:17 PM