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Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

Dear Mr Shaw, thank you for the thorough reporting and for showing both sides of the story. Oddone's lawyer was dedicated and professional and her efforts were a story in themselves. GOd bless all involved int his unfortunate and unpleasant affair.

But what can one do about the idiotic comments that follow this story. Can there be some guide lines to limit the arguing about everything and nothing? Or do most people just skip that section? MAny thanks AH" Dec 17, 09 3:11 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

The Trustees can not operate, the Town Highway Department does not speak to Anna Throne Holst, have any of you asked yourselves how the town is being run? It is not running well in other words. The buck stops at the top as Obama says.

The Trustees must defend their (Our) rights. If it is government by the people then the people had better get involved. Letters to the editor and rants on line do nothing. Don't let me ruin your fun, have at it. But consider this: If the Town is being advised by Atty Tiffany Scarlato (same person who was on un employment while setting up a private office in Sag Harbor, prior to working for the town) to act in a certain way and the Town follows that advice it is because you have not made your voice heard and this is why:

This is how it works from a politicians point of view. An e-mail is easy to write, so every e-mail sent is equivalent to 10 people of the same point of view.

A phone call requires more time and is more personal, it is equivalent to 100 people of the same point of view.

A letter takes more time and effort to write addressed specifically to the person who needs to hear it, ie: Town Supervisor, Senator, Legislator, etc. it is equal to 1,000 people of the same point of view.

So let's say you show up at their office, like lobbyists do and present your point of view in a sane and rational manner, after any of the above. That is equal to tens of thousands of people who have the same point of view. Town hall is open at 8:30 am.." Feb 20, 14 12:32 PM

Tails Wagging Over New Southampton Dog Park

How about permeable paving instead of more asphalt? The drainage issues along windmill lane are already so problematic. I can not believe that after having installed numerous dry well systems that the village is allowing a hard surface that adds to the run off. Skip the ridiculous 20,000. Sculpture and put some environmentally aware design into the parking area. " Mar 16, 14 12:37 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Call in Bill Clinton! Having survived being pinned with a scarlet letter himself he can consult on how to survive a scandal and come up smiling. It is too bad that mcCurdy could not have challenged McAllister for a duel lof bagpipes instead, Alec Baldwin could have declared the winner! And our contributions to this organization would not now be going to litigation instead of protection of our waters. Or does McCurdy have a financial fund set up for that? What are the directives governing that kind of expenditure? Lawsuits cost 10-100's of thousands of dollars. Kevin did his job well. Internal mediation within the organization should have been the protocol. Unless there is a policy strictly forbidding fraternization than McCurdy has just cost the organization a great deal in terms of supporters, finances and time lost. Pin a scarlet F on Miss Millar for femme fatale. She does seem to have kept her job in spite of being 50% of the alleged affair unless the newspapers are reporting the matter incorrectly. " Mar 21, 14 7:50 AM

Farmland Preservation Effort Takes A Turn In Southampton By Adding Covenants

The old farmers sold off land to developers for summer homes which raised land and house values. They were given tax breaks if they did not develop. Now they are going to get millions for their land and we have to pay the development rights so new farmers can farm. Very ironic. " Apr 24, 14 7:16 AM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

Deep ties to the community kept him from giving up his accomplice? Perhaps those ties to the Claud family should be re examined. " May 15, 14 7:35 AM

Felony Rape Charge Stemming From Wildwood Lake Incident Will Be Tossed, Attorney Says

Point well made about investigating charges versus putting out press releases.
" Jan 29, 15 10:38 AM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

If this were just a grocery store and not a mall with attendant other stores perhaps a location could be found. ANd if it were to be say half way between the grocery stores in Hampton Bays and Southampton, then that wold put it at the Stony Brook Campus location, which would actually be a great spot, right about where the old gymnasium is now. " Mar 27, 15 3:10 AM

Bunker Die-Off Investigated In Peconic River, Reeves Bay In Flanders

" Jun 9, 15 6:30 AM

County Calls For Federal Assistance Following Second Bunker Die-Off

Legislation is needed to control the sale and use of fertilizers. I am not sure why Federal money is needed for that.
" Jun 25, 15 6:55 PM

Town Expands Scope Of Questions For The Hills At Southampton

A golf course is not permitted under current zoning, so why is this project even being considered? " Jun 25, 15 7:01 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

Preservation is in the public interest not a "donation" to the East Quogue School district that will not have any lasting effect. Preservation of the land over the drinking water supply is the only responsible thing to do. There is no pre-destiny in this development. But I can assure you that any one who signs an agreement to only live in their house for 90 is probably smart enough to rent their house for the remaining 10 months which wait let see IS the school year. Or rent it for a year and not live there at all.....

Hissey no one who lives here wants this. Try to wrap your mind around that.

" Sep 25, 15 8:13 PM

Discovery Land Company Attorney Wants To Control Discussion On 'The Hills'

Seeking to control the conversation is what this is all about. Particularly at meeting where they provide refreshments. Clearly the company is trying to weigh the scales in their favor. But it does not seem to be a project in the publics favor. I just do not see the public benefit. And the Quogue School Superintendent really needs to put his ACKNOWLEDGEMENT int he proper context, in other words a written statement that says they do not accept, agree to or are willing to abide by these terms. " Oct 1, 15 8:50 AM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

In reviewing her performance it seems that legal issues that came her way got passed off to an outside legal counsel. She was ineffective. " Jan 7, 16 8:48 AM

Town Officials, Environmentalists Still Reviewing Draft Study For 'The Hills'

333 Pages is not a massive document and I hope that the board members are reading it themselves and not just paying 40k to consultants to do that for them and then make recommendations. Unfortunately the 40k has already been spent, but why do we as a town allow those kind of expenditures rather than demanding that the board member s read the equivalent of a short novel? Having Gobler on board to review it is a good idea, but since this is a public document when will the actual details of it be in the Southampton Press rather than those optimistic and highly positive self congratulatory quotes from the developer? " Jan 7, 16 8:52 AM

Sag Harbor Village Considering Eminent Domain For Ferry Road Property

The property on Scuttle hole that is 16 acres and presently for sale on the eastern end would be a great park too. That is for sale. It is described as subdividable on the saunders realty sign. That is a beautiful space not far from other park land and should be preserved.
" Jan 14, 16 12:42 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

The septic system will have to be expanded and upgraded. Do we really want a much larger septic system right on the beach? There are already two or three restaurants at the inlet. This money could be used for other things like improving road run off into bio swales, rain gardens and other things to clean up the bays. Where is the public mandate? Can all of you write to the representatives mentioned here?
" Mar 26, 16 7:12 PM

Wildlife Rehabilitators Upset About DEC License Change

Can it be that the very people who care for injured animals made these recommendations to the DEC? That seems a bit odd. If you feel that this is an unjust determination write the DEC and the NYS wild life rescue council, an organization that is very self congratulatory in their efforts to protect wildlife, and state your dissatisfaction. In writing, although they are all on facebook too.

NYSWRC Membership Committee
1850 North Forest Rd.
Williamsville NY 14221

DEC Special Licenses Unit
Address: 625 Broadway, Albany NY 12233
E-mail: SpecialLicenses@dec.ny.gov
Phone: 518-402-8985" Apr 7, 16 9:37 AM

Court Rules That Sand Land Must Discontinue Mulching Facilty

You are citing something that happened some where else and acting as if this is scientific information found from testing in the area off of Millstone Road at the sand pit. And yet there is a subdivision going in right next door to the sand pit. So are you prodevelopment? Pro more septic systems right on top of that same aquifer that you are decrying as polluted? Is composting a problem? Ask the experts at Rodales organic gardening, It is recommended, particularly for sand soils. This sand pit is recycling the enormous waste stream produced by the construction industry. If you want to cut back on composting then cut back on clearing which is being done just to the north of the sand pit right now. The question is where are all the trees being cut down right now going to be disposed of?

As for the group for the east end you have just lost so many of the people whom support you because by default here you are defending development which is the basis for the closing of the sand pit. Check out google earth and see what color the liquid is in the tanks on the adjacent golf course. Brilliant miracle gro blue, and they are spraying that on the greens and it is running down into trout pond and the bay, oh wait we are having trouble with the water in the bay being polluted correct?

I am disgusted by your lack of preparation, knowledge of the facts, and willingness to submit an opinion under the banner of group for the east end when you should be labeled group for developers. " Apr 7, 16 1:49 PM

Yet the town would approve a zone change for the Hills in Quogue right over the aquifer, and the tennis court camp on Major's path to expand their septic system and operation. BOth of which will have an enormous affect on ground water. But some how making mulch and compost in Noyac is a problem.
Instead of writing comments call Jay Schneiderman's office 283 6000 and tell him what you think. After all he works for you the people.......or write a letter, better yet.
" Apr 7, 16 1:53 PM

Forgot to add, the town is making compost off of north sea road, right over the moraine, next to a sports facility at the dump. In Hampton Bays too. They are making compost, and processing yard waste and grinding mulch. And now they are going to be doing a lot more of it......a lot more. Has the DEC tested these two run sites lately? Why is it legal for the Town to do what they are shutting the sand pit down for? Are they going to expand these facilities? No one at the dump even knew this was coming.

By the way it is illegal to take a dump truck up Mary's Lane so the people who live on Major's path are now going to face even more heavy traffic. MAYBE THEY SHOULD ALL CALL THE SUPERVISORS OFFICE NOW.
" Apr 7, 16 1:57 PM

Southampton Village Looks To Limit Number Of Vehicles Allowed On Beach At Picnic Area

2000 ft long section divided by 12' (average parking spot width) = 166 vehicles.
divided by 10 = 200 vehicles. I think the problem was vehicles 3-5 deep on a sunday. So car pooling to the beach might be a good idea. But opening up other village beaches to residents of the town is a better idea as that is who patronizes the village itself all year long. Particularly from Water MIll, North Sea and tuckahoe. Perhaps simply allowing these areas lower priced beach stickers to village beaches would allow year round residents that do not live in the village directly but are a major part of it's make up use other village beaches is part of the answer. The current beach sticker cost is over 300. that is a lot for a local family. Which may be why a 25. beach driving sticker has become so popular, the village may wish to take this into consideration. " Apr 17, 16 11:11 AM

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