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Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

i see old wilkie had the parks department put out trash cans in front of 7-11." Sep 8, 10 3:34 PM

Tuesday morning traffic delays not expected to reoccur

how about getting up a little earlier" Sep 21, 10 5:30 PM

Hearing sheds light on Dark Skies law in East Hampton Town

what about all the christmas lights that are going up soon?that the town puts up?baaa hum bug this year?" Sep 25, 10 7:42 AM

Human Services takes brunt of East Hampton Town budget hit

jerry berkowski from parks john as if you didnt know." Sep 29, 10 8:36 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

the town should auction off the 16 or so leaf machines after the hearing if all goes well but we will see." Oct 6, 10 6:36 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

they are opening a new store in southampton location will be up coming?the old saks building hmmmmmmm" Oct 10, 10 2:50 PM

New preschool and kid center at East Hampton Indoor Tennis

with those numbers chuckie cheese is moving east" Oct 10, 10 3:23 PM

Doors close at Saks and Citarella; emotions high

you are so right michael that is the plan for citarella and employees are in fear of talking for they will lose there job." Oct 16, 10 7:32 AM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

the town board needs to save that money to spend on the new office furniture computors and curtains and everything else that goes along with it for the great move into the new old town hall.business as usual." Oct 16, 10 4:32 PM

you forgot to mention the 900.00 a piece pine desks on saw horses and the filing cabinets are new.go have a look the doors are open and they are moved in now " Oct 17, 10 7:36 PM

no old pine left overs from the job hand made they actalually look nice they look like old doors set on saw horses.i guess thats cheap compared to 8000.00 " Oct 18, 10 5:58 PM

The Newest Hamptons Hot Spot

ohh thank heaven for 7/11" Oct 21, 10 2:34 PM

East Hampton Town Budget Hearing Set

you wait til one of those kitchen employees takes a sick day oh my god whos gonna cook?" Oct 30, 10 4:27 PM

Road Repairs Will Cause Delays Between Water Mill and East Hampton Starting Wednesday

well its about time already spent 2500.00 in repairs to my front end of vehilce due to giant pot holes.is there any way to get reembersed?" Oct 31, 10 8:03 AM

Montauk Highway Road Work Postponed Till Next Week

omg about time" Oct 31, 10 8:04 AM

that figures" Nov 2, 10 5:32 PM

New Southampton Town Leaf Cleanup Program Will Launch On Monday

we didnt get any fliers on my street.thank god for 27 east" Nov 17, 10 5:48 PM

East Hampton Pharmacy To Close Wednesday, December 8

its a sad day really bad news poor marie" Dec 2, 10 6:25 PM

Library Gets Benefactor

barato" Dec 6, 10 6:11 PM

Project Open Vista: Clearing For A Clear View

does dominick's buddy live across the street from the marine museum?hmmmmmmm.well when you see the parks department there you know who sent them.waste of money" Dec 10, 10 7:53 PM

Looking Beyond Through The Leaves

why would anyone drive from east hampton to montauk and back when you can bring the leaves to the recycling center for free?i have been behind a few of those uncovered loads kinda fun til theres an accident :(" Dec 12, 10 4:27 PM

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