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Some retailers see spike in sales during Black Friday weekend

I love marie what a sweetheart godbless you and merry christmas." Dec 4, 09 1:16 PM

Mere mention of beach restrictions on dogs brings public outcry in East Hampton Village

with a pea bag silly" Dec 5, 09 5:20 PM

oh i mean pee" Dec 5, 09 5:21 PM

A plan to beef up historic regulations in Amagansett

randy lerner the only man who can tear out a town sidewalk and plant grass and trees in its place and nothing happens.money talks." Dec 14, 09 6:50 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

KUDOS to whoever cleaned flanders road the best.merry christmas and happy new year.don't forget many highway employyee's are off because of the holiday so grab your own shovel and stop whinning" Dec 21, 09 7:00 PM

Blizzard snarls life on the East End

See what happens when the town board messes with the employees liveyhood.they can make you look bad or good your choice.i just saw a state snow plow on flanders road plowing a private drive thats a no no" Dec 22, 09 2:08 PM

I am going to paint my truck like the ups guys so i can park anywhere i like and not get tickets." Dec 22, 09 5:54 PM

Loewen and Mansir reflect on public life

well at least pat got her son in the system at the sanitation department before she leaves.that is one good thing she did for her family." Dec 26, 09 11:56 AM

East Hampton Town to hold deer summit after wildlife group protests

how many times have you heard car verses deer and how many dead deer do you pass on the side of the road every day.seems like the persons complaining about hunting deer have grown up in the concrete jungle where there are more people shot there than here in bonac." Jan 8, 10 7:22 AM

Bernard returns; Adams will be new East Hampton town attorney

gee wizz i wonder how pat mansir secured the sanation job when they are going to lay off employees?maybe her son who works at the sanitation deptartment put in the good word for her.business as usual" Jan 10, 10 10:46 AM

East Hampton pulls CPF funding for lifesaving station

mcgintee is in florida hiding" Jan 13, 10 6:24 PM

Foundation takes reins at Southampton Town Animal Shelter

a typical for the town to say one thing and then your out of a job who cares motto still appies" Jan 25, 10 5:17 PM

Poxabogue restaurant faces ouster

i smell a rat " Jan 26, 10 6:20 PM

MTA to hold public hearing in Riverhead over service cuts

good cut service and cut that tax out of my paycheck " Jan 31, 10 8:58 AM

Budget officer: East Hampton not allowed to have a comptroller

so does this mean mcguilty and the rest of the town board was breaking the law when janet was hired?" Feb 15, 10 4:30 PM

Local leaders speak out against MTA service cuts

why do i have to pay for something i do not use.a typical thats new york for ya" Feb 19, 10 2:25 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

gosh i hope they didn't wake up chucks dogs with all that drinking going on next door" Mar 9, 10 6:38 PM

Southampton Town Code enforcement busts motel

at 15200 income a month for 19 apartments pay a fine fill the pot holes fix a couple of windows scoop out the pond clean up the mold junk the cars [200 each at junk yard]etc.etc.etc.dissapear under the radar for another year and do it all over again.now do not forget to raise the rent now because you got caught." Mar 16, 10 11:28 AM

Town code is easy, enforcement is hard

michael has run his bed and breakfast in the village for more than 20 years now that he has a new neighbor with more time and money than he knows what to do with now there is a problem.good luck michael with your new neighbor" Mar 19, 10 7:28 PM

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