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Hospitals and insurer fail to reach agreement; Empire not accepted at East End hospitals

First they decrease coverage and increase the copay by 50%, now we can't use any of the local hospitals. Why should I continue to pay for coverage I don't have ! All policyholders including their employers in the area, should receive a rebate for the period of time they have no coverage." Aug 1, 09 1:28 PM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

My self and my fellow employees would be better off without Blue Cross insurance, but we are stuck with it. My employer and myself have been making payments to this company, and we receive very little in return. The three local hospital won't treat us except in an emergency and my personal physicial cannot admit me to any of these three hospitals. I intend to opt out of the medical plan at the end of the year. If I need a hospital I will go there and pretend I cannot speak the language of the land. " Oct 23, 09 7:37 AM

After 32 years, Hampton Bays administrator retires

Many thanks for all you did for the special needs students AND their parents." Nov 5, 09 1:31 PM

Building inspector training requirements go unmet

The NYS Codes Division who is responsible for providing code training, has had it budget cut severely and currently has only 3 Building Code Instructors for the entire state. Training opportunities can be very spotty. Much of the training is provided by the Building Officials of Suffolk County.
The Town Building Inspectors have a fine record for completing the training and pride themselves on their professionalism and their role as "First Preventers". Currently they enforce the most progressive energy code in the state which has become a model for other municipalities. In spite of the daily abuse they receive, they have not sought peace officer status. Building Inspectors are in the business of building and construction code compliance which is a completely different role from Town Code Enforcement Officers. Leave Foster alone and let him do his job as a consumate professional." Apr 3, 10 12:45 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

The ocean belongs to no one, but is free for everyone to use. Power to the people" Aug 5, 10 8:07 AM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

As I understand it, You cannot clear or otherwise improve or develop a parcel that is undergoing site plan approval. Once they complete this process they still need to get a permit from the Building Department. If you have ever dealt with them you know how difficult that could be." Nov 2, 10 1:43 PM