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Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

To those of you "young" "Newer" parents those in the lower grades do you really think that a board member would intentially choose not to extend this contract due to "personal matters" if so ...then you are sadly incorrect. A personal matter is I don't like you because you and I don't get along. NOT misrespresentation when it comes to OUR CHILDREN and the level of education our children receive. Are you, those who are in favor of our Principal/Superintendent happy with the level of education your children are receiving? Are you aware of all the children needing "parent paid" extra help during the summer in order to catch these High Honor roll students up with the Southampton High School curriculum ??? or don't you care because your children are only in the lower grades??? This is the point the board is trying to make "most of us DON'T" really know why the board is making these decisions. They have the proof, they are working in the communities best interest of ALL the children NOT just their own. This is not a matter of we like or don't like Mrs. Rozzi, she is a lovely individual. Most of us go through reviews at work and if we don't improve in areas that need improvement we get fired generally speaking. Our co-workers and customers can't call our boss and decide that what we did was not that bad.... The bottom line is our children are suffering when it comes learning and education and it is the boards responsibility to avoid future problems... If you all choose to bad mouth their had work and their time away from their familes trying to help your children out then you will have to deal with "what comes around" because you know what is said... What comes around goes around and believe me it comes around... So you all know who you are, take a GOOD look at this situation before you start foaming at the mouth saying things just to be heard....There is much more to this than any of you are willing to hear....If your child were in the higher grades you would hear it and you would be concerned because I believe your child is important.. Coloring and reading picture books are great in Kindegarden but come on now we need to up the anti here, Our children need more education and they need it now. " Jul 29, 09 9:27 AM

It sounds to me as if you have a personal vendetta here!
"My family has been threatened, my children subjected to Sue Riccardi's bile, I have been verbally attacked on countless occasions, but I have not stopped speaking out and, unlike you, I will not hide behind an anonymous blog posting."

Is that what this is all about or is it our children. Move on ....Linda has made up her own mind. She is leaving, what is the next step for Tuckahoe? Stop trying to make more out of this than there is. I said it before and I will say it again in case you were unclear....When you have a job there is a job description and you are expected to follow that job description. If you don't there are consequences...if you still don't follow the reccomendations the "boss" will ask you to leave. I don't know what kind of "boss" you all have out there but in the real world you are expected to follow the rules, those that choose to make there own rules will eventually get "Chopped" and that is what happened.

Like it or not that is the way it is......From here on in you can work with everyone or you can rock the boat, take your pick but remember what comes around goes around !!!!!!!!!! :)

September is around the corner and we need to move forward not back. " Jul 29, 09 2:26 PM

dagdavid at this point I'm going to ask you polietly to "GET A LIFE" You state the only people rocking the boat are Sharon Grindle and Susan Riccardi. I believe they are the only people who truly understand the whole story and they are the only ones who have the authority to do anything. As far as the other board member who has sat on the board for over 20 year with NO children in the school - States he sees no reason for this , can he honestly sit there and state that Tuckahoe is the same school it was even 15 years ago? We need board members that have children in the school, that have an interest in the children & Community & its future.... Ms Gindle and Ms Riccardi have a strong interest in the children and the community...If you think they are doing this for fun you must enjoy being tortured because to me they are being tortured and it would be a lot easier to let things slide which they are no doing.

This is crazy!!! why would anyone put themselves or their families through this unless they really cared..

Some people just enjoy being heard and they will use any outlet to be heard, personally I prefer to enjoy my free time with my family and friends." Jul 29, 09 3:46 PM

Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

Let me begin by stating that there are a lot of angry parents in Tuckahoe who rightfully so don't like the negitive association with our district. Now it is very important to understand that many of the parents writing here don't understand to depth of this situation. I understand you are all hearing a lot of hear say, but unless you have been effected by the poor administration practices which didn't provide proper oversight to all programs offered to all our students, then you wouldn't understand. Let me tell all the parents out there that the 8th grade Algebra students were so far behind and were not taught the proper Algebra curriculum that Now the 8th grade students need to not only go to Math every day but they need to eat there lunch in the Math class in order to get extra help and the entire class also comes after school for another Math class. Thanks to the Outstanding administrative work of Mr. Brian McCarthy our school runs like a well oiled machine. Yes there are bumps in the road but when things ran so unprofessionally for so long it will take some time to recover from that. Your children deserve the best, why all of you out there bashing the two board members that STOPPED the insanity from continuing is beyond me. We might not all agree with our board but they do have our childrens best interst at heart. The words being throw around out there are only creating a negitive attitude, we need to come together as a community and work towards the greater good. For our children, our families and our school community. " Apr 1, 10 10:02 AM

If 1 child was at a disadvantage that is not OK. There are standards and there is also below stard, yes if a child needs extra assistance it is the parents responsibility to make sure those standards are mett. We are talking an entire class that MUST meet everyday after school to take another math class teaching New topics. These kids are so far behind all they think about is math, you are kidding yourself if you think this is 1 child having a problem getting the concept. These kids were NEVER taught these concepts they were simply not taught. That is NOT ok with me nor should it be ok with anyone. We don't want our children to simply pass we want them to excell. This is not about 1 child it never was. " Apr 1, 10 1:01 PM

??"Newsflash: the problem is being addressed. Now what? You have a rogue board president blabbing personal employment data to a newspaper! " Are you kidding!!!
What really is the issue here!! The school, The board!! Math!! Laws!!
So many people have been at board meetings acting like unprofessional members of our community-screaming for months now at Ms. Grindle to give them information, now that she has given it, people are upset that she gave it?
Yes, the school has made a step forward regarding the math program, but you are all forgetting we were alerted to this MAJOR issue because someone stepped forward to make the community aware and to fix the problem for the children in the future. Instead of screaming and bashing our board we should be thanking them for putting their necks out for our children. Think about it - based on what I'm reading I don't think many other people would have done that, There are many sides to this story. Personally I'm thankful that the board had enough strength to say enough is enough - which is why we have a FANTASTIC Superintendant even if for only a few months our school can see the way the school should have been run and will have higher expectations from here forward.

" Apr 1, 10 3:39 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

This is a joke!! Are you kidding how long does it take to determine if someone is drunk...A minute at the most..If you think for a minute after viewing this video anyone with real sense is going to say that Linda was drunk they are NUTS!! It is obvious that she was a target. They followed her for how long prior to pulling her over? When she parked not only did she put her signal on but she parked perfectly! Did everything she was asked to do While the officer stood in front of the camera of course so that we couldn't see that she did everything correctly! Then goes back to the car with his partner in crime and stops the video"so he says to view it" are you kidding me you don't know by now she is NOT drunk!! Maybe you need to go back to the accadamy better yet get fired. If you can't see that she is not drunk there is a problem. Then the camera starts back up and NOW you want her to take a breath test!! get real. Really you cops are a joke. Remember what comes around goes around and some day you know what they say. " Feb 2, 11 11:13 AM

Southampton Village Poised To Pick Police Chief On Thursday

This should be a vote for the people!! The people who pay taxes!! The people who expect a certain job to be done everyday!! NOT JUST WHEN THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON!! What ever happened to next in line!! I don't know Capt. Cummingings but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see he is the BEST candidate for this position. He has passedthe Chief exam 2X with high scores. REALLY!! The village village trustees obviously have a compleatly different agenda here if choose anyone other than Cumminings!! This should not be about politics-Get over yourselves for once and do this community some justice !!! Then put Sgt. Dorcheck as Captain. " Jun 8, 11 9:42 AM

Southampton Boy Will Be Allowed To Play Field Hockey Next Season

Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you Keeling CONGRATUALTIONS! " May 15, 12 12:45 PM

Tuckahoe Finds Voting Irregularities, Re-Piping Project Put Off

Lets make one thing very clear here! some people have an agenda! Other people like Sue don't have a chip on their shoulder but actually "OWN" a home in the district! "PAY TAXES" and are concerned about where their tax dollars are going. If someone voted in more than one school disctrict - there is a problem. If someone who REALLY cares about the district lost their position on the board because of voter Fraud Shame on ALL of Them. All these people and YOU NOW WHO YOU ARE!! who have nothing better to do then cheat and lie in life.. Good Luck you will face your maker someday. " Sep 13, 12 9:03 AM

Lady Mariners Defend Long Island Title Before Losing Again To Irvington

Awesome Job! CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team and Coaching staff. Well Done Keep up the Hard work and NEVER give up Play until the very end you can do this. " Mar 8, 13 8:03 AM

Mariners Come Up Short In Long Island Baseball Championship

Congratulations Mariners Varsity Baseball Team! Great Season ... Great effort..Amazing Team spirit...LEAGUE and SUFFOLK CHAMPS. Wyatt Schmidt was an AWESOME leader for this years team. His leadership kept the team positive in many ways. You will be missed next year Good luck. Next year................................." Jun 5, 13 10:43 AM

Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

Some of these comments are disturbing. ALL schools have areas of low scores ALL schools have areas in need of repairing. What is the main goal here!! Educating our children... All of the children who live in "Tuchoe" also live in the Southampton School disctrict. They live here, they have friends here, they work here, they spend their money here. So those of "YOU" who want this merger to fail had better think about the outcome. If your upset about your taxes "slightly" going up If the merger fails your taxes will go way up because you will loose all the money that went to Southampton would now be going to another school so your taxes would go up even higher and the kids that live here would be forced to go to another district outside of the town in which they live. Imagine that happening to your child, stop for one moment and really think about who your hurting and why you would do that. Enough already we all would be at the same tax figure its just that Tuckahoe has paid such a HIGH tax for so long it looks like we are making out in the deal- The bottom line in the end if the merger goes throught we would ALL be paying the same tax rate no one should be a looser and ALL the children should be winners." Oct 7, 13 1:08 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

Lets keep this community STRONG Vote YES" Oct 29, 13 8:28 AM

We work together, our kids play together , Little League , PAL , Liabrary , EVERYTHING Southampton is used to will change if this Merger doesn't pass. PLEASE everyone VOTE YES for the good of our Community, for Our Children and for our Childrens children. I am a "Tuckahoe" parent who LIVES in Southampton. My Children played Town sports together with their friends. They didn't say oh they live in Southampton and I live in Tuckahoe so we can't be friends! Come on people what are you teaching your children but DISCRIMINATION -"the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex" REALLY is that what we are trying to teach our children today. Lets finally become the one community that we always should have been. Get over the tax increase people-people keep saying lets make it so there is no increase for anyone. Get the facts straight [ 2.63 SCHOOL ONLY tax rate for ALL] unless you want to go back how many years and pay back Tuckahoe residents for OVERPAYING how many more thousands of dollars we have paid then Southampton Residents. Really this is all petty and crying over spilled milk. Lets come together and create the most AMAZING unified School and show our children that they live in a community where they were born, raised and graduated. My children were born at Southampton Hospital live in Southampton why can't they go to Southampton High School and Graduate. Come on Man!" Oct 29, 13 8:45 AM

"Witch" the patch article you are ferring to is absolutly WRONG - the bottom line here is that this is NOT the final vote and unfortunatly all applicable tax data was not ready for this vote. The negative comments are ALL around taxes when no one really knows the exact amount of anything except that the rate MUST be 2.63 for everyone. So why not pass this so additional info can be obtained and more people can be truly educated. Bottom line here is that we ALL live in Southampton why are you or anyone else here better than everyone else. All this non-sense is just that NONSENSE. Causes people to say mean things to one another rather than working together to create a better community. " Oct 29, 13 1:37 PM

If you live in Southampton and don't want to be a part of Community then LEAVE. My family was born and raised here for many generations and I'll be if Southampton residents don't want unity for all the children and families. If that is the fact and you can't afford a a couple hundred dollars added to your taxes you had better move now because with or withought the Merger Southampton Taxes WILL go up! So Taxes go up slightly with a strong unified School disctric and community or taxes go up more then slightly and The Southampton you know and love will be gone. Sad :(" Oct 29, 13 1:43 PM

With regards to the children attending Westhampton - However this ends they should be allowed to complete their education where they are, the same with the children already in Southampton. In No way shape or form is pulling any student out of a school district they have attended for years in the best interest of any student. Leave the students out of this fiscal mess. The schools can and should work out a deal in order to achieve the best educational outcome for all. " Oct 29, 13 1:50 PM

Community - Definition Merriam-Webster ...a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood). : a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. I live here my children were born here and I care about my community. If you don't understand what that means then leave! Really that is not clear Most people in this community do care about each other and I hope they show it in a time of need. When people do come together and work out all issues. " Oct 29, 13 2:17 PM

Obbservant and ALL OTHERS WHO VOTED NO! Your simply a joke! Talk about not having a clue. My children are in all Honors and AP classes& play all sports. There is no cesspool in Tuckahoe we are Fantastic and actually our children work really hard. You are the Cesspool causing a bad taste , Those who voted No are like the BULLY on the playgroud. Tuckahoe disctrict is small Southampton is is larger of course you will have more votes if that makes you happy to squash the small guy you are all sick. Rather than getting more educated by the Dec 5th vote you all cry and whine and vote no. The bottom line here is we will not quit! We will educate our children! They will be the winners and in the end you will always be the Bully on the playground that only cares about yourself. Watch out " Oct 30, 13 10:50 AM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

Way to go Kids!! So proud that you all had the common strength to come together and stand up for your what you believe in. Its a shame that the adults who voted NO don't have your strength. You are all Awesome Good job Southampton Mariners you Rock" Nov 1, 13 10:01 AM

People stop cying about your taxes they are going up with or with out the Merger so get over it. Maybe you would like to pay Tuckahoe taxes? Why should Tuckahoe have to pay thousands of dollars more than Southampton, and have no reliefe form the Golf Courses you all play at Really people Get over the minimal increase. This is about the kids what are we teaching them if they don't count. I agree the boards need to work out many issues but the answer is working out the finalcial issues not saying your not welcome. Southampton High School has ALWAYS been home to Tuckahoe and that should NEVER end. Great Job kids you are an inspiration to us all and Thank You Southampton Administration for letting their voices be heard. " Nov 1, 13 11:33 AM

Come on folks you want to know why Southampton SCHOOL ONLY taxes are going up and Tuckahoe SCHOOL ONLY taxes are going down because the tuckahoe tax rate is 7.50 and Southampton is 2.42. In order for both districs to be the same both districs must pay the same tax rate of 2.63 what is difficult about this. Really people this si very simple Tuckahoe pays Way higher taxes that is why our saving is more. " Nov 1, 13 12:42 PM

Pierson May Well Allow Limos At Prom After All

The bottom line here is NONE OF THESE CHILDREN ARE OLD ENOUGH TO DRINK - So WHY the need for limos? I understand the want factor and "when we were in 12th grade going to Prom we did it" BUT times have changes and so has the legal drinking age. Southampton High School Rule is NO entry to Prom unless you are dropped off at the school prior to prom and you ride the school sponsored charter buses. This keeps issues from happening and allows the supervisors to keep control. Once Prom is over and the students are returned to the school then students can board a limo or "Party Bus" . Personally I don't beleive it is necessary to "Party" into the night at that age but again it is prom and eventually the strings have to be cut. All you can hope for at this point is that you have raised your children to do the Correct thing and not fall to peer pressure. " Feb 28, 14 10:04 AM

Police: Limo Driver Arrested For Transporting Drunk Teens En Route To Montauk

If the parents would STOP trying to be their kids friends and not allow their kids to drink just because they did. The drinking age was 18 years ago not 21.
The Police should pull every Limo and bus over at Prom time that would prevent kids from getting sick or worse dieing. Drinking is so NOT important at this age we as a community need to put a stop to this nonsense. I understand there will always be a few dopes in the group but for the most part it is not needed and fun can be be had in so many other ways." Apr 16, 14 8:52 AM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

Are we not ALL one community ! Should we not ALL be ONE Community! The last time I looked at my physical address in "Tuckahoe" it reads Southampton. I do beleive the majority of those attending Southampton High School have addresses that read Water Mill . Should we ostracize those families? Really people we all live hear we will all be paying into the same tax bracket here for our town our community our school our children. All these angry words and nasty words will do nothing to heal our town and move towards making Southampton a special place. The Majority of you "Golf" in Tuckahoe" but you don't want our children in "your" school" really enough already. If Government is getting involved with the merger its because they know its something that is needed. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SEND CHILDREN WHO LIVE IN SOUTHAMPTON WHO'S PARENTS HAVE ALWAYS PAID TAXES IN SOUTHAMPTON TO ANOTHER SCHOOL DISTRICT?????? Ask yourselves why? And ask yourselves if that were me would that make any sense? I live in Water Mill and Southampton Doesn't want me so now I'm forced to go to Bridgehampton? East Hampton? Springs? Really it doesn't make any sense. They should have Multiple Southampton Schools like they do up Island and name them Southampton 1, 2,3 etc. with one Superintendant talk about saving money all around." Aug 19, 14 10:38 AM

All the Southampton Residents stating Vote no make me SICK!!! "Tell them to try Hampton Bays" Why Don't YOU try Hampton Bays -WE LIVE IN SOUTHAMPTON Get over it we are NOT going anywhere we are staying right where we are! As I'm sure you want to stay where you are. So STOP telling us to GO some place else with our children. Our Children have always played on the same teams, since they were little WHY should our town not merge. Get over your issues times change, Taxes Change, BUT People who live in a town don't go to another school district because you say so! so Get over yourselves. " Aug 21, 14 4:09 PM

No one asked you to pay my taxes ! I have paid my taxes for many years early if not always ontime. So don't worry about that. When its all said and done - We ALL will have the same tax rate what is your issue ! Get over your self -Times change " Aug 28, 14 11:19 AM

And For ALL of the Precious Southampton Residents who think Their Southampton School Disctrict Alone is Prime WITHOUGHT TUCKAHOE STUDENTS well why don't you just look at the Top student this year who Graduated!!!!! Really All I have to Say is what an amazing group of Top 15
I would take nothing away from all the other Graduates ever. My point here is STOP saying WE have nothing to offer, STOP saying are children have nothing going on, STOP saying a TUCKAHOE Education will get you no where!! The foundation our cgildren received obviously did something just look at the top 15 thats all I have to say.
The tax portion of this agenda is what it is - Once the tax rate is determined everyone pays the same tax rate so what is the problem? " Aug 28, 14 11:39 AM

Southampton Expresses Doubt Over Merger With Tuckahoe

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, you call yourselves board members and you are affriad to fight a battle. Nothing good ever comes easy. What are we teaching our children walk away from the things that are tough, No one likes change, no likes to pay extra for anything. EVERYONE needs to give here this is not a game this is real life. This is the difference between bringing a community together as one or tearing apart what used to be a beautiful place to raise families. Really people think about that the decions you are to make they will affect you for the rest of your life. This is about give and take there is NO reason this merger can't work out and if it doesn't it only means that there are money hungry people that don't know how to negotiate. We teach our children to negotiate why can't the adults now do the same. This is all about money really people money. At the end of the day we die we can't take it with us figure it out for the kids, for the community for the future of Southampton Enough already. Look at all the MONEY already wasted. Lets Move forward " Sep 3, 14 12:38 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

People don't want higher taxes BUT guess what its going to happen like it or not so grow up up or move into a cardboard box. Tuckahoe School may change some day but STOP telling us to go somewhere else when we live here too! Why don't you go some where else if you hate it so much. We are willing do whatever needs to be done for our community, school & kids to be one not tear it appart. There are two guaranteened things to happen in this lifetime: EVERYONES TAXES WILL GO UP! & We All will die some day so just get over it and move on. Live life to the fullest and be nice. " Nov 19, 14 7:54 AM

Southampton School Board May Vote To Change Name Of Columbus Day

SERIOUSLY!!! Give us all a Break. Find something good to do with all the time wasted on changing a day that has always been celebrated one way. I'm sure there are Educational issues that could be discussed rather than wasting time changing the name of a Holiday. OMG " Mar 8, 16 1:06 PM

Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

Setting up "Road Blocks" stopping ALL cars and giving out over 50 tickets to students and staff???? REALLY "Random Traffic Stops"??? NOT 2 DAYS in a row. Completely unacceptable !! The Southampton Village Police has NOT heard the end of this BS. Our kids were late for school because of the police which is disgusting. BS tickets handed out just because NOT OK" Jun 1, 16 1:52 PM

Vice President Attends Greek Orthodox Church Of The Hamptons Gala For Biden Foundation On Saturday

Go Home Biden!!! Why don't you try to do better with your time like helping the less fortunate in Flood areas, and the fires of CA rather than hob nobbing in the Hamptons. TRUMP 2016 :) 100% " Sep 1, 16 11:42 AM

Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

I'm so SICK and TIRED of hearing "Didn't follow protocol" The School district doesn't follow protocol - they allow so much nonsense to go on everyday at that school and it all has been brought to their attention. The school district "doesn't want a "bad" name. These kids have been allowed to basically run the school, they come and go and smoke pot and get drunk on school grounds. A ZERO TOLERANCE policy should be a ZERO TOLORANCE policy period. If these kids knew that every single time they did something there would be a consequence just maybe there would be more learning , teaching and overall respect in the school and no more BS " Sep 1, 16 1:51 PM

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