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Brauninger Will Replace Havemeyer On Democratic Ticket; Warner Gets Independence Endorsement

For the life of me, I will never understand Indy endorsements. Their trustee candidates now include 2 republicans, 1 former republican, 1 republican until his party change takes effect, and 1 indy. What exactly is the criteria for this endorsement when hard working and honest people like Fred Havermeyer are passed over? Kinda makes one wonder...or should." Jul 24, 13 1:08 AM

Suffolk County Legislator Candidates Duke It Out In Hampton Bays Debate

Let us not overlook the role that SOME of the Board has played in the stranglehold of Trustee funding. Do not underestimate the importance of our Trustees; they are the ones who protect one of our largest assets in our beaches and bays. Ask the important questions of your trustee candidates! Density? Septic? Churning? Our County Legislator must be a person who has proven their commitment to our healthy environment, and who can use their experience to assist us in moving forward." Sep 25, 13 2:06 PM

Southampton Town Approves Annexation Of Land By Village; Kills Political Ban For Regulators

THEY OBJECTED TO A PUBLIC HEARING. Enough said." Sep 25, 13 2:22 PM

Trustees Force Mecox Closed, Deviating From Policy

If, for more than a century, the Trustees have cut open the bay to let the head of brackish water out and Mr. Havermeyer has the expertise, then it seems to me that his formula for a healthy bay should be followed. Who are these scientists from 1986 and who are the complaining homeowners? It seems to me that this may, once again, be more about a few homeowners than about the health of our bay." Sep 28, 13 7:53 PM

Southampton Town Approves Annexation Of Land By Village; Kills Political Ban For Regulators

So, Winki, Dinki and Nod, the trifecta of the Town Board majority, don't want a public hearing of a proposal by Councilwoman Bridget Fleming to bar members of any of the town’s appointed regulatory boards from serving on political party committees. They would not even entertain a public hearing on the subject. Interesting, after Mr. Nuzzi kept stressing the word "Public Service" in a recent debate with Legislator Schneiderman. I guess he meant "self service" That's ok, it's easy to get the two mixed up. So, I guess the phrases like patronage jobs and quid pro quo top the lexicon of the Board majority rules to govern by. Wait! I have an idea. Let's publish the political committee affiliations of said members. Transparency is everything. If you have anything to hide, dig it up now because this won't fly with the people anymore.
" Sep 28, 13 8:09 PM

Retired Banker Invests In Plan To Protect Drinking Water

Bravo, Mr. McAbee ! I've heard querys from the community regarding where to drop unused meds, and hopefully there will soon be a ready reply! One small step for man, one giant step for our environment.
" Oct 9, 13 3:54 PM

Town Will Hear Proposal To Separate Regulators From Politics

I not only applaud Councilwoman Fleming's proposed resolution, but also her ability to work with other Board members in re-wording it. Let's at least get it to the public hearing (on Nov.12 at 1pm). I feel that Mr. Nuzzi's refusal for a hearing does not bode well for his political future. Not even a hearing? Let the public weigh in and the chips fall where they may. " Oct 23, 13 2:49 PM

Southampton Town Board Delays Latest Hearing On Canoe Place Inn Redevelopment Plans

Having had alot of experience in this field, I found that Bender's statement about home values is true for the majority of home buyers. Many of those HB listings are condos, mobile, vacant land or fixer uppers. People don't want to lay out another 50,000 for repairs. Besides, I hardly think that is indicative of his truthfulness. Oh, and yes, his point WAS a good one.

" Oct 23, 13 3:13 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

Howard Pickerell is a Republican who allegedly changed his registration to get a
Trustee nomination. His change of party affiliation should take place 25 days after the election. We shall see." Nov 6, 13 12:51 AM

Mecox Cut Subject Of Political Pressure, Outgoing Southampton Trustee Claims

A lesson, Mr. Lignelli. Man vs. Mother Nature. Mother Nature will always win." Nov 6, 13 2:10 PM

Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

This rally was attended by a mix of immigration reform supporters, I was one of them. I am not an illegal immigrant, neither were the many friends who joined me there. The rally was attended by people who had LEGALLY come from, among other places, China, Ireland, Cuba, Chile....and by many born here as well!
We are a nation of immigrants. My grandparents came to this country in the same way many of these immigrants today have come. They faced the exact same prejudices. I have heard their stories firsthand. This is no different. Common sense immigration reform IS the answer.

It really is time for people to realize that our neighbors carry with them a rich cultural heritage that can only benefit our community....IF those people would rid themselves of the hatred of all things different from them. " Dec 9, 13 2:55 PM

Southampton Town Trustees To Name Agawam Shorefront In Honor Of Fred Havemeyer

Very happy to see Fred get recognition like this. If only all the Trustees followed his lead, Southampton would be so much the better. I agree wholeheartedly with Dodger...." If not for folks like you, our beaches would be in the hands of ocean front homeowners. Enjoy your well earned retirement." Let's hope the trustees learned a lesson in regard to some ocean front homeowners. Thank You, Freddy!" Dec 9, 13 3:05 PM

Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Plan For Deer Cull

Bravo to everyone who took part in this demonstration! Why must we impose violence and suffering on these beautiful animals when there are clear alternatives to KILLING? " Jan 18, 14 7:41 PM

East Quogue Couple Still Searching For Person Who Shot Their Dog With Pellet Gun

I saw these posters while driving down West Side Ave. It broke my heart! I always see dogs being walked on that street, and it's hard to believe anyone would take such a monstrous action. Have the police gone door to door? Can't the ASPCA assist? Unfortunately, some people think handing a pellet gun over to a child is ok. So either a neanderthal or the neanderthal's child could be the perpetrator! Be on the lookout, folks. Distribute the flyer on your social media accounts. Keep eyes open so that we can help this family and their beautiful pup. " Feb 13, 14 4:31 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

During campaign season, all candidates for town board agreed on what a crucially important role the Trustees play in Southampton. Was it all for show? Will I now be called cynical and conspiracy minded? The Town Board must come out with a public statement supporting our Trustees. WE must support our Trustees. Get thee to a town board public hearing!" Feb 13, 14 4:46 PM

Last-Minute Save Effort Fails For Old House In Mecox

Such a shame that people come and buy such an invaluable home for demo! We are swiftly losing our community's history and beauty, one McMansion at a time. They paved Paradise...
" Mar 12, 14 6:00 PM

Deer Cull Takes Place In Remsenburg

I am disgusted by this as well. There are many non lethal control methods available. With this type of barbarism, a number of deer are likely to be wounded and never recovered, and there are public safety concerns no matter what. The Humane Society has condemned the bow hunt. Cay & EastEnd68 are correct! These people say they 'like deer, just want fewer of them...' that type of culture of entitlement makes my skin crawl, so I guess I shouldn't be shocked that they would consider killing by high powered arrow piercing to be an acceptable means to protect their VEGETABLES and FLOWERS. Priorities?
"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated"- Gandhi" Dec 11, 14 10:19 AM

Eastport Homeowner Is Out Nearly $3,000 After Replacing Utility Pole

Also a "double" pole on Lewis Rd. right behind the elementary school. Countless calls have been made to no avail. The old pole is dangerously leaning. One bad storm and it's down. Isn't there supposed to be a fine per day for these poles? WHY isn't it enforced? As for Ms. Tuttle, if PSEG had their box on that pole, they should be the ones removing (and paying for) it.
" Jan 24, 15 11:26 PM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

"... there’s never been a project like this out here,” Mr. Hissey said. For good reason. NO benefit can negate the horrific effect this development will have on our drinking water. Bottom line. The EQ community as a whole, with very few exceptions, does not want this. As for parking in town? Where do you think that will come from? Our quaint and lovely downtown may become a chain store hell.

" Jan 30, 15 8:09 PM

Political Positioning Begins For 2015 Southampton Town Election

Fleming is the only one on town board who truly works for the community. Good for her for having so many options, she deserves them! Take a look at this sentance in the above article “I would think the leaders will make a deal, and Anna will not have an opponent [this fall] … and, in exchange for that, Christine will get the Independence [Party] line, so she would have Republican, Conservative and Independence lines [for reelection to the Town Board].." Throne Holst dealing for herself (of course) and to Scalera's benefit, because she doesn't give a damn about the Town or the Dems who endorse her as long as she gets what she wants.
" Feb 12, 15 6:33 PM

You are clearly misunderstanding my comments. I speak of Throne Holst, not Christine Scalera. " Feb 12, 15 6:55 PM

Throne Holst takes the Democratic endorsement time and time again, ( and why wouldn't she?) then works for the R/C board member. It's a question of party affiliation, nothing personal against Scalera. She seems like a nice woman. My statement stands about Fleming. One of my concerns is our environment, and the republican/indy pattern of voting in favor of harmful development (watch for The Hills, Rte 39 Shopping Center vote) goes against my grain. CPF, her bond authorizations, farm market among others are clear community benefits. She is too often the only one spearheading an efffort (ethics, plastic bag ban for example) until someone else decides to jump on the bandwagon and take credit. Scalera may work, but she is way too conservative for me. Fleming has worked for the principles of the Democratic party, against some crazy odds. To me, that in itself is a huge accomplishment," Feb 12, 15 7:24 PM

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