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Labrozzi returns to Sag Harbor for summer ball

After this story, I don't think he'll be able to get his head through the door" Jun 30, 09 3:12 PM

Mad as heck over added Cablevision charges

Why won't Cablevision give people the option to buy a cable box instead of just renting them? Because they can! They know they have a monopoly and do whatever they want and get away with it. When they first moved channels to the digital service, I asked why they were raising their rates. Of course, they said they weren't. I guess they just don't understand that when you get less channels for the same money, that's a rate increase. DIRECTV, here I come." Jul 14, 09 10:35 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

to easthamptoner: With this project it wouldn't matter if they were doing it during the day or at night. They had to close off Little Cobb Rd in order to complete this project, no matter what. The traffic backs up whether or not there is construction. It has for years, even before the traffic light in Water Mill was added. I actually think that eastbound traffic might move slightly better because no one will be mergin from Little Cobb Rd. Plus, based on your nickname, I'm guessing you don't live right around the corner from where they are working." Sep 19, 09 2:44 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Based on the condition of the ballfields at Red Creek, they definitely have cut back. Those fields are an absolute disgrace. Infiled mix? I didn't think dirt with lots of rocks in it was infield mix. And whoever takes care of the fields must have experience at a horse track because that's about what the infields look like before a game. I guess no one in that department realizes that infields should be pretty smooth. They're a lawsuit waiting to happen" Sep 23, 09 9:35 PM

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

Widen the roads? Unless the roads are widened all the way through Bridgehampton, Wainscott, etc. you are going to have a backup of traffic when traffic goes from 2 lanes into 1. Two lanes through Water Mill would only lead to people driving at a greater speed thought this area. I realize traffic is a problem in Water Mill. I've been here for almost 40 years and there has always been a back up of traffic even before there was a traffic light. Of course, then it was only on weekends but it was there. I do agree that the Little Cobb Road entrance adds to the congestion a great deal. Traffic is moving better right now without the Little Cobb Rd Entrance. I am also wondering why no one has been at the site in over a week. I thought this time around the idea was to get this project done ASAP. " Oct 7, 09 12:23 PM

East End Twitter users meet up for food drive

There will also be a food drive at the Hampton Bays Stop and Shop this Saturday with all food going to the local food pantry in Hampton Bays. It is sponsored by the Hampton Bays Rotary Club" Nov 12, 09 5:47 PM

Judge dismisses juror in Oddone trial

I will have to say this is probably the first time I've ever heard anyone complement Newsday about local coverage of something in Southampton. I have seen numerous instances in the past where a story has appeared in either The Press, The East Hampton Star or The Independent long before it ever appeared in Newsday. On average, their East End news coverage sucks! Unless, of course, it's a big story like the Oddone trial. Then, they act like they cover the east end so well. Just like News 12 whose East End coverage is pretty much as lousy as Newsday's." Nov 19, 09 3:29 PM

Southampton Town could vote on dark skies legislation soon

Oh good, maybe now Southampton can get the same type street lights that East Hampton has. You know, the ones that hardly light up the street and cause so much glare that it makes it harder to see than it was before they were installed.

Personally, I think the town should take the first step to reducing annoying lights. Remove some of the string of 7 traffic lights on Hampton Rd between Windmill Ln and the Hampton Rd firehouse! With all the money we pay the police maybe they could do a better job of enforcing the speed limit and reduce the amount of lights needed." Dec 2, 09 7:41 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

As far as the Draw Shop Law, I thought I remembered reading that Oddone was not drunk when he choked the life out of Andrew Reister." Dec 2, 09 8:03 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

PBR, Juror #2 did not say that the hesitant juror was forced to come back with a guilty verdict. Reread the comments and you will notice that Juror #2 said that the hestitant juror "was forced to answer the questions of the other jurors and finally faced the truth." How that reads to me is that the hesitant juror was unwilling to listen to the other jurors and listen to what they had to say. If I'm not mistaken (and if I am, I apologize), jurors in deliberation are allowed to ask each other questions about their standing during deliberations and why they feel that way. They're supposed to discuss all aspects of the case with each other. Sounds like the hesitant juror did not want to discuss anything with the other jurors other than saying that Oddone was not guilty and that was that without ever stating a reason why. My guess is that when she was finally forced to stand up for her beliefs (what or who forced her, I don't know. I wasn't there) she could not come up with a logical reason for her position to acquit and therefore realized that a guilty verdict was the correct one. My prayers go out to the Reister family and to all of the Oddone family, except for Tony. I hope his days in jail are not easy ones and his nights filled with nightmares of what he has put 2 families through due to drunken stupidity." Dec 14, 09 10:16 PM

I noticed in the online Press article above, that the defense attorney, after the trial told some of the jurors, “There were several things about his criminal history, which he has, that I couldn’t tell you about during the trial,” she told the seven men and five women. “He has a history of violence, he has a history in bars, he worked as a bouncer ... There is more to this guy than just a guy in a tie sitting at a table, if that helps you sleep better tonight.”

I guess now we know why he didn't take the stand in his own defense because some of this past behavior could have come out in court. If the statement is true, I guess the, "But he's really a good guy" defense can be tossed out the window." Dec 14, 09 10:20 PM

Suffolk County National Bank reveals breach in online security

The biggest complaint about this is the length in time it took SCNB to not only find out about this but to notify its customers as well. A month to find out about it and another 3 weeks to notify customers. Plus, there is nothing on the front page of their website that might notify customers that something happened. If you search for information about it there, you can find it but there should have been a message right on the front page for all to see. Maybe they were afraid people would take their money elsewhere. I know I'm already considering it. Now, apparently, they're changing their whole online system. Will reserve judgment on that until I use it." Jan 26, 10 5:02 PM

East End could get up to 8 inches of snow starting Friday night

How am I going to deal with all this snow? My shovel is outside and I can't open my door bacause it's all blown up against the door! HELLLPPPP!!!!!

Opps, I'm sorry. That was a bad dream probably caused by the panic instilled by the weathermen. You just gotta love people who make a forecast that reads something like, " this storm could bring anywhere from 4 to 9 inches of snow or possbily more than a foot of snow. Or there might be just a dusting of snow."

I could give a forecast like that without studying a thing!" Feb 6, 10 2:10 PM

Hooters hoax in Bridgehampton

I agree completely Yearrounder. Hooters would do a great business around here. Too bad the stuffy people in charge would never allow it to happen. " Feb 8, 10 4:09 PM

Weather service predicts a foot of snow; many closings announced

At least this forecast is better than it was this past weekend when they were saying anywhere from 4 to 12 inches of snow...or a dusting... Now everyone make sure they panic and invade your local supermarket to but a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk becuase the stores won't be open for about a month after this storm. LOL" Feb 9, 10 3:02 PM

Company CEO visits Southampton 7-Eleven for 'Undercover Boss' television series

I wonder if he has enough power to thin out the crowd waiting outside the doors of 7-11 all day every day. My guess is that since they buy coffee all day it contributes to the bottom line and that's what matters most." Feb 18, 10 9:29 AM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

I heard Hooters was going to move in there" Feb 24, 10 3:40 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

If someone can bring a Hooters to the East End, they've got my vote!" Mar 3, 10 3:36 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

I thikn a compromise is in order. You can smoke at Coopers only when you're actually underwater. At Agawam Park you can only smoke if you can get one of the ducks to light your lighter for you. Downs Park is tricky. If you're there watching a game and your kid hits into a triple play, you're allowed to smoke 1 cigarette. If he hits a Grand Slam in the same game, 3 cigarettes. If your kid makes an error, you must force the child to start smoking (without it being called abuse) in front of everyone or lose any chance at smoking privileges for the rest of the year. I think it's a pretty fair deal. Perhaps others have better ideas." Mar 12, 10 9:11 AM

Court tosses out guilty plea from 2003 murder in Water Mill

I assume that since the guilty plea has been thrown out, he can still be tried for this crime. Is that correct? Double Jeopardy shouldn't apply because he wasn't tried the first time around." Mar 16, 10 9:34 PM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Why can't town employees BUY THEIR OWN LAPTOPS? I' would think they can afford it. If they are given them, do the laptops get checked out to make sure they are only being used for town business and not for personal reasons like downloading music? And if they are not being used properly, are employees then made to pay for them?

One very interesting thing in this article. Although this bond has turned up missing, this department still had $127,600 left over from last year. Assuming this year's budget is very close to last year's (approximately $248,500) why is there such a great fluctuation in spending? Was nothing updated last year?

Does anyone know if the town employs a webmaster for it's site or is it outsourced?" Mar 16, 10 11:28 PM

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