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Bentley sinks in Lake Montauk

The poor guy!

You all are so bitter! it's sad, really." Aug 18, 09 11:07 AM

Governor supports Shinnecock Indian Nation in federal appeal

None of this nonsense about Paterson and gaming really matters. The point here is that the Shinnecock should have been federally recognized YEARS ago. This process began for the tribe in 1979 - that is atrocious. Especially because of the long, well-documented relationship between the tribe and the English, Southampton Town, NYS, etc as an autonomous entity... Many tribes have achieved recognition on far less. The sticking point is blood quantum - and this is not aided by the multi-decade backlog at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Shinnecock do not have the same deplorable conditions that many other tribes have faced - those tribes truly needed the federal monetary assistance just to get by. However, the Shinnecock deserve recognition because it is their right. They are an sovereign, self-governing people who have had much taken from them. This is about empowerment and reclamation of their distinct cultural history. While clearly the tribe is already empowered, let their legal status reflect that." Dec 15, 09 10:00 AM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

I'm amazed that Oddone's supporters were so shocked with this verdict! Perhaps it was just the shock of knowing that your buddy is gonna be a little cell and probably be someone's b*tch by the end of the week... but you reap what you sow. He maliciously attacks another person - that person dies as a result of this attack - and the attacker is convicted of manslaughter. The math makes sense to me.

God Bless Stacey and the rest of the Reister's Family and Friends." Dec 15, 09 10:05 AM

Free Ride, Dont DWI

Well done Mr. DeParma!" Dec 15, 09 10:07 AM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

It is about a whole lot more than gaming, and I sincerely hope you realize that. The media will focus on the gaming issue because it is the most contentious - and is the most recognizable to the general public." Dec 15, 09 5:47 PM

The ignorance here is astounding. Please tell me that at least some of you know how much more there is to this than GAMING." Dec 15, 09 5:49 PM

The Shinnecock have the right to economic self-sufficiency in whatever area they choose. Without a plentiful natural resource like tribes of the Northwest Coast and others, tribes in the east often use gaming. Florida Seminoles receive a payout from FSU merchandise sales because that athletic program reappropriated Seminole identity and uses it for their mascot and moniker. The bottom line is, the tribe has the right to be economically self-sufficient.

How about the other truly beneficial aspects of federal recognition? from my research, I know that there are multiple museums all over the country, and one abroad, that are holding human remains and cultural objects that were excavated by archaeologists - many sites in present day Southampton town - and these remains can be culturally affiliated with the Shinnecock. The tribe had no legal recourse in repatriating these human remains and cultural objects. Now with federal recognition, the Shinnecock has the right to repatriate remains, objects etc held by ANY federally funded institution.

Perhaps many of you should refocus and attempt to see why such a momentous decision benefits the Shinnecock, and not why it hurts you." Dec 17, 09 9:58 AM

Well said." Dec 17, 09 10:06 AM

Staples given approval to go into Bridgehampton Commons

That's what happens when you let kids be 'town planners'." Feb 12, 10 10:20 PM