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Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

so true I have heard about mr reister that it could also make unappropriate and racist comments and also get ''territorial'' and just trespassed or ignored rules & protocol..... wish to see these people get the gut to witness it but now it's more about make it sensational for a marketing purpose and judge just to make a moral out of it ....so limited and narrow minded they just need to get this young man in jail for the rest of his life to show that the found the bad guy , found him guilty , wrap it up and justice have been made and people got what they want.......sold
as you said why mr reister's respond with such violence to such regular incidents in nit life ....could even be very unprofessional but it is not what people want to think of .......and we don't want them to think.....just got brainwashed and dragged their mind into what we want them to see
at that point the ability to see the truth and real justice is gone
we make people blind and ignorants
mr reister the invicible overuse his power as a bouncer , playing as a cop when his not ,or playing the invincible, or some make his own way and own rules, or even developpe some kind of anger issues ....see what he got
violence bring violence cause & effects law
he probably underestimate that such a young smaller person couldn't fight him
wrong judgement !
viva america freedom of speech

" Dec 13, 09 7:28 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

you re just so simply narrow minded and limited murder! he chose to kill!
reister used VIOLENCE and violence bring violence
then he overused his power and he was not in duty as a correction officer he was doing extra hours as a simple bouncer in club .....2 different jobs 2 different positions 2 different environments 2 different rules & codes......
by the way , I suggest you to dance on a tables ...you need a blast girl
" Dec 13, 09 10:54 PM

god sake you again did mr reister had obey rules ? he used violence he could have find another way he was not a correction officer in this bar , he was a bouncer " Dec 13, 09 10:58 PM

the problem with missy disgusted she's not thinking she's too limited
I really think she needs to dance on her dining table it might wake up some in her..
as you said not that simple and that why they still on it..." Dec 13, 09 11:12 PM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

reading all of these comments....huh I don't understand why money? time? who is paying who? who is controling who ?the weather 90 o snow!!!! uniform ? have to do with saving a life and respond to an accident....there is no greed & money o no time questionned when you assist a person in danger , in pain, in suffer....it is not an act of heroism to be used to get fame of it.... save et serve it just b a responsable & conscious human beeing with eventually a heart...
and anyway it's their job in the first place this is it and they are brave this is it
" Jun 6, 10 1:33 AM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

sacrifices for freedom ?? o sacrifice for money & power & control Whats america and his people want the most right ...and on the other side how many innocents kids & civilians are killed on their own ''occupied'' land but we liked better to be blind & ignorants about the others ...so sellfish ....they protecting & defend their land and want get back their freedom you took from them and ....anyway no one desserve to die so ''freely'' for no motives & real purposes and both sides
all these wars and unnecessary deaths are getting as ridiculous as the lenght of these wars but we still there ????????????? pride to be an american huh!
there no pride to fight, kill or get killed for NOTHING.
all prayers to all these innocents kids " Jun 9, 10 11:03 PM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

the system didn't fail , it is corrupted......she 's well connected..."bargain & bought "
the plea ...it 's a deal ...it's the way justice work...it is america ...justice is like the health in america ...there is one for rich & one for poor...laws? rules? all depend?
look like the power of money can buy it all and make people aphatic & blind ...
can buy intigrity, responsability, consciousness, awarness....and more
it is absolutly DISGUSTING ..what about his her child would have been the victim? " Jun 19, 10 10:57 AM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

you re so right and actually make me wonder about mr wendell lineage? where is from? does he know himself? it is the question ? I think mr wendell need to put his ass in a plane and travel himself a little bit .....it might find some others causes to fight instead of ambarrassing himself and make people or himself creating rumors ...it's a real disease in the hamptons,,,,people have nothing better to do than gossip make rumors and talk about people get a life and eventually a brain!!
" Jul 1, 10 9:45 PM

huh wath was the point again:-)!" Jul 1, 10 9:53 PM

deporte yourself will be better idea !" Jul 1, 10 9:56 PM

SOVEREIGNTY ouah what a word you used here Im getting much more impressed by your writting!" Jul 1, 10 10:00 PM

I have play by the rules, and it s 7 years that american homeland security ''the cash cow'' make my american so miserable , they just sucked my money....paying my insane imigration's fee & lawyer...anyway it's just 7 years to realize how you're imigration is so dysfunctionnal...total joke...and why such delays when it's so much unemployed people in the country ....it's a real ''pervertion'' to not allow an emigrant who filled an application to travel....one of my friend couldn't go to burry her dad and grieve with her family ...it's not human !!! so it is not only beautifull story like your friend who get married here and get happy and look like a ''fairy '' story American imigration is not FAIR
I was not expecting to witness so much racism in this country
so I am emigrant who spend 7 years to wait for nothing and I am paying my taxes here since 2003 did it make a difference ? no mostly of you 100% americans are so ignorants about your own immigration? you don't know how does it work until you need to go throught ...I've learn to shut when I don't know ....at least you don't ambarrased yourself !! it's so pathetic to read you" Jul 1, 10 10:17 PM

Kabot DWI hearing kicks off, will resume Tuesday

THE SET UP is so obvious here , THE CAMERA, A VIDEO !!! since when cops get camera to videotape an arrest ! since when the do have the right to do this???it's a law ? it's legal ? or it's only for special people ? as a town surpervisor?
It's disgusting to see what people can do for money, greed & power .
what a prank ! " Jul 12, 10 12:52 PM

Models show possibility of hurricane impacting East End

why give such an alert a week before , it's very early ...no one is able to read a hurricane a week before ! be that cautious ...may be because it's a lot of rich rich people here so we care more but for katrina they never seen anything coming at anytime who cares of poor black people in new orleans ..not big deal! " Sep 2, 10 11:55 PM

East End dodges bullet as Earl sweeps east

15 millions wasted and it was a great exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????" Sep 5, 10 6:34 PM

A hurricane it wasn't; expensive it was

poor bill ....you need to spend 30 millions to learn a lesson an do better next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some people have nothing to eat or struglle with housing still!
you're out of your mind bill I think he should quit
" Sep 10, 10 10:40 AM

State to examine LIPA bill for Earl response

they didn't see Katrina but they seen Earl ???? you gotta kidding me
who cares about black people and if they are poor and if we could get less why saying it then ....what a good natural cleaning , right but here in the hamptons
hoooo soooo much rich people big money ....they all here in vacay so yeah it justify that whole stupid preparation & money spend
so what if they don't have electricity for a day ...he s not going to kill anyone right , they should learn about restrictions instead of feeling entitled for all and reach to this kind of absurdity
they are creating it ...mean political & rich are just all freaking for nothing but still look for cheap excuses than , anyway , mostly of the country will buy ...
it's the ''new'' economy !
it what money does ??? " Sep 16, 10 9:42 PM

Occupants evicted from former Guldi home in Westhampton

and republicans are not corrupted??????????????????????? " Sep 16, 10 9:48 PM

Schneiderman: End in sight for homeless sex offender trailers in Riverside and Westhampton

really they get 90 $ a day ouah I lost it all the last 3 years get homeless for 1 pass 2010 with 10 box on my bank account....constantly look for job and still can't really get bck on my feet and I m not criminal, didn't sink in alcohol and don't do drugs
surviving still !! and really hard to do groceries...anyway I wish to have 90$ a day but I have no help !!!!!!! should I think to get such a status to be helped???? that is really disturbing me " Sep 20, 10 9:15 PM

Bid To Bag Leaf Pickup

wilkilson like better to spend 30 millions ??????????????????to be prepare for a hurricane ??????which didn't happen???????? it is the way is saving money??????it's a joke it's pathetic get that idiot out
" Oct 16, 10 8:58 AM