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Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

I believe a lot of people are making too many reckless assumptions. What happened to "INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY"? And as far as I am concerned Al is a great guy. I do know him personally, and he has also coached my son for many years, and I have never witnessed him dealing drugs or acting inappropraitely (on or off the field). Let me also mention that he has been involved in this community for many years, doing good. How many fund raisers has he organized or been involved with? In the last year he has gotten the children in Westhampton Beach new football helmets [desperately needed to help reduce the risk of concussions] worked on general fund raising for SH PAL, and helped local friends in need. Say what you want but he is PROVEN to actually help out in this community whether you like him or not, which is more then most people on this site bashing him have probably done.
As far as politics go, really only republicans are crooked? There is good and BAD both in republicans and DEMOCRATS, or let me guess all of the Democrats will find a way to somehow pin this on President Bush also... really get a life and stop judging people without knowing all of the facts. Just because its in the paper does not mean that its true, or that all of the facts have been released to the public." May 1, 12 10:17 AM

I am not going to comment on why he has checked into rehab, I am not him and can not speak for him. All I am saying is that all of the things being said here are not fair. He does deserve to be innocent until proven guilty. He has been around my children and countless others for many years, and is in fact great with them. Everybody has convicted him, and thats not fair, nobody can honestly say that they know all the details and what is going on. I also feel for his family, but do you think it is making it any easier on them to be reading or hearing any of these accusations? Let him have his day in court." May 1, 12 1:59 PM

No Sir, the reason kids are so screwed up as you say is because of parents like you. I teach my children not to judge others and to treat people as they would like to be treated. Mistakes are made by all and words can not be taken back. I simply stated he is innocent until proven guilty, and I think all people deserve that right. I am also a very proactive parent that does not expect others to "parent" my child. So yes somebody that has coached them on the field for years and taught them how to respect other team mates and kept them safe while having fun, he does get to be a role model for all he has done." May 2, 12 9:31 AM

Just to clarify Turkey, I am not a regular poster, I am new to the online forum. Yes this was my first post, as I suppose everyone has to start somewhere. I am also registered as Independent if you must know, and do not work in politics or in any town hall.

I am not here to say if Mr. Tumbarello is innocent or guilty, unlike many others. I was not there, did not see anything and believe all of the facts of this whole investigation are not known to the public. People are judging everything about him from one article right down to his job performance, where are the facts? I am simply saying have some decency, he does have a family going through what I can imagine be a very horrible time. I am sure reading all of these posts can be troublesome especially from people who just blurt out whatever without even knowing.

I agree with your point on the real issues, but like everyone else I do not know the facts either. I have read that there has been a FOIL requested and I imagine everyone will have the answers then. It has just amazed me that all of these accusations can be made without having any evidence. When I spoke I soley stated the truth that can be backed up.

Also I think it is unfair to blame Republicans for everything that is wrong in this world. If you try hard enough I'm sure you can connect the dots however you like and pin it on the Republican(s) for everything this town is going through (and country). I need to know though, do you think Democrats make no errors? Do they only hire the best qualified people, and make the smartest choices for all taxpayers? You honestly can not answer yes to those questions. If you do not like the way the government runs, get involved and try and change it. There are both good and bad Democrats and Republicans, but to blame everything soley on Republicans is obsurd.

Everyone has opinions and we are all entitled to them, but when you start making wreckless assumptions please be able to back them up with actual facts that can be checked." May 2, 12 9:48 AM