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Exterior Lights Working Again At ESM High School; Auditorium Expected To Reopen Wednesday

How old is this school where they have to do these repairs?
If I got a roof on my house the contract would be at least 10 years." Dec 31, 11 8:24 PM

Eastport South Manor Reaches Settlement With Suspended Teacher

What can you say as a parent other then "All this is literally CRIMINAL!!!"

How does this benefit - No Child Left Behind?

These are the decisions our schools are making for the best interest of our children? Why is this allowed by the school? Now the Administration will blame the Teacher Union and say "There is nothing we can do" to protect their job, the Teacher Union will say "It is in their contract and we need to protect our own", and the Parent will say "How can this be going on?" - Who is truly protecting the best interest of our children?

What is our society coming to? These are our children here. Greed appears to be the cornerstone to decisions in the school districts at the expense of our children.

More are More resources are taken away from our children at school, yet hundreds of thousands of dollars is spent on this one adult for criminal offenses. This literally is CRIMINAL!!!

Now let's tell student Johny and Mary WHY teachers are cut, why they can not have sports programs, theater programs, ... - Let's see approx $200,000 probably is spent on this ONE adult for criminal activity.


These adults at our school have their own agenda, and it is mainly to MAKE MONEY!!!!" Jan 12, 12 8:24 AM

State Exam Changes Anger Administrators, Parents In Eastport South Manor

The focus for ESM should be on LOCAL curriculum issues. Not "blame the state". If ESM administration thinks too much testing is a problem, then whey is ESM adding non-state mandated Regents testing to the curriculum? Maybe because the Regents looks good regarding "Accountability tied to Student Growth"? Also, why would any board member tell the community to have your children stay home the day of testing and boycott the state testing? Is that legal to do? Is there a board of education policy to rebel against the state?

The educational model in NY is set up to have LOCAL administration.
I think people forget we have local administration to administer state educational policies. There are 127 districts on long island and all have the opportunity, not burden, to administer curriculum based on their local demographics and needs.
Yet administrators will say this is wrong, kind of a paradox. You are an Administrator because NY State has a model for District to localize education with their own administration per district, yet the Administrators do not agree with the NY State educational policies.

The state should make sure local districts are administering curriculum properly by these assessment tests.

Might it be too much testing? Maybe. But 170 minutes of testing should not compare to the importance of the 180 Days of local curriculum education.

Focus on local curriculum, not rebelling against the state.

" Feb 10, 12 2:17 PM

Westhampton Beach superintendent will retire at end of school year

Is it true that Lynn Schwartz’s salary went up $75,000 from 2010 to 2011?

Lynn Schwartz Salary Increases:
2008 Salary=$207,732
2009 Salary=$226,864
2010 Salary=$223,510
2011 Salary=$298,498

Wow - didn’t Westhampton lay off teachers due to a lack of funding, yet there is funding for these raises?
How can these raises be given out in these times of economic crisis?
When does the tax payer and student get relief?
The Board of Ed could have made the choice to use this $75,000 to keep teachers jobs.

Let’s do the Math
Higher Taxes + Less Student Resources + Teacher layoffs = High Administrator Raises" Mar 30, 12 1:17 PM

Leaky School Roof Could Cost Eastport South Manor District Millions

Any mention of insurance or does the community just has to pay for everything?" Jul 7, 12 10:23 PM

Eastport South Manor Student Withdraws From High School After Being Bullied

Of course the problem and solution involves more than just the school. However, the school needs to adhere to and implement their own BOE policies, have zero tolerance and consequences. Along with PBIS as a longer term solution. ONLINE bullying (cyber-bullying) is against BOE policies and there are supposed to be consequences for the behavior, not just mediation. We lost a student at ESM due to feeling unsafe to attend school because he felt administration could not help his issue. That is just sad. Hopefully this will not happen to again. Children need a foundation to flourish to grow before any academics. " Oct 24, 12 3:00 PM

Southampton School Board Will Investigate Regents Accommodation

A child need special accommodations. My god - is that such a crime these days? I am sure there were good reasons for this special accommodation. This is a shame that so many resources are going into this investigation. It is a shame there even is an investigation. Let's see, hire lawyers, spend tax payers money, churn up anxiety. Maybe this child needed special accommodations. Now teachers are protesting just because the child's parent is a teacher. Sounds to me there are other hidden agendas here. I hear the school board is good but this school district is notorious for perpetuating problems. The school board should change its policy on wearing black in protests. Sounds like a gang mentality, wait, isn't there a policy where students can not wear colors to represent a gang? Did these protesting teachers think about how this child feels. What did the protesting teacher say when the child said - why are you wearing black in protest? Keep the focus on the needs of the STUDENT." Jul 22, 13 11:12 AM

East End School Test Scores Drop, Reflecting Statewide Trend

Students are Quantifiably held accountable for their performance.
Shouldn’t there be some Quantifiable Accountability for the people working in the education system or should it all be 100% Subjective?

This new Evaluation system is a good step towards the combination of an Objective (quantifiable) and Subjective (classroom evaluation) evaluation. Whether the Evaluation ratio of Objective to Subjective is a 20% to 80% ratio; or 40% to 60% ratio, is open to debate. The current ratio of 0% object to 100% subjective is extreme. There is no perfect answer, but to have a 0% to 100% ratio is far from perfect.

Why would anyone argue about the use of pure numbers, or should quantifiable facts be dismissed? Wouldn’t this help the student to also have quantifiable objective numbers for performance/accountability purposes. I also understand that there are non-quantifiable scenarios where some students have life hardship issues, and these students scores maybe should be excluded from any accountability numbers.

A great teacher should be modeled after if their students test scores are above average. Likewise, a teacher whose students test scores are below average should get help to improve and the students should get help to improve while this is happening.

How can this be done if one does not know the Quantifiable facts?" Aug 23, 13 7:12 PM

State Education Commissioner Fields Questions On Common Core

One of the major issues with Common Core is APPR. What is wrong with accountability? Only 20% of Principal/Teacher evaluation is tied to assessment testing. We should be happy that education is becoming more rigorous and the adults in the system are held accountable for results. To have 0 quantifiable accountability is irresponsible in our education system." Nov 27, 13 1:12 PM

What is wrong with showing growth with a student? What is wrong with having accountability based on quantifiable metrics? Teachers are not labeled ineffective due to failing an assessment test, it is related to student growth. " Nov 27, 13 5:17 PM

Teacher evaluation is tied to student growth, not just a pass/fail of an assessment test. Look at the SLO (Student Learning Objective) for your school. There is a pre-assessment test and post-assessment test to determine growth. The pre-assessment is for the beginning of the year and the post-assessment for the end. The post-assessment is either an assessment test if the grade/subject has one or usually the final. Showing growth should be one of the primary objectives even before Common Core. I get it that teachers are nervous about a new evaluation system for accountability, I would be if I was a teacher. However, that should not prevent schools from quantifiably evaluating teachers and analyzing student growth.

■ 40 percent of a teacher’s grade will be based on their students’ performance,
Of that, 20 percent will be based on state exams in math and English in grades 4-8 for some teachers. They will be judged based on how much their students improve compared to similar students around the state.
■ For teachers who do not administer those exams, their student growth will be measured based on “Student Learning Objectives,” in which teachers and principals set annual goals for each student.
■ Another 20 percent of a teacher’s rating will be determined by other “school-based measures” — primarily tests — set by an eight-member school committee. The principal will select four panel members, and the UFT will pick the other four.
■ 60 percent of a teacher’s grade will come from in-class observations by principals, with at least one unannounced visit.

Currently, 98% get rated Satisfactory and 2% Unsatisfactory by ONLY a classroom evaluation. Where is the due diligence in that type of evaluation system?" Nov 27, 13 5:43 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Geez, these Superintendents really know how to take the money and run. Eastport South Manor Super is "Forcedsto Retire" and Southampton Board and Super has "agreed tp .utually terminate his relationship". These Supers get their salary for not work, get their benefits, retirement, ... And the community gets "Sorryhwe cnn't tell you anythint and you can not speak about it". Umm - Why can't parents know what the heck is going on in their children's school? These people are supposed to be paving the uath for your children. But you the parent nan not know anything. When will parebts take back control of their children's schools?" Apr 15, 16 11:33 PM

And money being taken away from your children's education and given to these selfish administrator." Apr 15, 16 11:37 PM

Yikes, I see I typed, copied and pasted some stuff wrong.

You must be an administrator. No morals, values nor standards... But you can proofread. Thanks for your contribution to society.

By the way proofread is how you spell "proof read"

Geez, these Superintendents really know how to take the money and run. Eastport South Manor's Super is "Forced to Retire" and Southampton Board and Super has "agreed to mutually terminate his relationship". These Supers get their salary to not work, get their benefits, retirement, ... And the community gets "Sorry we can't tell you anything and you can not speak about it". Umm - Why can't parents know what the heck is going on in their children's school? These people are supposed to be paving the the way for your children. But you, the parent, can not know anything. When will parents take back control of their children's schools?" Apr 16, 16 12:59 AM

It is just like cheif1 said - Shut up and pay your taxes. It is a disgrace how certain administrators can have such immoral behaviors that negatively effects so many students. Yet, the school just covers up the immoral acts, moves the administrators around, and gives them your money. I thought education was about the children? Nope, it is all about the adults. Look at all the waste of time and energy to deal with the immoral acts of certain administrators. Shouldn't this time and energy go into your children?" Apr 16, 16 8:53 PM

Superintendent and Principal positions are mandated by NYS. Assistant Superintendents and Assistant Principals are NOT mandated, they are just doing the job for the Superintendent and Principal. So, if you were a Superintendent wouldn't you love to have 3 Assistant Superintendents to do your job? Do you have 3 Assistants to do your job? For the most part, these people take away all the money from teachers and student resources. It is a disgrace. Oh yeah, you the parent and taxpayer can not know what is going on with the adults who are educating your children.
" Apr 17, 16 8:44 PM

What a disgrace. When the Board tells you there is a "Lack Of Funds" for your children, ask them why they give all this wasted money to these administrators, who literally violates the Schools Code of Conduct. These people should be DISMISSED, without giving them your children's money, as the policy states below:

No person employed by the district shall allow any matter, concern or interest, personal, financial or otherwise, to influence or interfere with the performance of his or her duties. Should such a matter, concern or interest arise, the employee shall bring the matter to the attention of his or her supervisor or the Board to seek ways to reduce or eliminate the influence or interference.

The Board affirms its commitment to adhere scrupulously to all applicable provisions of law regarding material conflicts of interest.

Knowing or willful violation of this policy by any employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including DISMISSAL" Apr 17, 16 9:03 PM

You guys at Southampton have so real issues with your administrators. What a disgrace how this adult immoral behavior takes so much energy way from, umm, the STUDENTS.

$300,000 they pay him, and other administrators, for immoral acts, and the BOE will say "Sorry, not enough funds for Music, Art, ..." - What a DISGRACE!

And I thought things were frustrating with Eastport-South Manor, where our Superintendent was recently "Forced to Retire" and Forced to take his pension, and Forced to get paid the rest of the year without pay.

" Apr 20, 16 3:45 AM

We all know how this is. "Best Friends" - That is the way the BOE favors certain Administrators. The Art and Music is an analogy, one can extrapolate what is being said. Let me explain, the BOE has $300,000 and other wasted funds for administrators that violate board policies.

Come budget time you will hear "Sorry Parents and Students, due to 'Lack of Funds' these resources are being taken away"

Umm, as I stated, this is just another example of the waste of Time and Energy the district spends on administrators who violate board policies." Apr 20, 16 12:43 PM

15% of "INCREASE in Spending" is $300,000

The Southampton Board has a proposed budget "INCREASE in spending of $2,628,573"

I guess $300,000 is just a drop in the bucket to Southampton.
Umm, how about taking that $300,000 and get 5 more teachers or just apply it somewhere for resources for the children of the district.

This is a disgrace, take the money from the community and children and give it to the corrupt adults who are defining your children's education.

"It is for the children???"
When sociologists 50 years from now look back at this debacle called Public Education System, they will say, "These people would literally take money from the children for their own greed. This is Big Business for the Adults."

Parents, group together and stop this mafia like environment." Apr 21, 16 9:52 AM

Southampton School District Conducts Audit Of Special Education Department

What a disgrace, all this money being thrown around for corrupt administrators in the district. And you will hear at the next budget meeting, "Sorry, due to lack of funding your children can not have Music, Art, Clubs, ...".

If these administrators violate a policy then the BOE has a right to fire them, with no pay.
Why is the district so scared to follow their own district policy?" Jul 7, 16 8:43 AM

Southampton School Administrator Receives Raise Despite Being Effectively Replaced

You are exactly right, parents can have control if they raise their voices. The problem is, parents do not know how to group together to become that power called "strength in numbers". Meanwhile, your children are suffering, your money is being taken, and these administrators are stuffing their pockets with your money, while NOT working or blatantly performing unscrupulous behaviors. You are right shame on us for allowing this to happen to our children." Jul 30, 16 8:41 AM

Where is the TENURE for the student and the parents?

How about, we guarantee all tax dollars paid by parents will go directly to your children's education.

Instead, it is, we guarantee that all tax dollars paid by parents will go to the corrupt adults in the SH school district.

And the board says “We are restricted through the law, really, in regards to personnel matters and just how detailed we can ever speak to the public in regards to personnel matters,”

However, we are NOT restricted in taking your money from you and your children to pay for these unscrupulous adults.

Sociologist in the future will say:

"NYS Public Education in 2016 was an illegal organization, akin to the mafia. At least the mafia would lend you money that you would have to pay back. The Illegal NYS Public Education system took your money, using your children as a pawns, and would give to corrupt adults in the SH School District"" Jul 30, 16 8:56 AM

Nonprofit Sues Southampton School District For FOIL Denial

All this wasted time and money for corrupt adults working at Southampton School District. Take needed money from the pure and innocent (children) and give to the corrupt adults. Yep, that sounds accurate at Southampton.

Another year taxpayers in Southampton has to hear bizarre reasons why there are no funds left for resources for their children.

And little Johny and Mary must hear, "Sorry, due to lack of funds, we had to cut Music, Art, ..."

What a disgrace." Aug 4, 16 5:14 PM

Southampton School Board To Hold Special Meeting To Discuss Future Of Superintendent Position

By NYS ED law, you do not have to have Asst-Supers nor do you have to have Asst-Principals. By law, you just have to have 1 Super and 1 Principal per school. These Assistants are all extras. Heck, these Asst-Supers and Asst-Principals are just "fat" in the hierarchy taking money from the tax payers. It is a shame how the Board of Ed does not care about the tax payer, they are self serving people how want to make self serving deals with the administration. Shame on them. The Board is supposed to be there for to advocate for Community and children." Nov 10, 16 8:22 AM

It is also a shame that so much time and money is spent on the immoral adults with the "Best Friends" video debacle, the Superintendent being fired, or umm, mutually separated, for doing "lord knows what" because you can not know.

They should obviously clean house instead of catering to these adults who obviously violated Board of Ed policies. Instead they give Esther Adler-Okeefe a new job position with a raise and give Superintendent Mr. Scott Farina a lump of money to leave.

How about that money going to the students of SH instead of these employees that violated Board policies? Like teachers and student resources.
" Nov 10, 16 8:32 AM

UPDATE: Denise Merchant To Return To Southampton School District

Don't even reply to This guy "highhatsize", who is an absolute fraud.
He probably is either

A) Hired by these impure administrators to write this or
B) One of these impure administrators using this as an alias

This guy wants to distract you from the truth, which is, these impure administrators are stealing money from the taxpayers and students while breaking Board of Ed policies" Dec 8, 16 8:24 AM

Court Orders Southampton School District To Turn Over Farina Materials For Review In Private

You are trying to distract the people from looking at the true story here. The true story is "Why are the taxpayers paying all this money for an administrator who violated board of education policies. And why can't they know what the hell happened"

Every parent has the right to know what the hell is going on at the place they send their children for approx 8 hours a day. Parents also have the right to know if the adults (employees) at the school violated board of education policies." Apr 15, 17 5:46 AM

The victim(s) here are the taxpayers and students. Whatever Farina has done or not done should be public knowledge. Just more wasted money and wasted energy taken away from the students." Apr 15, 17 5:48 AM

ABC Inc vs. Superintendent - Is there a difference?

You hire a company ABC Inc. (Superintendent) to work for you at your house (school).

You pay the company $10,000 (Superintendent $300,000) .

ABC Inc. (Superintendent) violates a town (board of education) policy
and quits, gets fired, forced to resign, ..., going to Disneyland, ...

You still have to pay ABC Inc. (superintendent) another $10,000 ($300,000)

The town (Board of Education) will not let you know what the violations are or why you have to pay.

Worst thing is, ABC Inc. (Superintendent) promised to make improvements to your house (school)

Even worse, your children (students) are the real victims." Apr 18, 17 5:16 PM

Sure Brickbacker - it is amazing how you know everything. The fact of the matter is another administrator gets a free ride, wait, a $300,000 ride for violating board policies. Worst is, this money takes away from student resources. So go strum that guitar of yours on how wonderful this corrupt system is." Apr 19, 17 9:00 PM

Southampton School Assistant Superintendent For Business To Step Down, Help With Transition

NYS Ed Law states that you must have at most 1 Superintendent and 1 Principal per school. All these "Assistant Whatevers" are extra FAT sucking the resources and money that should be going to the children. So next time your Board Of Ed
lies to you and denies your children Arts, Music, Sports, ... because of "Lack of Funds", you should demand that the "Lack of Funds" be put towards the children, and not the adults, of the school district. Any person that tries to manipulate you and say "we need the Assistant Whatever because blah, bla, bla" is a liar who is contributing to vampirically sucking the resources from your children." Aug 10, 17 8:50 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

LOVE is or should be, color blind.
The media makes the ten thousand times worse." Aug 17, 17 9:55 PM

This video should be watched by everyone to understand Israel." Aug 17, 17 9:57 PM

Southampton School Assistant Superintendent For Business To Step Down, Help With Transition

Hey vamp...Again, NYS Ed Law states that you must have at most 1 Superintendent and 1 Principal per school.

By the way A_Vampire, where is 'Not Manorville'? I think I know someone in 'Not Manorville' who actually works at SH.

All these "Assistant Whatevers" are extra Vampires sucking the resources and money from the children.

What is better "for the children"
more "Assistant Whatever's" doing, well, whatever
--- OR ---
Student's getting more teachers, art, music, sports, lower class size, ...

" Aug 25, 17 11:03 AM

Southampton School Board Members Discuss New Administration Building

What the heck do they need a new Admin Building for?
What a waste of money!
Question: How does a new Admin building help the students?
Answer: It does NOT!

Once again, it is all about the vampiric life sucking greedy adults sucking the life and money from the community.

Solution: Put the money towards the students, not the greedy adults!" Sep 14, 17 7:07 AM

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