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Southampton Assistant Football Coach Has A Big Heart For His Kids

As a matter of fact, I'm not. This is a small town and many people know much more about this story than the article reports. " Sep 9, 16 12:58 PM

Mixed messages is not the problem...a failure to abide my laws is the problem. In some places the speed limit is 65+ mph. Should we not get speeding tickets for exceeding the speed limit?...after all it's safe to drive that fast elsewhere. " Sep 9, 16 1:03 PM

Water Samples Taken From Southampton Schools In May Tested High For Lead

Students absolutely drink from the sinks...teachers do too. Don't start insulting people when you don't know the truth. " Sep 23, 16 12:57 PM

Three East End Schools Listed This Week By State Comptroller As Being In 'Fiscal Stress'

You need to realize that this is an average. It takes into account the amazingly high costs of Special Ed & English Language Learners. Most East End districts are heading quickly (if not past) the 50% ESL population marker. The amount of accommodations & additional support staff to provide for all forms of special needs learners is in large part what is making it 40k/student, not entirely wastefulness." Jan 29, 17 3:37 PM

Local Businesses Close For A Day, Join Nationwide 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me! " Feb 17, 17 2:11 PM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Will Be Arraigned Next Week After Grand Jury Examines Case

Thank god all of you aren't the jury. Were any of you there? Do any of you know for sure what happened? Let the man have a trial and defend himself before rushing to judgement. Of course I feel horrible for the families involved, but one should not burn anyone at the stake prematurely. " Apr 6, 17 9:22 AM

Michael Bloomberg Reaches Out To Southampton Town Official, Hoping To Revive Discussion Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute

Do NOT allow this to happen! This will open up Pandora's Box and us "common folk" will lose time and time again!" May 3, 17 1:35 PM

Probably turn Meadow Ln. into a private gated community from Halsey Neck down to the inlet...get rid of us pesky beach goers once and for all. " May 3, 17 8:20 PM

Mary's Marvelous Leaves Amagansett; Organic Krush To Move In

Actually knitter-I found this article to be rather informative " Jun 17, 17 6:44 AM

First Gaelic Football Match To Be Played At Hampton Bays High School This Saturday

Just got home from this match. Great fun! Glad to switch things up around here!!" Jun 17, 17 8:57 PM

UPDATE: One Southampton Firefighter Taken To Hospital

God bless our volunteers fighting a fire in that heavy gear on a day like this! Hope everyone stays hydrated and goes home safely!!" Jul 21, 17 2:57 PM

Summer Of Uber Deals Painful Blow To Taxi Industry

Maybe if the taxi companies did price gouge those in need of a ride they wouldn't have been "devastated" by the competition. $60 to go from the train station to the road behind the North Sea Fire Department is robbery! (That was a real price given to me the last time I needed a ride). I welcome Uber and Lyft with open arms!!" Sep 5, 17 10:52 AM

Interest Grows In Former Friendly's Building In Hampton Bays

Because, aside from the ice cream, Friendly's was/is disgusting. " Oct 7, 17 1:41 PM

Artist Uses Photography, Toy Collection To Make Worlds And Art

Pretty sure that this man was never an English teacher in Southampton a High School. " Dec 19, 17 1:00 PM

UPDATE: Southampton School Board Approves Settlement With Denise Merchant

That happened a while ago" Jan 9, 18 7:51 PM

These aren't teachers...these are administrators. Very few classroom teachers have had problems in Southampton, or the East End in general." Jan 10, 18 8:40 AM

Property taxes don't soar up over night....perhaps people buying properties should look into how much the property taxes are BEFORE they purchase and recognize that maybe they can't afford what they want. And BTW, our property taxes are relatively low if you live east of Brookhaven township." Jan 11, 18 8:05 AM

That's what happens when you have fewer students to divide the overall budget by...." Jan 11, 18 11:58 AM

Plan To Demolish Jobs Lane Courtyard Ditched

So glad they decided to demolish the fountain and ruin the character of the courtyard (and Jobs Ln in general) before they decided to abandon their awful plan. That courtyard has always been an integral component to the quaint character of Spouthampton. What’s going on with our Village? Every year it’s feeling a little less like home. Maybe if these property owners weren’t charging ridiculously high rents, they would be able to find decent year-round tenants." Jan 9, 19 8:42 AM

New Bank Proposed For Historic House In Southampton Village

M&T Bank also closed down over by Paul’s pizza, how about there? We have so many options, why do they want to destroy another part of our village instead of using a predicting & vacant structure??" Jan 18, 19 4:56 PM

UPDATE: Eastport-South Manor School Superintendent Placed On Paid Administrative Leave

Superintendents are not unionized, and they're not necessarily teachers." Apr 17, 19 2:19 PM

UPDATE: Voters Approve Budgets In All South Fork Districts, Approve $7.5 Million Montauk Library Expansion

My taxes have gone down every year for the past several years and not because I've appealed...just how it worked out." May 22, 19 8:41 AM

Advocates For Affordable Housing Throw Support Behind Proposed 60-Unit Complex In Southampton

Are these for people to buy or rent? There is a HUGE difference when it comes to the ability of the individual to afford housing expenses over the long run if they are for purchase. Affordable housing developments should always be FIXED expenses. In condo/apartment style living the HOAs can fluctuate greatly the day after you sign on the doted line and can render people on a fixed income unable to afford their financial housing responsibilities. There is absolutely nothing preventing an HOA fee from doubling over night. Although it's generally a gradual increase, people needing affordable housing may not be able to afford any increase." Jun 5, 19 11:53 AM

UPDATE: The Hamptons Standard Sued For Claims Of Trademark Infringement As It Changes Name, Menu

Don't forget to add a kids menu if you want families. I went in once over the summer and left a few minutes later after realizing that there wasn't a children's menu and most of the menu offerings weren't something that would appeal to the average child-and the prices being asked weren't appealing to the average/local parent...and my children will eat almost anything, and I am fairly numb to the excessive prices being asked for mediocre food out here!" Oct 21, 19 2:11 PM

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