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East Hampton Camp Relocates Counselors From Three Houses After Court Order

It costs $1,775 PER CHILD PER WEEK to attend this camp and they can only get one 4-bedroom house for 25 people?! I guess that's how the rich get richer! Good for code-enforcement for cracking down on these situations!" Aug 6, 15 3:07 PM

Why was my comment removed? I don't think that mentioning the tuition rates is in any way off topic or inappropriate content. " Aug 7, 15 2:54 PM

Brookyln Man Dies While Clamming In Far Pond

Editor-you should really consider removing these images or cropping them. Consider what the family is going through." Aug 20, 15 11:40 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Drunk Driving Was Cause Of Wednesday Night Accident On County Road 39

What he did was very dangerous. Removing people from a car without proper immobilization could potentially cause paralysis or worse. I agree that he is a great Samaritan, however, it is not the newspaper's job to praise impulsive & dangerous decisions. " Aug 21, 15 1:54 PM

Brookyln Man Dies While Clamming In Far Pond

You know nothing about the circumstances...nothing about the requests for or response time of emergency personnel so please don't try to raise eyebrows about a nonissue" Aug 24, 15 1:52 PM

UPDATE: Police Say Drunk Driving Was Cause Of Wednesday Night Accident On County Road 39

There was NEVER any fire...that's a fact. " Aug 24, 15 1:53 PM

Ok, when you've been properly trained in emergency response protocol I'll consider what you have to say Baymen87. Until then I believe you're the armchair QB. I actually praised the guy, just pointed out that perhaps we shouldn't glorify his dangerous actions" Aug 25, 15 2:02 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

Let's not forget about the billions of yard sale signs, carnival signs, and random "art work" that rarely gets removed. Or the arrow signs to tell you that the road curves in case you didn't want to actually look at the rod or don't realize that you're in the country-not the city. " Aug 26, 15 5:44 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

How is it "more than a lemonade stand"? Every lemonade stand ever has had a table and something to sit on. The only thing I see that's slightly unique is the sign that's made on something other than the more traditional poster paper. And... he obviously can't do what he wants to do if they got shut down. " Aug 28, 15 7:27 AM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Oh please! She didn't know what the video was about...she's either a moron or a liar (probably both). The husband is holding a burnt joint and she throws a ball at a bunch of people who are passed out. Either way, this is not something that the person in charge of teenagers & their discipline should be associated with. How can you lecture a child on appropriate language or behavior after being a part of this vulgar piece of work?" Sep 16, 15 4:03 PM

You clearly don't speak jive if you honestly believe that this was a song about a party..." Sep 16, 15 7:42 PM

It was not her house. But everything else you wrote was on point!" Sep 21, 15 9:07 PM

Fortunately for the students of SHS, Mr. Brand is a great one who is worth every penny. I can't speak of his objectivity in relation to Adler-O'Keefe, but I will say that if he takes issue with her or her behavior it must be for good reason. He is a smart, level headed, and well spoken educator that has a far better reputation in SHS than she ever will. " Sep 23, 15 8:16 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

Who calls this the picnic area? Been gong there my whole life and never have I heard it referred to as the picnic area. " Oct 24, 15 8:06 PM

Creepster!!!" Oct 27, 15 7:33 PM

UPDATE: Man Brought Into Custody In Sag Harbor After Suicide Threat Prompts School Lockout

No, lockdown is for when there is an immanent threat inside or immediately surrounding the building. In this situation, all activities cease and no one can move about the building. Lockout is when there is a potential threat in the area but no specific evidence of anyone breaching the school's perimeters. In this situation, no one can enter or leave the building, but the day carries on as normal. Since the man was not in the school, going to the school, or threatening the school the lockout was the correct option. This keeps students safe and has minimal impact on the instructional day." Nov 5, 15 8:24 AM

Infant's Memorial Bench At Sammys Beach Is Destroyed

Bonfires are not the problem...insensitive, drunk, morons are the problem. I grew up out here having-and continue to have- bonfires (with & without permits), and never once did anyone do something as heinous as this. Some people drink and drive, should we take away everyone's driver's licenses? Banning something entirely from society creates more criminals...instead, let's deal with the ones we already have and deter people from joining their ranks. " Nov 23, 15 7:35 PM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

I highly doubt the girl said she comes from a "little pueblo in Mexico. She most certainly said that she comes from Puebla, Mexico...the town where many Mexicans on the East End hail from." Jan 20, 16 1:16 PM

Officials Eye Hampton Road Property For Southampton School District Office

That property is waaaay too small to meet the District's needs. I know you're against every decision the District ever makes, but let's be realistic. The Majors Path property would not work in the long term." Jan 27, 16 2:30 PM

Southampton School District To Hold Community Forums On Purchase Of New District Office

Probably because you and your family lead the posse with burning pitchforks every time the school district wants to do something." Mar 10, 16 10:28 AM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

Let's be clear-none of the scandals have involved the people in the trenches teaching our students...they have all been their supervisors. Yes, these individuals are educators in one respect, but the actual "employees to teach our students" are NOT the ones continually screwing up and getting caught!" Mar 17, 16 9:38 PM

Farina is not in a union" Mar 18, 16 6:44 AM

You always have something to say that you seem to think is common sense. Why don't you do it?" Mar 18, 16 6:45 AM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

Although I agree more people need to make an effort to learn the primary language of our nation and State, the United States does NOT have an official language." Mar 23, 16 9:41 AM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

What's interesting is how Farina was the first superintendent in a least 15 years to truly focus on curriculum and try to fix some of the problems in the district, yet that was ultimately the cause of his demise. He rocked the boat and upset certain individuals who did anything they could to make sure he went away. Now at last one of those individuals is vying for his job. " Apr 19, 16 7:43 PM

Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

Who cares if it was random? 50 tickets were issued...that means there was 50 violations of our laws. I was stuck in the traffic, and extremely inconvenienced. However, I appreciate that somebody is enforcing rules around here. Do you have any idea how many students drive to school without a drivers license? If the schools not going to handle it, I'm grateful that the police finally chose to. Your name is "my child matters", well I would like to let you know that my child matters too. And I don't want my child getting hurt by some unlicensed, entitled, lawbreaking teenager. " Jun 1, 16 9:46 PM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

Based on what I've read in this article and the article about opening The Cut it appears as though this little man Horrowitz has a Napoleon complex and was looking for a pat on the back...that's literally what he got. All I can say is-Mr. Horrowitz, grow up you child; you wanted attention and you got it. How dare you waste our time and money on such none sense?! The "shame" you've suffered from the "attract" should be nothing compared to the self-imposed shame you should feel for being so vindictive and ridiculous" Jun 27, 16 10:53 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Where's this guys mugshot? You have Mezyneski's, why not this one?" Aug 5, 16 7:51 PM

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