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UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Signs Off Thursday On Environmental Study For 'The Hills'

Looks like you are late to the conversation, American,as seen by the number of posts. EQ residents are only in favor of this debacle if it looks like they can profit; ie those in the building trades. EVeryone else is more interested in preserving our waters. Hopefully the Town Board sees that." Sep 14, 17 7:33 PM

I am quite certain that the people in the Bahamas will differ on your opinion on top notch developments by Discovery. When the reefs began to deteriorate, Discovery was long gone as they will be in East Quogue when our water quality declines and the appeal of this as a vacation destination ebbs." Sep 15, 17 11:06 AM

Obviously you have not been following this proposal very carefully. How will small business owners benefit when the homeowners, according to Discovery anyway, are only "allowed " to occupy their homes for a couple of months per year? How will our students benefit? Do tell. How many jobs could there possibly be in this "seasonal development"? Seems you have had a bit too much kool aid." Sep 15, 17 11:10 AM

Funny, Mr. Hissey, you reply here but not when 2 other bloggers on another article ask how much it cost to buy the dems. We are waiting....." Sep 17, 17 3:18 PM

Southampton Town Board Expected To Vote On Findings Statement For 'The Hills' Next Week

Well Lofstad and Bouvier have restored my faith in the Democratic party. If the supervisor hems and haws much longer, I will vote Republican despite my very blue blood. I am quite disgusted by the lack of courage exhibited by our other elected officials. Shame on them." Sep 27, 17 10:32 AM

Lofstad, Bouvier Reject Findings Statement On 'The Hills' Project Tuesday

Hissey fit. Wish I was there to see that. He likes to bully people on the blog, answering only those issues he chooses. Looks like Discovery is trying to bully the Town board as well. Still hasn't addressed a few items from previous blogs...wonder why not..." Sep 27, 17 10:54 AM

Mr. Bouvier and Ms. Lofstad are heroes for taking a stand in this ugly climate created by a supervisor who doesn't have the backbone to put this to a vote and instead enjoys seeing our town split...sounds like another current leader, doesn't it?! Shameful" Sep 28, 17 11:38 AM

'The Hills' PDD Vote Could Happen Just Before Election Day--If County Panel Moves Quickly

Here's an idea: how about completing the Southampton Pines development? There are many vacant lots in there. Those will bring in the "quality home owners" that you are looking for as opposed to the rest of us who are not quality home owners I assume. " Oct 10, 17 1:55 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Leave Independence Party, Join Democrats

..and Jay was shocked that the Hills developers "forgot" to post the official notice?
Seems to me that made postponing the vote conveniently AFTER the election. See ya, Jay. I'd rather vote for a Republican who stands by his position than an opportunist whose position can be bought. This entire PDD debacle is so lacking in integrity. Anyone with any intelligence can see right through Jay Schneiderman. I am writing in Havemayer." Oct 27, 17 10:31 AM

UPDATE: With All Districts Reporting, Schneiderman, Lofstad, Schiavoni Claim Victory In Southampton

Thank you to the Southampton community, specifically, the EQ residents, the Pine Barrens Association under the leadership of Dick Amper, the Group for the South Fork under the leadership of Bob Deluca,, Ron Kass' CLEAN, Al ALgieri and all of the other environmental groups for getting so very involved this year. That is the power of a democracy. More power to Julie Lofstand for standing up to the bullying and maintaining her dignity and integrity - hopefully it will rob off on the re-elected supervisor. However, it is not over with the election. Attend the public hearing on the Hills at East Quogue on Monday night to make sure your voices are still heard loud and clear and drown out the out of town developer under the "leadership" of Mark Hissey." Nov 8, 17 5:49 AM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

Poker game, brinksmanship, any negotiator knows the game. Go toe-to-toe with these bullies Julie and John, they will back down. There is no windfall for DLC without the golf course and WITH the golf course, the residents of Southampton Town lose in the long run." Nov 11, 17 6:56 AM

Discovery Land May Have Other Paths To Golf Course In East Quogue; Supervisor Pitches Public Access

Speak for yourself for once, cmac. Not all of East Quogue will be signing onto your lawsuit and not all of us believe that Jay nor the EQ BOE should be doing anything to promote this disastrous project, the Hills at East Quogue." Nov 27, 17 10:05 AM

Erin, are you counting the busloads of out of townLIBI proponents who were encouraged to attend the meetings in the LIBI newsletter in October and to send their friends and family members?" Nov 27, 17 7:11 PM

Vote On The Hills On December 5 Is Likely Just The Beginning Of A New Phase In Project's Debate

I agree...our supervisor is less than ethical. Bring in the US Attorney. Let's find out why Jay is schilling for Discovery and what it cost besides our clean water and our environment." Nov 28, 17 8:06 AM

Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

No, WE did not organize, you and your cronies did. There are plenty of people in EQ for whom YOU, CMAC, do not speak. Those of us not allowed on your social media page are opposed to the ruination of our drinking water and our bays." Dec 4, 17 1:11 PM

Southampton Town Board Strikes Down The Hills PDD

..there is always eminent domain" Dec 7, 17 2:02 PM

East End Hospice Welcomes A Familiar Face As New President And CEO

No better choice than Mary. She was a saint when my father was there - both to him and to us." Jan 14, 19 4:46 PM

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

Looks like a great team....Good luck all." Feb 5, 19 7:09 PM

East End Environmental Groups Call On Pine Barrens Commission To Review East Quogue Golf Course Proposal

Do you live in East Quogue, Mr. Porter? Not sure why this is your issue other than to make a buck selling the real estate. At what cost progress?" Mar 19, 19 6:42 PM

Local Environmentalist Calls On Supervisor To Recuse Himself From Pine Barrens Commission

..and I wonder who will verify all of the signatures on that EQ petition." Apr 3, 19 8:11 PM

UPDATE: Eastport-South Manor School Superintendent Placed On Paid Administrative Leave

Obviously your teachers did not do a very good job of teaching you how to read. I didn't see anywhere in this article that this man is a teacher nor that he is involved in a union. " Apr 17, 19 8:44 AM

At First Public Hearing On Monday, Petition To Incorporate East Quogue Comes Under Fire

How can one check to see whether or not their name was signed without permission? That is the most alarming piece of the entire story. Is there a consequence for that? " May 14, 19 6:36 PM

2329702 - I would say they think they will be the Village administration as I have heard it AND they say they will not draw a salary, until they decide they will. So benevolent." May 15, 19 8:47 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

That is a good point. Or what happens when a motion is made for salaries? Do those in those positions reject the salary? Not likely." Jun 12, 19 11:11 AM

East Quogue Exploratory Committee Files Lawsuit Challenging Schneiderman's Determination

Yes, two lawsuits="good neighbors"! Will those same good neighbors be here when our water is no longer potable?!" Jul 19, 19 6:46 AM

Southampton Planning Board Hears Public Comments On Golf Course Resort Subdivision Application In East Quogue

Every day there are articles in varied newspapers on the problems with our drinking water and our bays yet this development is still being discussed. Shameful. All for the almighty dollar.
" Aug 12, 19 8:00 PM

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